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Stoner Mark is so sexy like I can't stop thinking about Jinyoung being a freshman in university and Mark sees him struggle with his boxes so he helps him carry them to his room. He's super chill and nice, and they keep bumping into each other at random parties so Mark is like, "well, maybe we should be friends then?" except Mark becomes really, really infatuated with Jinyoung during late nights on his bed, rolling joints and listening to music (think 6lack and stuff) (1)

(2) Until Mark kisses him one night. Jinyoung likes Mark a lot, but doesn’t think too much of the kiss since he has a reputation of being a bit of a careless playboy. Nights of them hanging out in Mark’s room/bed become a habit, Mark passes Jinyoung the smoke mouth-to-mouth, and begins to wonder why Jinyoung never wants to do more than kiss, think Jinyoung doesn’t like him, the truth is he’s just scared of Mark becoming uninterested in him :(            

im close to tears i wrote like more than 500 words to this and my laptop restarted so i done it again and it RESTARTED AGAIN and it was just me rambling about an au but fuck :( im so sad but Anyway u know how weak stoner!mark makes me im sbobobignfgfhj and this is soo cute mark being friendly and i imagine mark thinking he isnt good enough cause he’s just a lame shy boy that smokes a lot but AHHH im so mad that my laptop restarted but i love this ask thank u so much