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“Why do you fangirl over older guys that play fictional characters?”

because I can.

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Can we talk about how MARK HAMILL, ERIC ROBERTS, AND TAYLOR LAUTNER were all on Danny Phantom?


He was also

when he was nine.

Mark Hamill, as in LUKE FRICKING SKYWALKER, was this dude here

and Eric Roberts, who played The Master in the Doctor Who 1996 TV Movie


also played this dude

aka Evil Future Danny

I don’t know why people don’t notice these things


“it’s the best thing, man, do you ever have a sleepover with your friends? you get your friends sleepover saturday night, build a fort … eat some cheetos … drink some beer …that’s what it’s like buddy, that’s exactly what’s it’s like. except the beer part. don’t drink beer!.”

 - jeremy renner at calgary expo when asked by a young boy what it’s like to film the avengers

yes it’s true… i have a thing for fictional characters… and i know you do too. ;)

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Celebrity Preferences: Your Wedding

Sebastian Stan:

Chris Evans:

Scarlett Johansson:

Robert Downey Jr.:

Mark Ruffalo:

Anthony Mackie:

Elizabeth Olsen:

Jeremy Renner:

Aaron Taylor Johnson:

Chris Hemsworth:

Tom Hiddleston:

Jai Courtney:

Jared Leto: