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Some pretty swell fanart of Ben, both made by @texd41! :)

Just thought I’d post them both in one Tumblr post. Huge props to @texd41 for both pieces, with extra thanks to @bossveteran for requesting the top one as an art trade!

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Kelly’s prototype mark VI gen2 armor. Mostly identical to the standard MK VI upgrade, some of the panels have smooth covers over them and the shoulder armor is smaller for a little more range of motion. Main thing to fix was the armor on the upper arm and make it actually wrap around biceps and triceps - instead of just stuck on like in the game. That’s just silly. 

Takedown (Halo CE)

Some fanart created for the custom Halo CE series ‘Takedown’, which I played through last night. I definitely recommend it if you own Halo: Combat Evolved on PC. All you need to do is download the free Custom Edition, the Universal UI mod (which will allow you to play campaigns in Custom Edition) and of course, Takedown.

Only two instalments are avaliable, Introduction and Project Lawson. A third and final instalment, Extermination, will arrive soon in two parts. Hope you guys like it!

Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

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My HeadCanon for SPARTAN Armors

Been wanting to do a “comprehensive” list of all the armors shown of the MJOLNIR Armor System from Halo 4 and Halo 5 and which ones in my own mind and my own personal Halo Universe exist and which ones don’t and why. So here it goes! Alphabetically! I am making a shit ton of exceptions in reality. Halo Reach is the ultimate in what I think Halo truly should look like. Although I do enjoy the GEN2 Undersuit :D

Sidenote! This based on the actual designs of the armors and not the FUGLY ass patterns painted on top of them in the games.

AIR ASSAULT H4/H5 - APPROVED! This armor, if you actually look at it closely is a overhauled Mark V B armor set and only shares Air Assault name because the helmet looks similar to Kat’s helmet design in Reach and the shoulder pieces are shaped like the Air Assault shoulders of Reach too. But yes, this Armor exists in my headcanon of Armors available for Spartans aboard the Infinity.

APPROVED! The design is a solid one that does invoke “SPARTAN” when looking at it. It is also the first implementation of the Booster Pack to the MJOLNIR armor if the description is to be believed. Since it is a collaborated armor between ONI and Sangheili it makes sense the Booster Tech is based on Sangheili Ranger Jet Packs that are built into their Combat Harnesses.

ARGONAUT H5 - APPROVED! Although the Helmet is a tad weird in the design department it still harbors many UNSC aesthetics. The Body Armor is definitely “Spartan” Armor. Although it sees limited use in the Spartan Branch because it requires extensive synchronization tests with a Spartan for it to work well.

APPROVED! Design is derived from Master Chief’s Mark IV inspired Mark VI armor (that is a confusing statement.) Even though I’m not a fan of the 2 eyes for the armor (I’m still not a fan of Halo 3 and 4′s EOD helmet design in a similar manner.) It still a solid MJOLNIR Armor design. But is extremely rare among SPARTAN IVs and really the only user of this system is Linda.

ATHLON H5 - APPROVED! But only as training armor in War Games Simulation competitions for SPARTAN IVs.

AVIATOR H4/H5 - DISAPPROVED! This design is too gimmicky for my tastes. The Body armor is an okay design but I’m definitely not a fan of the helmet’s design and the weird shoulder pieces’ designs. If there is an Aviator in my Head canon it is heavily redesigned to not look like a Paintball mask mixed with a Motorcross helmet.

BREAKER H5 - DISAPPROVED! The Body Armor isn’t protecting the Spartan at all and there is no space for the Fusion Reactor that powers the armor. The thigh guards are way too massive sticking out for the Spartan and the helmet is an okay concept but just doesn’t fit my own thoughts of what is Aesthetically Halo.

BUCCANEER H5 - APPROVED! Design is a perfect fit for Spartans and there needs to be more open faced visor helmets like EVA. There are some implications by the description that this might have some ties to SPI Armor as well which is a good plus in my opinion! This armor is kind of rare among SPARTAN IVs but is becoming more attainable.

CENTURION H5/H2A - APPROVED! Just like with ARGUS it is derivative of Master Chief’s Armor. However I’m not a fan of the helmet’s boring square design. BUT! The CENTURION Armor in Halo 2A is also a good design and the helmet is better then H5′s. Both versions exist but the 2A version is a tad bit more common then the exceedingly rare version of Fred’s.

CIO H4/H5 - APPROVED! Technically the only approved part of this armor is the actual body armor. To me the body armor “screams” SPARTAN. While the helmet’s design is nearly perfect fit for having a Halo aesthetic and UNSC aesthetic. The 3 eyes is what throws me off. So my version of CIO is an standard visor. This Armor is also a rare and unique one because it is designed for Counter Intelligence and not many SPARTAN IVs fall into that line of work.

COMMANDO H4/H5 - APPROVED! The helmet is extremely weird and square and so I’m a bit 50/50 if it would exist as it is in the games or if it would be redesigned to look more like the Commando armor of Halo Reach instead. But the Body Armor pieces are definitely acceptable for Spartans. It is a widely used armor among IVs.

COPPERHEAD H5 - APPROVED! The design is definitely Halo. The helmet is rather large but since it has Sangheili workings in it, it makes sense. This armor again like any of the armors worn by Osiris or Blue team are non existent for the average SPARTAN IV but do exist in my headcanon.

CYPHER H5 - APPROVED! Awesome Helmet design (although a tad small.) The Armor was supposedly for SPARTAN IV Pilots but doesn’t really seem like it. Since this armor is being investigated by ONI it is not used by IVs around 2558 but saw some use in 2557.

DEADEYE H4/H5 - APPROVED! Deadeye is only a helmet for the GEN2 System made specifically for Marksmen and Snipers. Although the design is a bit peculiar it still is a good design. Only the best of the best snipers in the IV program have used this helmet.

DEFENDER H4/H5 - APPROVED! There are some parts of this armor design I’m not a fan of; The spamming of Right Triangles over and over again to fill up space on the design and the random metallic piece in the middle of the visor which makes it look like a sad face with the indentations of the visor. But the armor is still an all around good design. Albeit a bit different looking in my Halo Fan Universe. This is a rather common armor for IVs as it is made for defending non military based objectives.

ENFORCER H4/H5 - APPROVED! The armor is an okay design in my eyes, although I’m not a fan of the oddly shaped visor and designs on the mouth of the helmet. But the chest and shoulder pieces are good enough. Extremely rare armor only used by ONI affiliated Spartans.

ENGINEER H4/H5 - DISAPPROVED! Looking at the deisng it just doesn’t give off that Halo vibe to me especially the helmet. I can make an exception for the shoulder pieces but the chest piece is to massive in the back of the armor.

EVA H4/H5 - APPROVED! The armor is a good armor. I’m not a fan of the indentation on the bottom of the visor and my redesign would remove that part of it but everything else is good. I would still incorporate Halo 3′s and Halo Reach’s designs for EVA to. The Armor is also common for Spartans on the UNSC Infinity.

FENRIR H5 - APPROVED! The Body armor anyways, the Helmet is way too stupid looking to take seriously. Why even have the visor on the helmet if it’s no where near the wearer’s eyes to see out? The Body armor is perfect (except the forearm armor, it needs to cover both sides of the forearm to be great for me.) But the Fenrir’s body armor is reminiscent of the Armor designs that BLUE Team wear and I’m all for that. Only a few Spartans wear this armor.

FOEHAMMER H5 - APPROVED! Again only the body armor, the helmet is too massive and the design although has many classic MJOLNIR helmet aesthetics is again too big and the angle at which the helmet grows in size from back to front is too clunky for me. The Body however is perfectly a feasible piece of tech.

FOTUS H4/H5 - DISAPPROVED! All I can say is NOPE!! I appreciate that it’s actually a Promethean Knight head with a horn sticking out of it but just nope.

FREEBOOTER H5 - APPROVED! The design of the body armor is Haloesque and I actually enjoy the helmet’s design. This armor was tested on ANVIL Station and has seen use by Spartans on the Infinity.

GOBLIN H5 - DISAPPROVED! I appreciate the design as it is pleasing to the eye but it isn’t really useful for any Spartan to use. The chest piece doesn’t protect anything for the Spartan and with Female Spartans wearing this armor you can see underboob. I think this armor might be in reference to the Vex of Destiny.

GUNGNIR H4/H5 - APPROVED! Love the bulkiness of the GUNGNIR Design. It is also a returning armor permutation from Reach is I’m all for. Although I dislike the roundness to the Halo 4 version of the helmet I would still implement the Halo Reach version. This armor is only used by SPARTAN IVs who are heavily skilled and somewhat dependent on using the SPARTAN LASER weapon system.

HELIOSKRILL H5 - APPROVED! Love the design of the armor and it being another collaborated armor between Sangheili and UNSC is a double win for me. This armor is only a test armor however and hasn’t really seen an official use of it just yet on the Infinity. Although maybe seen on the ANVIL Station.

HELLCAT H5 - APPROVED! It being Ancient Humanity Armor is all the reason to love this armor. I already loved the armor that was shown in the terminals and the Librarian’s flashback so why the hell not. This armor however is of course really never seen, only by BLUE Team and the few remaining SPARTAN IIs to test it out but no SPARTAN IV has issued an order for a set…. yet!

HELLJUMPER H5 - APPROVED! Hell yeah Buck’s armor exists in my headcanon! I honestly can say his armor is the best in Halo 5. Sexy Sexy Armor. Only Buck wears this armor with a few being produced for Ex-ODST SPARTAN IVs very soon.

HERMES H5 - APPROVED! You know the drill by now. Perfect armor design of course but I dislike the similar indentation of the visor similar to the EVA helmet.

HUNTER H5 - APPROVED! Good Armor similar to BLUE Teams as a sleeker more modern version for ONI Spartans. Only Locke owns this armor.

INFILTRATOR H4/H5 - APPROVED! one of the few non visor’d helmets I actually enjoy. This armor is used by of course Spartans who are infiltrating and so are rarely seen in massive combat engagements.

INTERCEPTOR H4/H5 - APPROVED! A rather well design Spartan armor, I love the bulkiness to it and it feels like a call back to the players who chose to wear all the bulky parts in Halo Reach.

JUMPMASTER H5 - APPROVED! I’m a bit iffy on this design. I like the helmet design but not a fan of the massive horn it has, unless that horn holds tech the helmet needs for its purpose. The body armor is also very odd in its silhouette. But it still exists. In my universe this was made to try and replace ODST armors for ex-ODST SPARTAN IVs but failed because of nostalgia.

LEGIONNAIRE H5 - DISAPPROVED! It’s a cool look but is too gimmicky like the HAYABUSA Armor.

LOCUS H4/H5 - APPROVED! A helmet design that is frightening and I could see used by Spartans as a scare tactic to deliver fear to the UNSC’s enemies (Mostly Innies I’m guessing.)

MAKO H5 - DISAPPROVED! I’m unsure that a scuba diving armor is needed for Spartans unless the Mako armor is lighter then most armors?

MAVERICK H5 - APPROVED! Has Halo feel but I’d removed the cat ear antennae. Still unknown how many Spartans wear this one.

MARK IV H5 - APPROVED! Of course I’d approve this one, the predecessor to all other armors!

MARK V H4/H5 - APPROVED! Not a fan of the Halo 4 port of Halo CE Anniversary armor to the GEN2 Undersuit. But if they make a better design for 5 then of course it exists. My own version (What Quiver Wasp uses.) Is what I picture it to look like.

MARK VI H4/H5/H2A - APPROVED! Yep of course this exists, but my Mark VI is the H2A Version with Halo Reach Mark V shoulders instead. Few Spartans wear it but the ones that are extremely skilled in combat and have earned the right to wear this system.

NIGHTFALL H5 - DISAPPROVED! Nope, just promotional junk for a poorly made movie. The Beta version was better then the Balloon’d up version of the Final product.

NOBLE H5 - DISAPPROVED! What! sacrilege you say? Well since it is just another version of Mark V with a Commando helmet then those respecting pieces are those pieces and not its own system.

NOMAD H5 - APPROVED! A good design although once again another Spartan helmet with a big horn on its forehead. My version wouldn’t have that horn/bump. This armor is used by Spartans who are sent out to guard UNSC/ONI Scientists as their sensors help collect data.

OPERATOR H4/H5 - APPROVED! Good open face visor similar to Security. Since it is seen worn by Hoya then it exists the armor is a good design anyways. It is a rather common armor worn by SPARTAN IVs too.

ORBITAL H4/H5 - APPROVED! Although my version wouldn’t require the skull design on the visor. Again a needed open face visor like EVA.

PATHFINDER H4/H5 - APPROVED! The body armor is excellent but the Helmet is in limbo for me on whether it is a good design. My friends call it the bug helmet because of the lights placed on either end of the visor making them look like eyes. This is commonly used by SPARTAN IVs.

PIONEER H4/H5 - DISAPPROVED! There is no decent way to actually see out of that helmet and the design is just atrocious.

PROTECTOR H4/H5 - APPROVED! Beautiful body armor that is SPARTAN. The helmet was made better in Halo 5 by making it a visor’d helmet so props to 343! Not as common but seen worn by a few SPARTAN IVs.

RAIDER H4/H5 - APPROVED! The Body Armor anyways, the helmet is shit and doesn’t exist in my headcanon.

RANGER H4/H5 - APPROVED! same as RAIDER, The Body armor is beautiful. The Helmet is an abomination and doesn’t exist.

REAPER H5 - APPROVED! The body armor is based off Master Chief’s armor. While the helmet is rather odd and a bit extreme with the jawline. That can be redone to be less excessive since it was designed off of designing Locke’s HUNTER armor.

RECLUSE H5 - DISAPPROVED! Nope, Although I’m actually fond of the design a bit. It is obviously a mechanized version of the Halo 4 MP Flood model.

RECON H4/H5 - APPROVED! Of course this armor would exist, it’s a classic armor that is SPARTAN! Plenty of Spartans wear this on the UNSC Infinity.

RECRUIT H4/H5 - APPROVED! Yep a good beginning armor for SPARTAN IVs and the most mass produced out of all of them.

ROGUE H4/H5 - APPROVED! The body and shoulders anyways the helmet not so much. It maybe an open face visor but I like to think all open face visor helmets as rounded and not angular as it seems it would be a weak structure and easy to break through to me.

SCANNER H4/H5 - DISAPPROVED! Nope, No Toaster face for me. Now if it was the Helmet without the Floppy disk drive over its visor then yes but that is impossible so no.

SCOUT H4/H5 - APPROVED! Another one of the classics so of course yes! Quiver Ghost wouldn’t be Ghost if it didn’t. And of course Palmer wears it so there’s that. A very common armoir among Spartans on the Infinity.

SECURITY H5 - APPROVED! A classic as well and the new H5 design is awesome in my eyes.


SHINOBI H5 - APPROVED! It kinda is a weird marriage between HAYABUSA and RECON and it actually works for me. But it is not in use by any SPARTAN and is only being tested as it is such an unknown to ONI.

SOLDIER H4/H5 - APPROVED! A good base armor, but the body armor needs to be bigger. The helmet needs a larger visor with smaller jowls for the jawline. Very common armor used by SPARTAN IVs.

STALKER H4/H5 - APPROVED! NOT THE HELMET! That is the laziest piece of crap design I’ve ever seen. But the Body armor pieces yes. It makes a good body armor for Spartans. It is used some what often by SPARTAN IVs.

STRIDER H4/H5 - APPROVED! A good helmet, Although I’d reduce some of the attributes but then it might just be another EVA Clone…

TECHNICIAN H5 - APPROVED! Fucking awesome armor. Although it isn’t a super special armor like the rest of Osiris’ armor as several SPARTAN IVs actually use this armor.

TEISHIN H5 - APPROVED! Actually a good successor to HAYABUSA and the body armor is perfect Spartan armor its big and bulky. Rare armor though.

TRACER H5 - APPROVED! Big bulky armor and a non visor helmet that is decent in my eyes. Since it is a new armor it is just being field tested now and might surpass Tracker.

TRACKER H4/H5 - APPROVED!  I’m not a fan of the helmet but if the visor was bigger and the 3 eye light things were removed then yeah it would be an awesome helmet. A common armor for SPARTAN IVs.

VALKYRIE H5 - APPROVED! Awesome looking armor and the helmet is a bit iffy but it reminds me of the helmets that Helicopter gunner pilots wear today. Worn by pilot Spartans who enter heavy combat zones.

VECTOR H5 - DISAPPROVED! Definitely an ugly armor. Not a big fan of it.

VENATOR H4/H5 - DISAPPROVED! I get it, it looks cool and is an homage to Isaac Clarke from Dead Space but nothing about this armor looks like something from Halo. But the body armor looks like it was folded like a piece of paper and cut randomly like one of those snowflake art projects.

VENTURE H5 - APPROVED! Surprising a Good looking armor yes the helmet is a weird shape bu it still is Haloesque.

VIPER H5 - DISAPPROVED! Hey its the STIG! but no that helmet has way too much on it. An eyeball then a random antennae.

VOID DANCER H5 - APPROVED! Body armor is awesome and very well contoured. The helmet is rather large, and the visor is an odd shape but thats Sparth for you :D

WARRIOR H4/H5 - APPROVED! A good normal base armor. Although I’m not a fan of the helmet as it is rather… boring. A VERY common armor for SPARTAN IVs to use.

WAR MASTER H4/H5 - APPROVED! But not the helmet, it is another gimmick helmet design for me. Ooh mean face visor… shaped visors in general for me are very much not Halo to me. So Body piece yes, Helmet no.

WETWORK H4/H5 - DISAPPROVED! Yeah… that visor… *Cough*

All visor colors are all APPROVED!

Hello followers! It’s been a while since I posted some new content.

So I’ve been working on a concept for months of what my ideal Spartan OC would look like, this is the result.

He is a Spartan III who moved to the Spartan IV program. Using the Mark V (A) helmet he wore during his Headhunter days, he ported over to the Spartan IV Gen 2 platform.

He wears the Mark VI armor donned for Spartan II due to his similarities to a Spartan II. He wears the Iconic Mark V legs and arms due to their more simple aesthetic nature.

What do you think of the idea?

Mark v concept by Tekka-croe@deviantart

Combine my favourite Halo armor set from the Bungie era (H3 Mark VI) and my favourite helmet from the 343-i era (Recruit), splash on a Star Wars-inspired colour scheme (501st Clone Legion, to be exact!), and you’d have my Spartan. :)

Renders from XNALara/XPS.

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Plasma Punishment [SFM/4K]

Wanted to do a poster of Ben blasting through a Covenant ship while dual wielding Plasma Rifles. This is the kind of Halo I miss… running in the good-old Mark VI armor, and blasting away at the Covies with dual plasma rifles! Hope you guys like it!

Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photoshop!

I do NOT own Halo! Copyright belongs to Microsoft and 343 Industries!

Like a Badass

“As a Spartan, I never run out of tools. If I run out of ammo, I use my armor as a weapon.”

Came up with the above quote last night, and I wanted to make a pose of Ben looking badass in his Mjolnir Mark VI [GEN 1] armor. I tried a few poses, but I liked this one the most. I hope you guys like it too.

Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

I do NOT own Halo! Copyright belongs to 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios!

No Regrets

“Bad news, the Phantoms are turning around. The fleet is preparing to fire on our position. We need to get out of here!” - Cortana (Halo 2, 2004)

Wanted to do a pose of Ben inspired by this pose the Chief pulls during the closing cutscene of the Halo 2 level ‘Regret’.

Hope you guys like it!

Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

I do NOT own Halo! Copyright belongs to 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios!


MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armour

Upon request i have updated this post to use the correct colours and include better pictures instead of idle Spartans. Also included the Decimator armour, which this is heavly based off the Mark V [b], but it is in fact the Mark VII Prototype! Going from top left to bottom right we have…

  • Mark IV [Gen1]
  • Mark V [Alpha]
  • Mark V [Beta] - Noble Variant
  • Mark VI [Gen1]
  • Mark VI
  • Mark VII [Prototype] - Decimator