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‘take my hand and my heart and soul, i will only have these eyes for you…’cause you are the only one’– ed sheeran“ONE”

alright but can we talk for a moment about how Austin Watson/Xavier Woods is actually like a super amazing role model like damn

This man isn’t even 30 and he’s gonna get his Ph.D. next year, runs a YouTube LP channel with a significant subscriber/viewer base, and is an active wrestler which is like a SUPER DEMANDING JOB THAT TAKES A LOT OF TIME AND SKILL AND PHYSICAL/SOCIAL EFFORT on its own and he’s doing all of this at the same time

like seriously, life goals right there. I’m just so constantly proud of and in awe of Xavier Woods and how he’s living the dream.


Jack finally finished editing his second video for the day. He hit upload and took a deep breath. He got up from his chair and walked into the living room of the L.A. apartment that he shared with his boyfriend Mark. Mark was out at the moment, he had decided that the house was not full enough with only him and Jack so he had gone to the pet store. Jack knew it wasn’t a good idea for Mark to be let loose in a building full of animals in need of a home, but he was behind on work and decided that Mark could handle himself. The two had decided on getting a fish, something easy to care for. Jack had just settled on the couch when his phone buzzed with a text from his lover. 

“Hey babe, you all caught up?”

“Yeah, just got done. Found a friend yet Markimoo?”

After a few moments Mark finally responded. “Yeah, so we agreed to get fish right?”

Jack immediately knew he shouldn’t have let Mark go alone. “Yes Mark, we agreed to get fish.”

“Ok well…” The phone buzzed once again and a picture of a golden retriever puppy appeared on the screen. “Her name is Fish… that counts.”

“Mark we talked about this”

“I know but she’s so fluffy! I’ve already brought her to the counter”

“Mark I swear if you bring home that dog.” After a few minutes there was still no answer from Mark. “It better be the fluffiest dog to ever live Fischbach” Jack had to admit, he was excited about the puppy even though they had agreed on something much easier to take care of. About half an hour later Mark returned to the apartment with a ball of fluff in his arms and a huge grin on his face. Jack’s heart melted at the sight. Mark set Fish down and she ran straight to Jack and jumped into his lap, licking his face. Jack couldn’t help but laugh and he scratched under her ears. Mark wandered over to the two and sat down on the couch. “Well?” Mark looked at Jack, eyes full of excitement and hope.

“Don’t look at me with those big ol eyes.” Jack sighed as the dog laid her head down in his lap. “I mean I guess we have to keep her now.”

Mark’s smile was enough to make the world stop as he kissed Jack’s cheek and moved closer to sit next to him. “I knew you’d love her.”

“She’s awfully cute, but do we have teh call her Fish? I think she needs a new name.”

Mark thought for a moment. “How about Chica?”

Mark; Texts

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infinitum-imaginaerum, remember that time i said i’d get you back… right.
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It’s times like these where you truly, really, devastatingly miss the heck out of Mark. Moments where you pause in whatever you’re doing and just one thought pops in, I miss him. It always happens randomly throughout the day, be it during your work or at home or during a day off—it happens and there’s no way going around it when it’s bound to pop into your face and just rub it in. So when you’re taking a breather from cleaning the place, from dusting the shelves and decorative items, changing bed sheets and wiping the windows and glass doors, you’re staring up to the ceiling and you’re wondering if he’s eaten.

Then a familiar clink echoes in the household and you’re fishing out your phone from the big pouch in front of the apron you’re wearing, only to grin when it’s from your favorite person running through your mind not too long ago.

‘I miss my precious giving me kisses now.’

You snort because it’s cheesy, you blush because it makes you feel giddy but you’re smiling because you’re wishing for the same thing.

‘I miss it too, Mark.’

‘What is my baby doing now?’

‘Depends,’ you glance at the little brown fur ball in the corner, chewing on something you can make up as a chew toy, ‘which baby are you talking about?’

You can tell Mark’s probably rolling his eyes by now but then a message comes up to confirm it.

‘You, you, you, you! The one that I want to kiss right now, you!’

Chuckling and feeling satisfied, your reply is smooth and after a few responded messages later, you’re off to cleaning up the place and he’s off to his next schedule with just your text messages playing over in his mind.

‘When you get back home, Mark, I’ll kiss you all you want.’

‘I’ll hold you against that, sweetheart.’


You’re groaning when you can’t reach for a bowl on the top shelf because Mark’s one tall person and you’re a bit off from his height. It’s been a long day, you’re done with making the place spotless and clean to the fact that if you swipe your feet on the floor, you’d hear a decent squeak. Giving up on the bowl you’re not even an inch away from, you close the cupboard and decide it’s time for a shower.

Stripping off to nothing and almost into the shower, you’re this close to leaving your phone on the counter with some songs Mark slot into your memory card a few days before he left but the clink makes it harder to ignore. You retrace your steps and stand by the counter, phone in your hands.

‘I can’t wait to come home to you where I can kiss you whenever I want.’

You can’t even reply yet.

‘What is my baby doing now?’

You’re not thinking much, so you reply; ‘Shower.’

Then he sends you a couple of emojis that resemble a smirk and immediately, you picture his face with the exact face expression.

‘You better get cleaned, then, when I get back, there’s no saying when you can get clean again.’

Instead of a text, you respond with a picture and then you’re off to the shower for real.

Mark is left on the other side of the world with a boner as he tries to shut off the image of you in a towel that hangs loosely off your chest and he swears that he’s about to kill Jackson because Jackson’s whistling when he peeks over his friend’s phone but he at least manages to send you a decent reply.

‘Correction, I’d kiss you and your body.’


There’s a couple of hours in between before his next reply and by the time he texts you again, you’re very comfortable in the sheets and Mark’s clothes always smell like him—it’s perfect. You hold up the phone in front of your face in the dark, it’s not advisable but you really can’t find a damn to give at this moment. You’re about to drift off to sleep, about to put your phone aside but as always, that clink never fails to stop you from whatever you plan to do.

Unlocking, swiping, taping and you’re smiling.

‘Sleeping yet?’

‘Almost, going to… you?’

‘Me too,’ The message reads, ‘But I wanted to wish you goodnight first.’

The smile is forming on your lips again.

‘Goodnight, Mark.’

‘Goodnight… I love you, dream of me.’

‘Oh please… I will.
I love you too, Mark.’

The same cycle continues on and on until he returns—nevertheless, the best way to fall asleep is when you know Mark’s thinking about you and he knows you’re thinking about him.


My Stories: The time Triple H pointed at my sign.

In 1995, I decided that my new favorite wrestler was Hunter Hearst-Helmsley. I supported him through the early years, the dark ages following the Curtain Call, the DX years, the McMahon-Helmsley Regime, and the days he spent in Evolution. In late 2005, my friend Pam and I traveled to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, where I wrote on a posterboard in big, bold letters “THE GAME IS OVER!” Our seats were one row from the Raw stage, so I got a ton of good photos.

At the time, Triple H was working a program with Ric Flair, his former stablemate in Evolution, over the WWE Intercontinental Championship. When Flair’s music hit and he made his way down to the ring, a big leather chair was brought out to the stage and positioned right behind us. Immediately, I realized what the chair must be for and sprung up to see The Game coming out to pop a squat. As soon as he got comfortable, I held the sign up and gave him a nod, letting him know it was to say that he was ‘over’, not 'finished’. He pointed at my sign, said “You’re damn right!”, and I marked out like a 9 year old. The fact that I have a photo of the top photo being taken is awesome, as I have two angles of one of the biggest markout moments of my life. Later that night, I met Triple H for the first time, and it was quite honestly the greatest experience I ever had as a wrestling fan, even to this day.


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