mark of caesar

fallout: new vegas, as written by bethesda
  • male characters have flirt options with veronica. female couriers do not.
  • while youre away from vegas, a runner comes up to you with a message. you read it and find out the king was ambushed and has died, oh no! you become the head of the kings
  • vulpes inculta is marked as essential. caesar is marked as essential. easy pete is marked as essential
  • julie farkas is actually evil! she runs inhumane experiments on freesiders! you have to kill her, and then you become the leader of the followers of the apocalypse. also, the followers are badass soldiers for some reason.
  • everyone in vault 3 is always hostile. there is no speech check at the beginning.
  • upon completion of How Little We Know, you become the manager of gomorrah and leader of the omertas, just because
  • if you bring swank three pieces of evidence detailing benny’s actions, swank solemnly says, “now aint that a kick in the head”
  • vipers? jackals? fiends? i think you mean raiders, raiders, and also raiders
  • selling arcade into slavery nets you bad karma but is ultimately considered the “good ending” for arcade
  • you go to the great khans in red rock canyon and they ask you to clear out a camp of three (3) ncr troopers. you become the leader of the great khans.
  • all the white gloves are hostile to you unless you have the cannibal perk, for whatever reason. once you kill them all, you become the owner of the ultra-luxe
  • goodsprings has victor’s shack and easy pete’s bed. you have to build the rest of the town yourself
  • upon completion of the main quest, if you sided with the legion, caesar fears you have surpassed even him, and orders you killed. you kill caesar, and take control of the legion. you own new vegas
  • upon completion of the main quest, if you sided with the ncr, president kimball thinks youre a swell guy and gives you control of the ncr. you own new vegas
  • upon completion of the main quest, if you sided with house, he gives ownership of vegas to you, considering his work complete. you own new vegas.
Drunk people shouting “Down with Brutus!”

One of the most weirdly inspiring experiences I ever had as an actor was during a “groundlings show” (read: late-night drunk show) in college. I was a sophomore, we were doing Julius Caesar, and the audience was entirely composed of thoroughly wasted students heckling their friends onstage. The groundlings show was a longstanding tradition, despised by some but beloved by many.

So, Caesar had recently been stabbed (which was met with a mixture of “YEAH! STAB HIM!” and “Noooooo don’t hurt Joe!”). We’d arrived at the funeral scene, and I was onstage as a citizen/crowd person. Our Antony was played by this incredible young woman - she was from Kentucky, white-blond, a diver, under five feet tall, and fiery as hell. She got up to give the Friends, romans, countrymen… speech. As had been occurring throughout the show, the crowd was going wild. She waited, firmly and silently. They quieted down in anticipation, and she began, pausing with commanding silence every time the crowd got going, until it was time to stir them - these drunk college kids - into a revolutionary fervor. By the end of her speech, the entire, wasted audience was on its feet shouting “AVENGE CAESAR, DOWN WITH BRUTUS!” 

And I was onstage feeling utterly insignificant as a crowd person, because she had incited an actual mob and I had somehow become an oddly well-informed bystander to the real action unfolding.

It was so magical.


The real reason Cassius wants to kill Caesar. He just wants to be included.

I feel like I’m gonna be making a series of these awful out of character JC comics, so I’m saying I’m not sorry in advance. 

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Ancient Romans sorted
  • Atticus: Hufflepuff (my Epicurean darling)
  • Brutus: Ravenclaw
  • Cassius: Slytherin
  • Cato: Motherfucking Squib
  • Cicero: Ravenclaw
  • Crassus: Slytherin
  • Hortensia Orator: Ravenclaw
  • Julia Caesaris: Gryfinndor
  • Julius Caesar: Slytherin (cunning af)
  • Mark Anthony: Gryffindor (more brawn than brains)
  • Octavian: SLYTHERIN+++++++
  • Pompey: Gryffindor
  • Servelia Caepionis: Slytherin
  • Sulla: Slytherin