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Enjoy the Show (pt. 2)

(Part One Here)

Mark pulls around to the front of the restaurant and parks near Nate’s car. Wilford hops out quickly as Mark reaches into the back seat to grab his bag full of “toys” as Warfstache lovingly refers to them. He slings the bag over his shoulder and steps out of the car to hear Wilford needling Nate with questions.

“So you’re the Natewantstobattle, am I correct?” Wilford pokes his knife at Nate who jumps backwards to avoid getting stabbed. “You’ve got quite the musical career I understand. Ever thought about doing a TV interview?”

“Quit bullying the kid, Warfstache.” Mark walks over to the two of them and offers Nate a hand. “Nice to see you again, and don’t mind this one. He’s a sociopath.”

Nate raises both eyebrows, glancing at the pink Ego with calculating brown eyes. “He looks like you.” He shakes Mark’s hand. “Like MadPat, the one in the Freddy suit that tried to… you know, murder us last time we were here? He looked like Matt, and now this one looks like you.”

Wilford makes a face. “I am Wilford Warfstache, and I look better than him,” Wilford says with a smirk. “So, your pal’s gone missing in there?” Mark watches Wilford tuck the knife away and breathes a sigh of relief. Killing Nate would be a really bad way to begin what’s likely going to be a rough night anyway.

Nate nods, pulling out his phone. “Matthew told me that he wanted to come check out the new place, something about getting content for a new theory of what happened here with those kids all those years ago, so he applied to work the night shift.” Nate pulls up a video on his phone and holds it up so Mark and Wilford can see. “Then he sent me this yesterday.”

He hits play, and Matt’s face appears on the little screen. He looks terrified, glancing around to either side of him and huddled in the corner of what appears to be the night watch office. “I made a mistake coming here. I know that now, but soon it’ll be too late. So, you have to listen to me while there’s still time.” The lights flash off and back on. “I’m losing power, and there’s… there’s something wrong with the animatronics. At first, they were friendly, but now, they’ve become killer. Something in here is angry, and it wants out.” Something flashes over Matthew’s shoulder, and Mark gasps.

“Nate, for whatever reason it can’t use me, but please, don’t let anyone else come here or it might escape.” Matthew swallows and stares at something off camera. “No, no, no!” He drops the phone, and there’s a horrible screaming for a few seconds before the video cuts off.

Nate tucks the phone back in his pocket. “We have to find him.”

Mark bites his lip. “Nate, I’m not so sure about this. This seems like something more than just rogue animatronics.”

Wilford brushes a hand through his hair. “He said not to bring anyone else here.”

“I don’t care what he said.” Nate points at the building. “My friend is somewhere inside there, and I’m going to find him. Are you going to help me or not?”

Mark runs a hand over his face and sighs. “Ok, ok.” He glances over at Wilford. “Alright, you know what we’re up against now. Once we go in, there’s no backing out, so, are you with us?”

Wilford gnaws on the inside of his cheek and wiggles his fingers at his sides. “I’m not afraid of a bunch of robots. Let’s go find the skinny nerd.”

Nate sighs in relief. “Ok, then. Let’s go.” He gestures to the door. “They hired me for the night shift because they needed somebody, and I’ve had the experience, of course.” Nate unlocks the door and holds it open for them.

Mark and Wilford step inside, and Mark feels his stomach sink. The air smells like sweat and stale pizza, and the dark blue carpet has a bunch of mysterious, crusty stains partially hidden by the arcade games. Nate closes the door, locking it behind him. “Let’s go check the office first.”

The three of them, with Nate leading because he has the flashlight, make the long trek to the back of the building where the night shift office is located. Mark keeps his eyes and ears open, waiting for that telltale sign of clanking metal. Wilford draws his gun and holds it at waist-level in wait. When they reach the office, it’s in shambles.

The desk fan is on the floor along with the monitor, which has been smashed as well. The faux leather chair has been ripped to shreds, the insides torn out of it. And on the floor, there is a smear of blood like two hands being dragged towards the door. Nate sucks in a deep breath, and Mark places a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry. We’ll find him.”

“Yes,” Wilford says, “but dead or alive?”

Mark shoots Wilford a glare and looks to Nate. “You got a plan?”

“Find Matt.” Nate sets the fan back on the desk with a sigh. “Survive ‘til six a.m.”

Terrible puns to make you happy


- why did Barbie never get pregnant?
- Because ken always came in another box.

- I used to go finishing with skrillex but he kept dropping the bass

- I couldn’t remember how to throw a boomerang, but then it came back to me

- the girl said she knew me from the vegetarian restaurant, but I’d never met herbivore

- why is Peter Pan always flying? Because he neverlands, I love this joke because it never grows old

- Simba was walking too slow so I told him to Mufasa

- if you don’t get my Harry Potter references then there is something siriusly Ron with you

- what’s Negans favorite dessert?
- Eye scream

- What do you call a cow on grass?
- Mulan

I’m so done I’m sorry I did this