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Thorns FC bond at the Oregon Coast | Part I


Thorns FC bond at the Oregon Coast | Part II


The Portland Thorns order an extremely elaborate, expensive, and well-thought out drink that satisfies everyone’s tastes. It’s the best drink of the day, and the barista comments on how stacked it is. All of the other customers cheer wildly while they order and wait to get their drink. But Tobin Heath isn’t there, so they find themselves unable to drink it. It spills all over the floor and on Mark Parson’s short-sleeve dress shirt.

Do you ever cry

Over how amazing the Vorkosigan saga is?

Like this is have fully realized planets (plural!!) with all sorts of characters under the sun. There is a bunch of representation, including gay paradise away from all the straights. (The only bad side is only male gays. :/) but they take care of the children hugely.

The main character Miles (for most of the books) is a hyperactive disabled both mentality and physically who drives himself and everyone around him into overdrive. He grows and learns and changes and even then the things he was doing wrong left actual consequences. He idolizes others but others don’t let him walk all over them.

The side characters don’t always bend to miles. They all change and react and have flaws. Miles doesn’t even get the girl he was bending over backwards for. And it’s AMAZING!!

Even the comic relief (i.e. Ivan) are much more than just that. He makes sense being so high to the top. Also growing up around miles. And Gregor. Ivan the pretender. The not so idiot.

And the Emperor. Gregor Vorbarra the ruler of three worlds and a shy kid if he could. We see him transform from a depressed young adult who just wanted to take care of himself to an emperor who could quietly get a would be murderess of thousands (probably millions) to do exactly what he wanted.

And I could go pages on Mark. The not so evil twin. My not just a clone. But we see him push out from his big brother and claim himself in an utterly heroic way.

And I could go on for hours about every character. Simon and alys I didn’t even talk o bout Cordelia! Or aral taura

But they are amazing and beautiful and I just love ranting about my children.

books I want to re-read