mark portillo

Experience The Big Game through GIFs like NEVER before w/ Yahoo Sports, Tumblr & NEW AXE PEACE!

ATTN INTERNET: All weekend long we’re doing The Big Game like never before! yahoosports x Tumblr x axepeace have partnered with some of the most amazing creators on Tumblr to show you a side of football only seen in the GIFs of your dreams. Meet ‘em right here:

Catherine Frazier/animatedtext: I’ll be bringing love and humor to football by animating 3D text.  Always keeping this motto in mind: LET’S CUDDLE WHILE WE HUDDLE.

Jimmy and Mark/mrgif: “The New York-based artist collective/creative agency known as Mr. GIF is comprised of Jimmy Repeat and Mark Portillo. Since April 2011, the duo has been at the forefront of the resurgence of the GIF, or graphics interchange format. Their quirky, topical, and downright beautiful animations have helped the college friends land GIF gigs with Nike, MTV, Coke, Disney, Burberry, and Maison Martin Margiela. Their work is an eclectic and electric mix of hand-drawn art, hypnotizing photographs, ill 8-bit compositions and much more. Plus they are really cool bad ass dudes.” - Fernando Alfonso, III, Daily Dot

Matthias Brown/traceloops: I run TraceLoops, where I combine digital and analog methods to make animated GIFs that capture fleeting moments and cerebral movements. I’m going to be making GIFs that look to combine the subjective and objective experiences of the week.

Rob Goodswen/gocookyourself: We’re an online recipe book living on Tumblr. We make food you want to eat, and if you don’t like it … Go Cook Yourself

Alex Griendling/alexlikesdesign: I make pixel art that celebrates the building blocks of the screens we look at every day and the low-fidelity video game graphics of my youth. I’ll be making pixel animations that look at The Big Game through an 8-bit filter.

James Curran/slimjimstudios: I’m an animation director and illustrator based in London where I work on commercials, music videos, video games and more. When I’m not working on those, I’m usually working on personal projects including unofficial title sequences, exhibitions, short films and GIF animations for Tumblr.