mark shepppard


I can honestly not believe how much I made Misha laugh. I can’t wait to see the videos from it. I don’t even remember what I said word for word. The girl before me brought worms. Which I had tried in my marine biology class. Really no big deal.

Well you will see that in the videos he made us go to the front and we put our hands out and he’s like “no no no” and just poured it in! After that and I got to ask him I told him how it was my first con and he asked how it was.

He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Osric is to! And Richard was leaving and we all wanted hugs so we formed a line. Good hugger those boys are. My photo with jensen and jared turned out good. My friend like the way it turned out so I will only upload my side of me hugging jensen.

And I said ewww to Mark Sheppard who called me out for it.

And then we met Chad Rook and took a hella cute selfie.

And got to stand right next to a wet Matt and Gill. And Matt was shirtless *-* BABE.

But back to Misha, I switched subjects which he wasn’t expecting at all. And when he questioned me I just said “I am very good at changing subjects.” And asking how him having tumblr.

Which led to him talking about destiel and how random I am! He had one of those little laughing/oh god fits where he just put his head down on his microphone.

I got to shake his hand earlier that day at the elevator and told him he was hilarious. He denied that and I said “Don’t deny it, you know its true!” And he then said “Well yeah, I am.” SO CHEEKY!!!

and his photo op had been running late so it was pretty quick. But I went beside him and he just grabbed my waist and pulled me in. It was hilarious.

And as we were walking to the bus stop I see this blue blazer and their he is. He walks by and since I was talking with my hands I hit him on the shoulder *sowwy* and turned my friend around since she didn’t really register. All she saw was blue and then his back. But boy was he on a mission! Walking quickly :) Also it was so late at night I just didn’t want to bother him.

All in all it has been the best weekend of my life.

Can not wait to see the pictures, gifs, and videos of what haplened. My question ended up being the longest for Misha’s panel. And wow just everything was so crazy.

The videos I got with Jared and Jensen are insane. THE DANCE MOVES AND BATMAN. And Thomas was so cute! Basically I just wanted to write this to aay I will upload when I get home in a few hours. I am gonna have a nap first though.