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so I went to the dark light con in Paris and wow it was such an amazing experience. All the actors were so nice and happy. The atmosphere was so good, people were so respectful towards the guests and we could see that they had a good time. Honestly the supernatural cast is amazing and they were so close to the fans, I really felt like I was with my friends. I wish to every spn fan to experience a convention. I already can’t wait for next year’s con.
A huge thank you to Rob, Rich, Matt, Mark P and Mark S for this great weekend.

Samifer - coffee aesthetic

I wanted my hugs in photo ops to look more genuine and feeling than just a casual arms around each other hug, so when I got up to Mark I asked “Can you hug me like really tight?” and he said sure and put his arms around me gently and then he squeezed me so damn hard, I wasn’t expecting it like he was forcing me closer to him with all his strength and yet he looks so casual in this that it almost doesn’t look like he is hugging me so tightly apart from my crushed face in his shoulder/neck! Also he leaned down a little because he’s super tall and I’m kinda short so we don’t look like we have *that* much of a height difference!

so pretty much during the entire convention, the whole cast was egging us all on to hug mark sheppard (because of how much he hates it) so when it was our turn for the photo op, we just couldn’t resist - “let’s all cuddle mark sheppard” and this was the result! (don’t ask me what mark pellegrino is doing we may never know)


Yesterday was the best day of my life at the purgatory con.

I’ve met Mark, Osric, Kim and Travis and it was amazing!

I wish Osric would finally tell us his tumblr url so I could tag him in this. But well if you see this Osric, thank you so much for this dance, you and Mark made my day, but of course also Kim and Travis, i bet Kim had an amazing birthday.

Also thanks to all of the guys I’ve met there, I’ve even made some new friends! Love y’all!


My photos from All Hell Breaks Loose Christmas Special AKA Dick and Matt’s Christmas Party Down Under ~ In Melbourne today. :)



Here are my photo ops from today! Okay so let me explain the story for each one:

-Richard and Matt: we asked for a sandwich hug and they were like, “Sandwich hug?! Yea!” so they just grabbed us both and squeezed us super tight but you couldn’t see my sister bc I’m taller than her so I squatted down and unknowingly posed with my ass on Matt’s crotch so it accidentally looked like I’m about to have a threesome with Rich and Matt, thus resulting in Matt’s face. Best moment of my life! Btw Matt is so toned it’s crazy and Richard gives the best hugs ever!

-Rob: We were second in line for his op and right away he was so sweet and was like “Hi!” and of course we answered in a very shy voice so he squeezed us SUUUPER tight and I couldn’t stop smiling and when we were walking away we thanked him and he gave us the sweetest smile ever! Ugh I’m in love with him so much…

-Mark: MARK PELLEGRINO IS THE SWEETEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! Okay so this was our first photo op of the day so I was SUUUUUUUUUUUUPER nervous bc this was my first con ever blah blah blah, well when my sister and I were in line she started to get really nervous too (she’s got bad anxiety so obviously it didn’t help at all) so I walk up first and hug him and say hi and ugh his eyes were the most amazing shade of blue I’ve ever seen in my life…anyway, were posing normally bc we panicked and didn’t know what to do but I guess he could tell how nervous my sister was so he SQUEEZED US TIGHTER TOGETHER AND GRIPPED HER ARM TIGHTER AND CALMED HER DOWN!! We couldn’t stop smiling and he gave us such a sweet smile after we were done..

-Misha: MISHA MISHA MISHA MISHA MISHA ok so let me start off my saying I was a nervous wreck waiting in line, like literally as soon as I saw him I almost started crying bc of how beautiful he was well when it was my turn in line, the tears were about to start coming so I walk up slowly and ask (in a very shaky half crying voice) to have a super tight hug and he just grabs me and holds me so tight and as I say thank you and walk away, HE WINKS AT ME!! MISHA COLLINS WINKED AT ME! After that I was a crying mess bc of how wonderful he is as a person and i was just so thankful…