mark o'toole

Instead of staying home and downing another of Bagpipes O’Toole Scotch-Flavored Vodka while playing the Battlefront beta, my new advisers say I HAVE TO  take part in the Democratic debate “because friendship”  Even though I’m a Republican.  And the only friend I need is Bagpipes O’Toole.

Anyway, join me tonight at 8:30 pm EST on Twitter for “friendship” 


You MUST see the part in Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Duran Duran perform together. When John comes, he is like all over their bassist. John is such a charmer, he seduces even the gay guy from that group. But it doesn’t matter that Mark O'Toole is gay…When that scene comes it’s like two guys mentaly fucking on the stage. REALLY.

skip to 2:48…and then watch. Everything will be okay then.