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Honest opinion about dylan no offence but calling tyler that he cried and was emo! Well guess what noob its ok to be emotional about your family who you connect with, m not hating on dob but his behaviour was way too surficial and such a pretend, i used to like him but m starting not to. And Ty my poor baby is going thru rough times since like his mom died and the last thing he needs is to be judged by a stone heart mark walhberg look alike and jason bourne wannabe.

Okay, anon, I get what you’re saying… But I honestly don’t see anything wrong with his behavior last night. In fact, what I got from it was that he was incredibly emotional, especially when he got shaky during the panel. And during the interview, the only way he thought to deal with it before it became too much, was to defuse the attention on himself by also mentioning how emotional Tyler had gotten. 

As someone with anxiety, that’s something I personally tend to do all the time. I get nervous, so I point someone else out almost like a “lifeline” to help me out. He’s not in any sense trying to act as though all these years meant nothing to him and I definitely don’t think he tried to offend Tyler by mentioning how emotional he got. 

And both Tyler and Dylan have gone through traumatic things in their lives over the past two years, so you can’t really say that the way one of them is behaving is wrong compared to the other, because people deal with trauma in different ways. Some people feel the need to express their emotions, while others feel the need to keep quiet about them and not have them pointed out.  

At the end of the day, we don’t know these two people. We can judge them all we want, but we realistically have no idea what they do on a daily basis, how they act in candid, how they feel mentally and physically, so. I’m gonna leave it at that.