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Mark Owen Swaps Take That for Doing Nothing BBC News Preview
BBC News - 02.05.13

| MTV asks Gary - Reaired on January 2014

So, Gary’s man crush is Howard and he would marry him. Face To Face is Gary’s favourite song from SISYL. Back For Good is his favourite video because they were very wet.

Plus a lot about his new solo songs and his new sound. He also mentions Howard’s Xfactor live tweets


This is beautiful

FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEOS (never-ending list of...)
    → 101. CARNIVAL by Mark Owen [x]
Year: 2013
Single Released: 30 September 2013
Album: The Art of Doing Nothing.
Writer/s: Mark Owen, Ben Mark, Jamie Norton.

“And when we talk in so many words
We’ve got to live this life a bit harder
And when we think in so many words
We’ve got to bring each other together”