mark wahlberg though

Imagine hooking up with young Mark Wahlberg...

You had been a Calvin Klein photographer for about 5 years. You had worked with thousands of gorgeous men - you were used to dealing with them. When you first started the job, 5 years ago you used to blush an awful lot and giggle at some of the models you had to photograph, now you had matured. It was easy. Until now, you found out you had to photograph Mark Wahlberg.

You had posters in your room of him when you were a teen. He was your idea of perfection. How were you going to cope with this? 

It was 30 minutes before the shoot would begin. You had heard Mark had arrived. You let out some deep breaths before going to set up your studio. “You can do this.” you whispered to yourself. “Who are you talking to?” a deep, morning voice asked you. In shock, you turned to see Mark leaning on the door frame. “erm…ERM.. just. myself I. guess.” you mumbled while picking up your camera. Mark giggled at you. You walked towards him holding out your hand. He took it and held it gently. “Pleasure to meet you, Mark” you said with a smile before walking out of the room but Mark didn’t let go of your hand. “What’s your name sweetie?” Mark looked at you with curiosity in his eyes. “I’m Y/N, see you out there.” You walked away with a smile scarring your face.

The photo shoot was about to begin. Mark walked in with just a pair of Calvin’s on. You tried to stop you eyes from descending south many times. It was difficult. “Right, you ready Mark?” you asked him without looking at him. “Yeah, darling - let’s go.” After a set of shots, Mark asked you to stop. “Why won’t you look at me, Y/N? Is it something I said or did?” His face dropped and he made his way towards you. “Er.. no. It’s nothing I was just making sure the camera settings were okay.” you didn’t take your eyes off of your camera, even though Mark Wahlberg was stood right next to you in only a pair of boxers. You felt a hand lift your chin and turn it. You were now facing the hottest man ever & he wanted to talk to YOU. You bit your bottom lip as you got lost in his hazel eyes. He came closer to your face with his, laying a kiss on your lips. “Y/N, I want to take you to dinner tonight.” a smiled appeared on his handsome face. “I want to go to dinner with you - now get over there and let me take some more pictures of you!” you laughed and carried on biting your lip.


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