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I just... I'm hoping that this doesn't give Studio Mir a bad rep, you know? They're a really good company and they do really good animation, and I hope this doesn't end up being a black mark on their rep...

same i feel really bad for them :( i hope things go ok for them ahhh it was a minor slip up but hopefully they don’t get a bad rep for this


I just wanted to start off by saying that I appreciate all of our members, they are also so talented, kind, funny, caring, helpful, and unique in their own ways. I would not have as much fun running this net with out any single one of them tbh. So thank you all for joining our net and accepting our invitation to the net! I never thought we would get this many members let alone have this net actually be a thing lol so thank you so much! Let’s stay together for a long time! -Admin Ro 

I thought that I would say what each membership means so that for those who just started following us understand our setup!


ro | @yugyeim

I take care of all the backgrounds stuff, so all of the setup (choosing members, fixing our theme, making chats, adding affiliates etc), asks, sometimes I post on to the blog; basically I’m in charge of the net


alice | mark rep | @baby5oul || ari | jaebum rep | @jyum ||

asha | jackson rep | @jaqscn || emma | jinyoung rep | @flight-logs ||

emily | yugyeom rep | @flowrcafe || han | bambam rep | @bambams ||

fawn | youngjae rep | @youngjai

The reps take care of the blogging, they each represent a got7 member which they blog for, they also help answer asks and help with making decisions for events and other net related things. They are the ones who really maintain the blog and its content.


Non-reps are the most amazing part of our group they contribute so much and are extremely talented, but they do not work on our main blog. Their are two types chat members and non-chat members: they both share the same privileges (members page, private blog access, member only events, work specially tagged, etc), but chat members are part of our group chat while non-chat members aren’t. However, all of these members are equally important to us and I honestly love them all and hold special places in my heart for each of them!


abagael @dongsungies | jillian @gotchicken | aleezé @ohjinyoung |

erin @kimyugym | shayden @underratedbambam | mika @wangrnandu |

kass @datkasseffect | sarah @jingogi | shay @ungiis | sofia @glittergyeom |

cecil @bamg7bam | sumi @pepinator | enna @leaderbum | britney @@ggot7

hannah @sunshine-stans | pip @sunshinejae | sue @officialjjproject |

kaysie @got7arrived | mya @baekk


tae @cchoiyoungjae | lily @imeightout | britney @ggot7 | gabby @markificent |

biba @yugyeomia | kayleigh @sidepartmark | lillian @iget7 | sky @noirahgase |

lim xi @jypnior

Please follow and support each of our members they are all lovely and all love got7, we hope you will love them as much as we do!


Sen. Mark Kirk hurls racist insult at Rep. Tammy Duckworth during debate

During a debate Thursday with Democratic Rep. Tammy Duckworth, Sen. Mark Kirk leveled the above racist jab at the Iraq veteran’s Thai heritage, after she touted her family’s history of military service dating to the American Revolution. Outrage was swift, while Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, pounced on the opportunity to use it against Hillary Clinton.

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Hi there! I've been seeing lots of posts with skating abbreviations. I've always loved figure skating however was never really interested in the terms until YoI came out. As someone newly interested in figure skating, can you explain the abbreviations and what they mean? (i.e. 4Lo, GOE,etc.) Thank you!

Hello~ Click on the “read more” for some common abbreviations. If we missed out any, feel free to let us know. ( ^ - ^   ) We also apologize in advance if there are any inaccuracies in this post.

You can also read our page on the figure skating scoring system to know more.  (  *  u  *  )

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From the desk of the legendary Ben Baller…

“A lot of people keep asking me about MY ROC chain, so here’s the story:
First off, I’ve been part of the Roc-A-Fella Records team since 1995 when the record label I represented as Vice President of A&R singed Jay-Z to a P&D deal and we released Reasonable Doubt. I was one of the only cats on the west besides my boy Mark Brown that repped them heavy. I remember radio tours for RD in Jacksonville, FL to walking through the Beverly Center with Jigga back then. FYI I was always closest with Damon. We had very similar loud mouth dickhead personalities. But I spoke to Biggs often. Biggs personally handed me my 2 RD gold plaques. I remember when I got my Streets Is Watching letterman jacket, it was as big as receiving my letterman jacket in HS and college. Skip to 1999 and when these chains were made. (The first ever Roc Chains were made by Tito then the others were made by Jacob.) I got my first ROC chain in 2000 at the Song Cry video shoot from Dame. Long story short. Around the same time Biggs owed me $100 for some weed(OG Cali Kush) and I constantly kept pressing him to give me my money. I’d see him every year and asked and he acted like he ain’t hear me even though he was making 9 figures smh. So cut to last week in Santa Monica when Biggs came to LA to set up the pop up shop. We sat down and had lunch and he asked me to join him in some press for RD and I told the story about him owing me 100 bucks. Right there Biggs stopped the interviewer and said Ben. The Rose chains is yours! Now stop asking me for the $100! And he gave me $1 and said every time I see you I will give you $1! So I gotta see you 99 more times to pay this off. THANK YOU KAREEM BIGGS BURKE! I got too much love for you! That shit you told me on Friday put tears in my eyes. I idolized you growing up, Also hearing it from Hov last night meant a lot too. Now history on the chain. Only 3 were made for the 3 Roc founders. Made by Chris Aire & it’s legendary. Dame still has his. Jay gave his to Emory Jones and this one is mine. These were also the only ones ever made in rose gold. To be real, Nobody had chains made in rose gold back then.”

Republican AHCA architect tears up talking about family member with preexisting conditions
A Republican legislator who helped draft the party’s health care bill became teary and emotional after learning about the bills effects after the new Congressional Budget Office score. The analysis estimated that the bill would cause 23 million fewer Americans to have health insurance, and would not protect those with preexisting conditions. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) co-chairs the Freedom Caucus, a group that was instrumental in making the Republican health care bill more conservative. Read more
The leader of the House's hardline conservative caucus is trying to get a 'grand compromise' with the Senate on healthcare

(Mark Meadows and Donald TrumpCarlos Barria/Reuters)
Rep. Mark Meadows and the hardline conservative House Freedom Caucus are working to help craft the Senate’s version of the Republican healthcare bill.

Meadows told HuffPost that he has been working with the Senate on the bill for it to reflect the more conservative elements that the Freedom Caucus worked to add to the American Health Care Act, which passed through the House last week.

A source close to the Freedom Caucus confirmed to Business Insider on Monday that Meadows has met with the Senate steering committee on healthcare over the past month about the chamber’s legislation.

“He believes there’s a grand compromise to be made if negotiating partners are willing to come to the table,” the source said of Meadows.

The Freedom Caucus source said Sens. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, two staunchly conservative members of the upper chamber, have been “heavily involved” in meetings between the camps. Cruz and Lee, along with Sen. Rand Paul, came out along with the Freedom Caucus in opposition to the original version of the AHCA for not going far enough in its repeal of Obamacare.

The Freedom Caucus source said Meadows has also met with Sens. John Thune, Bill Cassidy, and Tom Cotton about the bill. Cassidy and Cotton have been critical of some of the concessions that got the Freedom Caucus's members on board.

Meadows told HuffPost that the “fundamental question” on the bill for him is the tax credits for people to buy insurance. Conservatives want to keep the AHCA’s construction, which gives a flat advance refundable credit based on age, because it would be cheaper than the current Obamacare subsidies.

Thune has been an advocate for keeping the income-based subsidies for the GOP replacement, but Meadows said he has “had discussions” on the topic with Thune.

Once on the fringe of the party after joining Congress in 2013, Meadows has found himself at the center of the healthcare push. The North Carolina lawmaker even stood behind President Donald Trump along with House Speaker Paul Ryan and the chairs of powerful House committees that drafted the AHCA during the celebration of the bill’s passage in the House.

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Anxious to move on, House Republicans welcome news of special counsel
Republican lawmakers, anxious, fuming, or defiant about a scandal-soaked White House, have desperately wanted to move on from the chaos. The latest development in the Russia-related scandals — that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee a criminal investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible ties with Russian actors — has Republicans sounding confident. “I think it’s a prudent move,” Rep. Mark Meadows, the conservative chair of the House Freedom Caucus, said. Read more
For my starved beckwatney fandom: RECOVERY HEADCANONS (random ones, not in order)

of all sorts and variations

  • Mark has PTSD (this is a given) but especially storms with high winds freak him out, because they remind him of the storm on Mars where he got hit by the satellite dish and got stranded there in the first place
  • and so one night there’s this huge storm with really high winds and Chris is away on a press conference or something and all the airports are shut down but he’s a good ways away
  •  and Mark is in the middle of the house with the doors and windows locked and he’s having a bit of a panic attack and wanting nothing more than for Chris to be there but he can’t
  • and then it’s a few hours in and the storm shows no signs of slowing down, and Mark hears the door open and shut and someone stumbles inside and up the stairs and it’s Chris, soaked to the bone and looking ultra exhausted
  •  (he drove 4+ hours to get there as soon as he heard about the storm and knew that the airports were going to be hell but there was no way in hell he was gonna let Mark go through this alone)
  • and right after he kicks off his raincoat and sopping shoes the first thing he does is dive down and let Mark curl up in his arms and press kisses to his hair and tell him it’s okay, you’re safe, i’m here, i’m not letting you get away from me again

  • When the Hermes finally gets back to earth there’s obviously a huge crowd waiting to greet them and the moment they step off and begin to walk past the crowds towards the main building Chris can tell something’s off with Mark
  • because however much Mark missed being around people and missed touch and human interaction, he was still alone for a year and a half and he’s more than overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people, which is a big step up from five crew mates all of whom are practically family
  • and Mark is putting on a forced smile but he’s sweating nervously and his fists are clenched and he’s looking around like he wants to be anywhere but where he is and it hits Chris like a ton of bricks
  • and he’s hissing at Johanssen and Martinez and the the others to go distract the crowds and he and Mark and some other NASA reps get Mark inside the building as fast as they can without looking too suspicious
  • and once they’re inside Mark collapes onto Chris and they sit against the wall and Chris just tells him, breathe in, breathe out, it’s okay. 

  • Chris gets nightmares too; about leaving Mark behind, what if he had died, what if they had never found out he was still alive, what if Beck had missed the grab on Watney’s MAV by just a few inches and he’d gone flying off into space
  • and Chris will wakes up sobbing and flailing and Mark (who’s always been a light sleeper) will hold him there as Chris buries his face in Mark’s chest and listens to his heartbeat and whispers but what if
  • and Mark just shakes his head and says, it doesn’t matter, you’ve got me back now

Send me headcanon prompts? That was fun.

'A pipe dream from the very start': House Republican makes striking admission on Obamacare repeal

(House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis. and Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017.AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
Some Republicans appear to be losing hope in the party’s ability to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Rep. Mark Sanford of South Carolina suggested as much on Tuesday, saying that a “full repeal was, in essence, a pipe dream from the very start.”

Sanford made the comments during an interview with Vice News reporter Alexandra Jaffe.

The lawmaker suggested that the most Republicans can hope for is to pass the version of the American Health Care Act that includes the so-called MacArthur amendment. The amendment would allow states to waive certain protections of Obamacare, including aspects of its community-rating provisions that mandated all people who are the same age be charged the same price by insurers, Business Insider’s Bob Bryan reported on Tuesday.

Sanford made a broader point about the Republican Party’s repeal efforts in the age of Trump, who enjoys a Republican-controlled House and Senate:

“It’s like when I was in Congress in 1994, people talked about the Republican revolution. It was false advertising from the start. Our system is designed to guard against revolutions. It is an incremental process,” he said.

Indeed, the Affordable Care Act took more than a year to get from President Barack Obama’s first proposal in a joint session of Congress to the moment he signed it into law.

Sanford’s remarks reflect the prolonged wrangling in Congress over a replacement healthcare bill. The GOP’s much-maligned American Health Care Act fizzled before it ever reached the House floor in March. House Speaker Paul Ryan said at the time that the Affordable Care Act would remain the law of the land.

But soon, President Donald Trump, who has made an Obamacare repeal a central part of his agenda, began signaling that negotiations over the Republican healthcare bill were ongoing. It became clear on Tuesday that the AHCA revival may suffer the same fate as it did weeks ago, as Republicans were scrambling for votes.

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Mark Sanford’s lame defense of AHCA: “It was at least worth letting the Senate debate it”
Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) is out with an op-ed in his hometown paper making the case for his vote in favor of the American Health Care Act, and reading it may give you the clearest sense of how much difficulty House Republicans are having defending the legislation on its merits. Sanford represents a safe seat in a very conservative state, so he’s not exactly the kind of person who would tremble in terror at the thought of voting for an Obamacare repeal bill. Congressional procedure junkies will note that there is no way the bill will pass the Senate exactly as written, so one might vote “yes” on it simply to move the process forward and see how things look in the future. Read more
Since these are getting popular I'll share some of the ones my friend and I discuss.
  • Ten the type to: To mistakenly say "I take Johnny to be my lawfully wedded wife " at y'all wedding.
  • Mark the type to: Rep 'native swaggers' and 'foreign swaggers' because he twofaced.
  • Taeyong the type to: Chill at a senior home for a whole week before getting caught.
  • Winwin the type to: Pretend he can't speak Korean when they get in trouble.
  • Doyoung the type to: start a talk show during an argument.
  • Johnny the type to: Write 'be there or be squared' in an obituary.
  • Kun the type to: Pick Taeyong and Jaehyun to be on a deserted island with because "they can cook".
  • Yuta the type to: Use Hansol's I.D to get in a club.
  • Jaehyun the type to: bring Doyoung to his parent teacher conferences.
  • Taeil the type to: Cry when his Pokemon evolve.

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Do you have anymore hs!au headcannons for BeckWatney? :D

omg  anon prepare yourself for a shitstorm heading your way!!!

- chris being a light drinker and accidentally throwing up on marks shoes at a house party!

- mark accidentally hitting chris with a basketball and having to help him to the nurses office with a bloody nose.

- chris not wanting a spare and being put into sports performance with the super athletic kids. mark teaching chris how to properly hold weights so he doesn’t injure himself (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ 

- drunk mark trying to get into sober!chris’s pants and getting punched, hard.

- established!beth and lewis setting chris and mark up on a date!! mark spilling chocolate milkshake on chris’s shirt!! chris trying not to kill this clumsy oaf in the restaurant but mark insists he will fix it!!!!! mark running to his car and grabbing his jersey and giving it to chris. chris wearing marks bigger and looser jersey.

- mark having a reputation as a player and his newest target is chris. chris not wanting to fall for his tricks bc he knows about marks rep. mark realizing that he’s actually serious and doing everything in his power to make chris believe that as well.

- drunk!mark and drunk!chris having sex at some party without knowing a week before school starts. chris recognizing mark and being immediately embarrassed and mark recognizing chris and smirking bc oh my god this guy is an angel when he blushes.

(  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


- chris lying on marks back as he does push ups, every once in a while encouraging him like a good boyfriend (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

- mark gabbing excitedly about his plans to study botany in uni to chris, gesticulating wildly!! 

- mark being an athlete but taking his studies very seriously.

- if their relationship is newer then what about chris hesitantly coming to one of marks football games to cheer him on and stuff!! mark being swirled away in the excitement of the game in the locker room! chris thinking that maybe he read the signs wrong and mark doesn’t want to move too fast so he backs out of the locker room. mark jogging after him and pulling chris into a tight hug, lifting him in the air bc of his adrenaline and excitement, kissing chris senseless.

- mark sneaking into chris’s room late at night to cuddle and kiss and talk but leaving just as chris begins to fall asleep again.

- mark and chris making out in the janitors closet.

- mark and chris making out behind library shelves (  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

- au with blind!mark and his cute lil boyfriend chris, mark sometimes asks chris if he can ‘have a proper look’ and chris crawling into mark’s lap and using his fingers to guide marks over his features. mark being breathless and kissing chris sloppily bc every time he touches chris its like he gets to love him a little better.

- blind!mark asking chris to tell him about the world bc chris is just energetic and excited and hearing about colours and objects is just so much more thrilling coming from him.

- mark draping his letterman jacket over chris’s shoulders randomly as they chill by chris’s locker. chris blushing furiously, all the way to his ears and neck but not saying anything.

- mark and chris kissing slowly and cutely when mark takes chris home on date nights!!!!!

- mark being super excited about studying mechanical engineering and botany, hoping to find himself at NASA someday that somehow along the way it becomes chris’s dream as well.

- mark asking chris to massage his shoulders after a particularly exhausting practice.

- sweaty!mark shoving chris against the wall and kissing him with strength and power after a winning game (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ.

- mark and chris being polar opposites which leads to heated arguments during study sessions or on the ride home which also leads to bumbling apologies and frantic sex on the couch or in the back of the car. (  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

- mark and chris playing footsie under the cafeteria table.

- mark and chris making pillow forts and talking about their future plans and uni and life and passion and goals and being overall understanding and appreciative of the fact that their partner is fucking brilliant and amazing.

- mark and chris having patient and slow sex after a particularly crushing day.

- ares 3 squad on summer vacation up in lewis’s cabin and spending time together doing dumb things.

- mark dragging chris out into the rain while everyone is asleep to dance uncoordinatedly and wildly in the rain.

- mark dipping chris and kissing him deeply in the rain.

- mark being on the football team and chris being on the soccer team and both of them being insanely competitive during their workout sessions together which leads to breathless, adrenaline filled make out sessions.

- mark having amazing upper body strength and using it to lift chris to the wall and trap him in kisses and harsh love bites.

- mark coming over while chris’s family is out for the weekend to attend his sister’s science olympics!!! mark and chris spending the entire weekend cuddling and watching movies.

- chris complaining in the middle of the night about snickerdoodle cookies and proceeding to whine until mark gets up at 3 am to make cookies with him.

- chris stealing one of marks sweatshirts on the day he comes over to help him pack for uni. 

- chris wearing said sweatshirt until marks scent becomes stale and the thought of being at two different uni’s becomes unbearable. chris deciding to surprise visit mark at his apartment and mark deciding the same thing. somewhere along the same highway, chris’s car breaks down and mark, without knowing its chris, steps out to help the stranger.

- mark realizing its chris and immediately being ecstatic!!

- mark and chris booking a cheap motel room in the end to spend the night in with touchy feely ‘i miss u’ sex and lots of naked cuddling.

okay i have so much more don’t even touch me I’m so hurt rn this list is making me sigh fangirl sighs!! i edged away from angst (for the most part) bc those would take me 10x more time to write bc i get super detailed with angst :D