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How Lito explained things:
  • Lito: So remember the time I had a mental breakdown and hallucinated a crying Korean woman?
  • Hernando: ...Yes
  • Lito: Well, she wasn't a hallucination *points at Sun and does jazz hands*
  • Hernando: what.
  • Lito: I know Sweetie! *whispers* totally crying.
  • Hernando: what.
  • Nomi: *steps in and actually properly explains shit*
Dark HC

Unlike a lot of evil alter egos, Dark never really tries to convince Mark that they are similar to each other and that Mark can’t escape from the fact. Instead, Dark revels in the power that comes from having more freedom than the other egos (asides from Warfstache I believe) to act separately from Mark. Dark likes to believe he is vastly more intellectual and thought out than Mark. He doesn’t use their similarities to manipulate Mark, he uses their differences.

Some Ahsokas!

blackpaintedpanda  asked:

Hi Cassie! Hope you're doing well! Personally I can't because the emotion and hype for LoS is consuming me! However, my question is the following: How did the necromantic spell to revive Annabel end up in a children book? Maybe I've missed it while reading LM and I'm sorry if I did, but didn't the Unseelie King give the spell only to Malcolm? How did it spread out and became a part of Lady Midnight's tale? Thank you! Lots of love!

It’s mentioned in Lady Midnight that the rhyme about the Blackthorns was well known in Faerie—well enough known that it was used to tease Mark at faerie revels:

“…You cannot imagine they would show mercy to a half Shadowhunter boy.” His lip curled. “They even had a rhyme they would mock me with.”

“A rhyme?” Cristina held up a hand. “Never mind, you do not need to tell it to me, not if you don’t wish to.”

“I no longer care,” Mark said. “It was an odd bit of doggerel. First the flame and then the flood, in the end it’s Blackthorn blood.”

Cristina sat up straight. “What?”

“They claimed it meant Blackthorn blood was destructive, like flood or fire. That whoever made up the rhyme was saying Blackthorns were bad luck. Not that it matters. It’s just a bit of nonsense.”

The rhyme made its way from Unseelie Court (we have no idea whether the King told Malcolm in private or in court, or which of his courtiers might have knew and talked) into Faerie, and then gradually became a part of faerie folklore. This was probably wise of the King: hiding the truth in legend and stories is one of the best ways to conceal it.

Over the years, bits of that folklore seeped out into the realm of Faerie and into Shadowhunter tales, probably because Annabel was a Shadowhunter and the rhyme involved a Shadowhunter family in a way that most faerie folklore doesn’t. And remember it isn’t as if Malcolm kept his mouth entirely shut: he told Edgar Allan Poe!

That’s all I’m going to say for now, because you’ll learn more about Blackthorn family history, Malcolm’s desire for revenge, and the Unseelie King in Lord of Shadows!

What's your strongest memory attached to a song by The Killers?
The End of All Things (A Preview for the upcoming Antisepticeye X Reader Series)

(( AN: Preview Cause Im Really Nervous 😂

Okay well this takes place way before the story starts and it’s kinda a tester and advice for how I write Anti cause I want it to be decent?

But I guess I can start getting some feedback and my other ones as well since I don’t plan on releasing any until October….

So let me know if you wanna see some NateMare, Gear or Dark previews as well :)

Cause I am way too far ahead in most of these series.

It’s kinda based on what I think these things are. A smol heads up 😬

And soooo this is gonna be nothing like the story… it’s kinda like a little trailer.

And yeah I misspelt things on purpose. Give it more of a child vibe and it’s also supposed to be taken kind of like you’re intruding.

At first, anyhow.    

So yeah! Sorry I am crazy about dramatic details and overuse of extreme detail!!

I would love to get some feedback!!! Both on my writing and the characters!  So lemme know what you think :D

And most importantly  @justwritingscibbles who is first of all, an extremely talented writer but also just a rad human being who agreed to give me feedback! So again, thank you so much!  So go check her blog out!!!

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E N J O Y  T H E  S H O W

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“Happy birthday!”

He chuckled bitterly, swinging himself into the room as he stared at the sleeping figure in darkness, tear stains still remain on her cheeks from the past two hours of sobbing before she fell into her slumber. He even mused how you still sniffled slightly as she turned as he twisted the blade in on his palm, not digging into the flesh but creating a small circle as he pondered his position and options.

So many times he had desired nothing more that slit her throat, deep enough so that you wouldn’t wake back up from the impact of the blade and would die in slumber, blood staining your bedsheet. Or perhaps he would drag it through your arm, cutting out the trace were he once held.

The other half of him, the half she had brought out, screamed at him to just hold you again, feel your flesh, warm and gentle and comfort her. Her to apologize. Beg. Hold him. Comfort. Turn away from your world and back at his with the same wonder you once held.

But he knew better.

It was over.

She didn’t need him.

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Reunited // Draco Malfoy x Slytherin Reader imagine

Request: Imagine where the reader and Draco are broken up because he’s a death eater (he left her) and they meet in the battle of Hogwarts and it’s really fluffy and they admit that they missed each other. Thanks!


You knew it was coming, hell everyone knew it was coming. This was bound to happen at some point. Students were freaking out and even the professors were looking worried. You couldn’t care less though, you simply sat in your dorm curled up on your bed. You missed him, you craved his kiss. You missed his arm draped over you while you two slept. You needed to see him, but you know you couldn’t


“What did I do wrong?? Did I hurt you? Did I say or do something that you didn’t like?” You screamed at Draco. His face was expressionless. He just stared at the ground and then at you. “It’s for your own good y/n.. we just can’t see each other anymore alright?” Draco was now getting excited. “But why?? What I do wrong?” You exclaimed, demanding an answer. Draco exhaled sharply. He lifted up his sleeve reveling a mark on his forearm. “Are you happy now? This is why I can’t be with you! Because I love you so much that I know you’ll just get hurt! And I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if that happened!!” You stood there silently, not knowing how to respond. “Goodbye y/n..” And with that, he walked away.

•Flashback over•

A single tear fell from your eye as that conversation repeated in your head. You knew that there was a small chance you would see him again, will he fall in love with someome new? Will he still be the same Draco you knew and loved. Or would he have changed dew to his new ‘responsibilities.’ The next few days were awful, the students were in full panic mode, you heard some students talk about a group called ‘Dumbledore’s Army’ but you chose to ignore them. The professors tried to teach classes, but struggled with everything going on. Everything happened so fast. You decided to get some peace and quiet and calm down, you headed up to your dorm and nearly fell asleep before you even got to your bed.

You woke up to Pansy shaking your shoulder and yelling at you to wake up. “What the hell do you want Pansy?” You looked at her, very annoyed. You sat up once you realized the expression on her face. “Y/n it started, the battle. It’s insane! A bunch of death Eaters and even he who shall not be named is here!” Your mind went straight to Draco, you quickly got changed and you two went down together. A few minutes later you lost Pansy, she probably went to hide. You kept your wand out and you cautiously walked around, you could barely hear your own thoughts from all the commotion going on around you, you saw students facing Death Eaters, a look of determination on their faces. You saw some of your friends either fighting back or injured. Some even fighting against other students. You had to fight off some Death Eaters yourself, you saw your aunt an uncle going after some second years so you had to stand up against them. The backed off but a look of anger and disappointment in their eyes, you didn’t care though. No matter what you would never let Voldemort lead you.

You looked across the yard and there stood Draco, he wasn’t fighting. His eyes were filled with anger, but you knew deep down that he was broken. You ran to him, trying to avoid the flying rubble of castle. You were a few meters away when he finally noticed you. His eyes lit up slightly. You jumped into his arms, they securely wrapped around your waist. You looked at him. “You’re here” You whispered, looking into his grey eyes. “y/n I’m sorry. I did it for your own g-” You cut him off with a kiss, he immediately kissed back. After you pulled apart hugged him again. “Please never leave me again. I missed you too much Draco” You said into his chest. “Never again love, from now on its just you and me against everything else,” You smiled and kissed him once more.

Your moment was interrupted by a spell almost hitting you and Draco, you looked back to see a death eater, looking at you both in disgust. Draco put himself infront of you and quickly fought him off. Draco easily won, and came rushing back to you. “We need to go now, it’s too dangerous here for us” Draco took your hand and started leading you to an exit. “But your family- ” This time he cut you off. “They made me do this, they made me leave you the first time, they’re the reason were in this situation. I love them I admit, but this is what’s best for us right now.” You trusted Draco, you knew what he was sacrificing. He would be leaving his family behind, which he knew would end in him being disowned or something, but he was willing to do that for you.

Draco looked back once more before taking you away from that mess, and he swore to never look back.


Party Time

Takumi sighed.

Here he and his sister were at yet another banquet. He hated it, she hated it, it was one of many things they could agree on. Though they were optimistic at first- they had personal stake in this banquet. Today was their oldest brother’s wedding to Princess Camilla of Nohr.

But no. This party proved just as boring as all the others.

Sakura nervously walked up to her brother. “This isn’t g-going any better than usual, Takumi…”

“I know, I know.” The prince run a hand through his hair. Then he paused. “Hmm… hair… I’ve got it. We’ll light Prince Leo’s hair on fire, and maybe we can sneak out in the mayhem.”

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Imagine after the events of Thor: The Dark World, Loki discovers that Odin lied to him about how he came to Asgard…
Loki’s reaction to the revelation of his true parentage concerned Odin, making him think Loki might actually return to Jotunheim to join Laufey, and possibly start a war with Asgard.
Instead of telling him the truth, that he fought Laufey and took Loki as a spoil of war, he made Loki believe he was unwanted by his biological father.
When Loki learns the truth, he feels horrible remorse for killing Laufey, so he goes back to Jotunheim in search of anyone who may have his bloodline markings.
When he finds a few of his half-brothers and sisters, he learns that Laufey never forgot about him. He only gave up trying to bring him home after Loki was fully grown and Laufey saw that, due to the ruination of Jotunheim, he was better off staying in Asgard.

Hellos and New Starts Part 01

Draco Malfoy X Reader

Request: Nope

Warning: Torture. Fluff. Marriage talk? Fear

(AN: Takes place post wizarding war. Draco is smol bean. Haha… Next part is fun)

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Shyly, you placed a shaking hand into Draco’s, fighting the tears stinging your eyes. You had absolutely nothing in common with Narsissa or Lucius Malfoy except for your love for their son.

You were a Hufflepuff, a half-blood, a fighter on the light side. You and Draco’s love was strange and forbidden, but intimate and passionate, simple and classic. The same relationship that your grandpa and grandma had always had ever since you could remember.

Noticing your nerves, Draco squeezed your hand and kissed your neck, “They will adore you, Y/N… Fret not.” He whispered tenderly in you ear causing a small ghost of a smile to spread on your lips.

“This is me we are talking about Draco. Fretting is more of a hobby than something I do.” Chuckling, I laid against his shoulder while he knocked on the door, rubbing my hand as I took deep breaths in order to calm myself, knowing that it would most likely be his mother who would answer.

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Infinity Part 5


Part 1  2  3  4  6  7  8  9   10  11  12  13  14  15

Characters:  Mark Tuan (GOT7), You (Reader/OC), GOT7 members (mentions and cameo)

Genre:  AU, Angst, Fluff

Warning/s:  Strong language, Trigger Warning (Anxiety attack, sickness, etc.)

A/N:  (Y/C/O) means – Your country of origin or whatever the desired country of the reader maybe :)

Length:    4,303 words

Plot:  You have always believed the line from your favorite book that some infinities are larger or smaller than other infinities. You always wonder if you even have an infinity that you get to spend with someone or you will be forever alone?

After leaving Mark, more secrets and revelations are bound to be disclosed and you are not sure if you can handle everything.

You felt extremely tired, both physically and emotionally, as soon as you stepped in to the cab that you hailed after walking a few meters from where you left Mark.  You instructed the driver to take you to your house before you rested your head on the headrest of the cab chair.  You do not exactly know what to feel about what happened in the last 12 hours - this has been the fastest intimate relationship that you ever had with anyone and you blame yourself for that because of confessing about your sickness. However, you do not regret doing it because you’ve already learned from the past that it is better to be straightforward and honest even before the relationship goes deeper.

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Okay guys, there’s something that’s really been fucking me off and that’s the treatment of Colin’s TV era. Oh I know a lot of you guys praise his Doctor and his BF stuff, but when it comes to his actual TV era you’re just like the rest of the fandom, criticise, criticise, criticise. “Oh, colin’s great, and Big Finish is great, it totally makes up for his TV era…” This is the kind of thing I am sick of hearing. It is FINE to have a different opinion, but seriously WHY does season 22 and 23 get so much hate? The writing WAS NOT terrible, now I understand that everyone has a different preference, but when fans tell me that I’m not a “proper fan” or I’m a “Hipster” for loving sixes TV seasons, that’s when I lose it. It really upsets me when people bash the sixth Doctor’s era, most of the fandom blindly says it’s crap without giving it a chance, because other fans say it’s not worth it. Seriously, there are  people who say “Timelash is rubbish” and HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN IT, and when they do they realise it’s actually quite good! But a lot on this falls on Reviewers and other fans with a wide audience who immediately dismiss 6’s era as rubbish and say that EVERY fan agrees. I’m going to  prove there is at least one person who likes it…  So let’s actually take a look at season 22 (And the twin dilemma) …

Twin dilemma- Pretty good                         

Attack of the cybermen- Pretty good          

Vengeance on Varos- SUPERB                  

Mark of the Rani- Pretty good                      

The two Doctors- Great!                              

Timelash- Good

Revelation of the Daleks- SUBERB 

Please re-blog if you’re pro season 22/23. Rant over.