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Human!Optimus - yeah or nah?

So I understand that it takes a bit of imagination to see the resemblance, but this is my first try so be nice pls thank. Even as the artist tho, it took me a while to really see this as Optimus lmao.

idk, I really love drawing realistic portraits??? And even I this doesn’t look like a human version of Prime to you, then I’m still 100% content with how it turned out. I thought I’d try and keep him relatively ‘young’; most of the time I see fanart that makes him seem quite old (no hate there, just stating facts).

I think I focused most on the eyes and kinda winged it with the rest. If y'all can at least see the parallel between those intense eyes and Prime’s then I’m happy ╥﹏╥

Reblogs are much appreciated; repost with credit

Graphite pencils (4B/6B/8B/9B) + kneaded eraser + paintbrush for shading

Mark Wahlberg Imagine

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You and Mark had your first fight. In you mind you two would have talked it out, but Mark had different ideas. He just walked out the door and went to Jasons house. While you stayed home and hoped you two would work it out. 

“So you just left?” Jason was siting next to Mark. He told him about the fight. Mark looked straight at the trees trying to understand if this really was happening. 

‘Yeah” Mark answered to Jason 

“You just left her there?” Jason couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Mark didn’t answer just nodded. Jason took the big kids ball that stood by his legs and hit Mark right in the face. “You idiot” he said as the ball bounced of Marks face. Mark looked at Jason 

“This time I agree and I deserved that, but if you do that again I’ll kick your ass” Jason shaked his head. 

“Do you realize Y/N was the best thing in your life? Like your life was 10 times better with her. You were 10 times more present with her. She’s so awesome.” Jason kept telling all the amazing things Mark might lose if he didn’t go back or all the things he had already lost by actually walking out. 

“I know”  Mark yelled out. He turned to Jason “You think I don’t know all those things? You think I don’t know how amazing and perfect she is. You think I’m not mad at myself for walking out? I don’t want to be here. I want to be with her. I want to hug her and say how much I love her” when Mark heard those last words his eyes got big just as Jasons. 

“Did you hear what you just said?” Mark nodded and jumped up. 

“I’m a big idiot. I love her and I left her there. I have to go back before she leaves.” Mark started to run hope. He hoped you hadn’t left. He hoped he hadn’t lost you forever. 

He ran in the house and started to yell 

“Y/N. Y/N please tell me you are here” as he walked around looking for you, Mark almost lost hope until he saw you in the backyard. He opened the door and call for you, making you turn around. Mark ran to you hugged you close,

“I’m so sorry Y/N. Please don’t leave me. I was in idiot. I love you Y/N. I really do.” Mark pulled away from the hug but didn’t let go. 

“You love me?” you asked him not really of what you just heard. Mark nodded “Are you sure?” even thou you were happy to hear him say that you still wanted to make sure he really meant and wouldn’t take it back few days later. 

“I do, I really do” Mark said with a small smile. You pulled Mark in for a kiss, right now the fight you two had didn’t matter, you would work it you later. 

“I love you too” you said after the kiss. You never expected for Mark to fall in love so fast, you already knew you loved him. It was nice to hear him say that and mean it. 

“I’m really sorry about the fight. It was so stupid. Everything I said made no sence.” Mark kept apologizing but there was no need in it. 

“It’s okay. We both were wrong. I think we actually were talking about two different things.” you both laughed. Rest of the evening you two spent in each others arms. He told you about what Jason did and how he realized he loved you. It’s funny how you two needed a fight to revile your feelings but it was okay with you, just as long as you two were happy and you were as long as you were together.