mark seabury

“Eye Spy” by photography Mark Seabury, from the Smithsonian Photo Contest. Photographer’s note: “This photograph captures a whale behaviour called ‘spy hopping’ where whales poke their head above the water to take a look around and see what is happening above the surface. Whales have extremely good vision and so I have always found this behaviour intriguing and I wonder what they are thinking when they are ‘people watching’ in this way. To me this is such a special moment where I can’t help but feel that on some level we are bridging the gap between land and sea.”

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Hamilton tattoo hc's???

Okay so this ask right there is my entire aesthetic. I’d like to thank @curnonwashette for talking about this with me. *cracks fingers, sits up straight* here we go

  • Hamilton has a quill on the inside of his forearm, and probably a pot of ink on the other forearm.
  • John, of course, has a turtle on his thigh.  He also has “if lost please return to a.ham” on his arm.
  • Alex has “I’m a.ham. probably lost too. please return to Eliza” along his biceps.
  • Eliza has “I’m Eliza”. Of course. She also has a whole flock of paper planes on her shoulderblade, and a flame on her hip.
  • Lafayette has a rose tattoo on his shoulder blade. The thorns go up on his neck. You can see them when he ties his hair up. Also vines on his groin. Maybe even a fig tree but you see where I’m going with this.
  • Herc doesn’t want to be identified. But he loves tattoos. So he has one you can’t see easily, like on his foot. It hurts but come on it’s Hercules Mulligan we’re talking about
  • Angelica has “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou on her back. She doesn’t fuck around.
  • Peggy has “don’t you forget about me” on the collarbone (sorry it was tempting)
  • The Schuyler Sisters all have a matching tattoo of New York City’s outline on their calves.
  • Burr doesn’t want to mark his skin with something as permanent as a tattoo. That is until A.Ham gets him drunk and convinces him that a “Theodosia” tattoo on his lower back is a great idea
  • King George would have a map of the British Empire. All revolting colonies are marked with a skull.
  • Seabury is too afraid tattoos will close the gates of Heaven to him.
  • Madison is afraid of needles and that he would have an allergic reaction to the ink.
  • TJeffs has the outline of Virginia on his ass, probably, not to mention Monticello on the other asscheek. Also 100% sure he would get the fucking “all men are created equal” on his forearm because he is so self-entitled
  • Maria has a pair of red lips, like the ones in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, right where her neck meets her shoulder
  • Philip has a few music notes on his side. Right where he gets shot.
  • George Washington probably has a bald eagle on his chest. Not to mention a rose and a lily tangled. Those are the symbols of US and France. Draw your own conclusions.
  • Martha Washington would get a list of all her children. Maybe Lafayette. Definitely Georges Washington de Lafayette.
  • Charles Lee has an arrow pointing at his head with “I’m with stupid” written. John did it while A.Ham held him down. This is my own interpretation of the Lee/Laurens duel.