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Some Ahsokas!


Party Time

Takumi sighed.

Here he and his sister were at yet another banquet. He hated it, she hated it, it was one of many things they could agree on. Though they were optimistic at first- they had personal stake in this banquet. Today was their oldest brother’s wedding to Princess Camilla of Nohr.

But no. This party proved just as boring as all the others.

Sakura nervously walked up to her brother. “This isn’t g-going any better than usual, Takumi…”

“I know, I know.” The prince run a hand through his hair. Then he paused. “Hmm… hair… I’ve got it. We’ll light Prince Leo’s hair on fire, and maybe we can sneak out in the mayhem.”

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Imagine after the events of Thor: The Dark World, Loki discovers that Odin lied to him about how he came to Asgard…
Loki’s reaction to the revelation of his true parentage concerned Odin, making him think Loki might actually return to Jotunheim to join Laufey, and possibly start a war with Asgard.
Instead of telling him the truth, that he fought Laufey and took Loki as a spoil of war, he made Loki believe he was unwanted by his biological father.
When Loki learns the truth, he feels horrible remorse for killing Laufey, so he goes back to Jotunheim in search of anyone who may have his bloodline markings.
When he finds a few of his half-brothers and sisters, he learns that Laufey never forgot about him. He only gave up trying to bring him home after Loki was fully grown and Laufey saw that, due to the ruination of Jotunheim, he was better off staying in Asgard.

Infinity Part 5


Part 1  2  3  4  6  7  8  9   10

Characters:  Mark Tuan (GOT7), You (Reader/OC), GOT7 members (mentions and cameo)

Genre:  AU, Angst, Fluff

Warning/s:  Strong language, Trigger Warning (Anxiety attack, sickness, etc.)

A/N:  (Y/C/O) means – Your country of origin or whatever the desired country of the reader maybe :)

Length:    4,303 words

Plot:  You have always believed the line from your favorite book that some infinities are larger or smaller than other infinities. You always wonder if you even have an infinity that you get to spend with someone or you will be forever alone?

After leaving Mark, more secrets and revelations are bound to be disclosed and you are not sure if you can handle everything.

You felt extremely tired, both physically and emotionally, as soon as you stepped in to the cab that you hailed after walking a few meters from where you left Mark.  You instructed the driver to take you to your house before you rested your head on the headrest of the cab chair.  You do not exactly know what to feel about what happened in the last 12 hours - this has been the fastest intimate relationship that you ever had with anyone and you blame yourself for that because of confessing about your sickness.  However, you do not regret doing it because you’ve already learned from the past that it is better to be straightforward and honest even before the relationship goes deeper.

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There are two kinds of Christmas people, those who like their Christmas lights to stay on solid and those who like them to blink. As a kid, I always had a thing for sitting in the dark and watching the lights blink on and off at random. In the end, what we have are these little, great moments. They come and they go. That’s as good as it gets. But, still, isn’t that great?
—  Mark Oliver Everett

Okay guys, there’s something that’s really been fucking me off and that’s the treatment of Colin’s TV era. Oh I know a lot of you guys praise his Doctor and his BF stuff, but when it comes to his actual TV era you’re just like the rest of the fandom, criticise, criticise, criticise. “Oh, colin’s great, and Big Finish is great, it totally makes up for his TV era…” This is the kind of thing I am sick of hearing. It is FINE to have a different opinion, but seriously WHY does season 22 and 23 get so much hate? The writing WAS NOT terrible, now I understand that everyone has a different preference, but when fans tell me that I’m not a “proper fan” or I’m a “Hipster” for loving sixes TV seasons, that’s when I lose it. It really upsets me when people bash the sixth Doctor’s era, most of the fandom blindly says it’s crap without giving it a chance, because other fans say it’s not worth it. Seriously, there are  people who say “Timelash is rubbish” and HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN IT, and when they do they realise it’s actually quite good! But a lot on this falls on Reviewers and other fans with a wide audience who immediately dismiss 6’s era as rubbish and say that EVERY fan agrees. I’m going to  prove there is at least one person who likes it…  So let’s actually take a look at season 22 (And the twin dilemma) …

Twin dilemma- Pretty good                         

Attack of the cybermen- Pretty good          

Vengeance on Varos- SUPERB                  

Mark of the Rani- Pretty good                      

The two Doctors- Great!                              

Timelash- Good

Revelation of the Daleks- SUBERB 

Please re-blog if you’re pro season 22/23. Rant over.

Mark diz que quer fazer uma audição para 'School Rapper' como estudante de segundo grau, não como membro do NCT

Em 17 de fevereiro no episódio do novo programa de competição, Mark apareceu para a audição. Ele se apresentou como um estudante da Escola de Artes Performáticas de Seul e declarou: “Estou participando porque quero uma vez em minha vida de estudante do ensino médio ser reconhecido pelo meu rap e desempenho.”

Depois que ele terminou sua audição, Mark revelou por que ele não se apresentou como um membro do grupo NCT. Ele explicou: “Eu queria fazer uma audição para ‘School Rapper’ como um estudante de segundo grau, mas não queria que as pessoas tivessem perspectivas diferentes (sobre mim) quando me nomeei NCT, então eu queria aparecer como o estudante Mark”.

Veja o clipe de audição do estudante Mark acima.

Trans (ING/PT-BR):liakim
Texto e revisão: Liakim
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Redemption - vaelisamaza (varellanoemo) - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 7/?
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
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Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Moira Queen, Malcolm Merlyn, Thea Queen, Tommy Merlyn, Quentin Lance, Raisa (Arrow)
Additional Tags: al sahim - Freeform, League of Assassins - Freeform

This is the story of a man whose journey from pawn to knight to king is marked by pain, revelation and love, as he looks to restore honor to his family’s name.

.......stupid idea.

I’ve had an idea for something.

A satire on Marks ‘revelation’  he wears pants. Like a confessional video…but for the fandom. 

People sit and look all serious and what not, and say something along the lines of ‘I feel its only right to say this now. Its gone on for too long. I need to say it.’ DEEP DRAMATIC BREATH ‘I am the blacksmith’ or ‘I never liked the blue hair’ or ‘I actually prefer Jack’

You know. Like all the sassy ass sarcastic things people have posted but in a video. 

Maybe it could be fun? It wouldnt be for anything specific. Just see who wants to do it, and make it?

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

sunday is either going to be even worse with Revelations or mark is going to arrive and duct tape steven’s mouth and either way it’s going to be amazing


Please smile today, Sweet Pea.

I’m wearing all black for Dan. I figured it would be appropriate to wear my “You Are Loved” shirt; I haven’t worn it since I bought, I figured I’d wear it the next time I saw Mark…but I think today it was more important. I also rolled up my sleeves so you could see my tattoo. It says “I hear you”. I got that after Mark had his revelation from playing Presentable Liberty. I always want the people in my life to know, “I hear you”, I will always hear you and acknowledge your feelings….I got that tattoo to help people like Daniel…I want y’all to know I love you, and I will always hear you<3