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Another reason to love Bruce, you can really see he wants this. FAMILY. He’s sick and tired of all this fighting that Tony convinced him to help him build Ultron, with just the phrase of “PEACE in our time, imagine that”. And here we see Bruce subtly smiled with the view of Lila and Nat (looking almost like a mother and a daughter)

And HERE in the first Avengers movie we see him do this

i want to give him the happy ending that he deserves, hope marvel gives him that. Bruce suffered enough, he deserves to be happy. 

Marvel Cinematic Universe #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly

Iron Man (2008) : A billionaire eats cheeseburgers and talks to his machines that do all the work for him.

The Incredible Hulk (2008) : A scientist fails to become Captain America and instead turns into Shrek.

Iron Man 2 (2010) : Same billionaire, but richer, more famous and crazier.

Thor (2011) : A hot blondie is outcast from his planet just because he wanted to kill his fathers enemies.

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) : Creepy CGI dude gets make over and gets hot AF and everyone loves him suddenly. And he asks out a girl when he’s about to crash into ice.

The Avengers (2012) : A hot Rapunzel wannabe bullies his little evil brother with the help of Buzzlighter, an old man with frisbee, Katniss Everdeen, Shrek and Fiona.

Iron Man 3 (2013) : Same billionaire drags his destroyed suit around and at the end he gets a surgery so he won’t glow in the dark.

Thor: The Dark World (2013) : hot blondie takes his nerd girlfriend to his planet and Loki dies. But he’s alive somehow. Again.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) : The best MCU movie. Best. Done. No word.

Guardians of The Galaxy (2014) : Everyone makes fun of the main character because of his name. And everyone chases around an ugly ball.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) : Buzzlighter, old man with Fresbee, Katniss, wannabe Rapunzel, Shrek and Fiona can’t defeat Siri and everyone makes fun of Cap because he doesn’t curse.

Ant-Man (2015) : A criminal becomes friends with ants and fangirls over Falcon.

Captain America: Civil War (2016) : Rich guy with metal suit fights two 95 years old men, one with metal prosthetic arm and another with frisbee.

Lie - Bruce x Reader

This was originally posted (along with some of my other posts) on my Wattpad book. 

(This is set just before Age of Ultron)

You had just finished making a call for Tony so you went down to visit him and Bruce in the lab.

Before the sliding doors opened in front of you, you heard JARVIS announce your presence. When you entered the lab, you could see that they’d closed all their holographic images and computer programs.
Now, both Bruce and Tony were leaning against the bench, staring at you with an attempt at innocence.

“(Y/n)!” They said in sync, Tony sending you a grin.
Your eyes went straight to Bruce.
“How’s the research going?”

“Uh. Good. It’s going good.” The Dr smiled at you.

“Good.” You said, striding over to him. Bruce bent down to press his lips to yours but stopped just before he did.
“This is your cue to leave Tony, if you don’t mind.”

You could see from Bruce’s expression that behind your back Tony was mouthing something, probably about not trusting Bruce to keep their secret. He wasn’t wrong to be worried.

Finally, Bruce’s lips were on yours and you could hear Tony muttering about getting kicked out of his own lab before the doors closed behind him.

You pulled away from the kiss to look at him, “So what have you been doing down here?”

“We have a lot to do.”

“Such as?”

“I can’t tell you.” He said blushing.

You quirked an eyebrow, “I thought you would trust me Bruce?”

He sighed, “It’s Tony’s idea. It would be amazing if it worked but it’s just too dangerous.”

You leant back on the bench, tilting your head.

Bruce opened his mouth to speak but then Tony suddenly reentered the lab.
“We’re working on a suit to fight the Green guy. Just incase he goes rampaging and destroys half a city… again.”

Both you and Bruce sighed at Tony’s bluntness.
“Okay then. I was just checking up on you guys. I’ll see you later.”

A few weeks later you caught them off guard.
They’d “acquired” some new equipment after their attack where they’d met the Maximoff twins.

They were in the lab, talking about it and you walked in.
“Artificial intelligence?” Bruce asked in bewilderment.

“Artificial Intelligence?” You echoed and their heads snapped round to see you quick as the wind.

“(Y/n), have you got the drinks-” Tony began, but you cut him off.

“Artificial intelligence? You want a suit with artificial intelligence flying around the world? Do you really think that’s a good idea?”

“Yes. I do.” Tony stated but you ignored him.

“You lied to me, Bruce.”

“I only found out about this now!” He complained.

“No. I heard you. Ultron. You’ve been planning this for a while.”

“(Y/n), it’s just an idea.”

“Okay great, an idea that could potentially kill everyone.”

“Or protect the earth from alien attacks!” Tony put in.

“You’re so paranoid about alien attacks yet you want to use alien technology for a weapon!”

Bruce gently touched your arm, “It’s not a weapon.”

“Oh really? Okay then. If you say so.” You went to leave the lab but Bruce ran after you.

“(Y/n)! Would you listen to me?”

“You’re just going to lie!”

“No! I’ll talk to Tony. Talk him out of it. I’ll do my best.” He took your shoulders.


He grinned in relief, “Thank you. I should never have kept this from you.”

“Yeah. You shouldn’t have.” You said as you left.

When Thor said “send a raven” in reference to Tony STARK contacting him lolololololol nice touch, guys 👌👌

Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black Widow (2015)

Concept Art

Happy New Year Everyone <3 <3 

I’m so amazed that Mark Ruffalo exists okay like there’s someone out there who’s an absolute dork who advocates for climate change and supports women’s rights and knows how to give to his fans without being unprofessional and who loves his family beyond belief and pranks his kids by telling them he ate all their candy and just looks like a giant teddy bear full of a desire for equality and the safety of our planet. and out of all of the time of history I could’ve been alive I am alive in the time of Mark Ruffalo and like thank god