mark o

(TURBULENCE in D.C.) “Youngjae, can you please sing Trauma?” (my video please do not repost without credit)



reasons to love mark tuan
  • he is not only a mama’s boy but also a papa’s boy
  • he loves puppies and animals in general and always gets distracted by them
  • animals love him too once an ostrich stopped eating cause it kept staring at mark’s face (relatable)
  • he knows three languages fluently
  • when he came to korea he didn’t know korean but went on ice cream dates with jinyoung because that made him happy
  • he cries a lot; in real got7 he choked up thinking abt their debut and felt frustrated he couldn’t convey his gratefulness cause of the language barrier
  • he’s raising a lil pup with youngjae and he is the dad while youngjae the mom
  • he loves his siblings and his family a lot and is the biggest family oriented person 
  • when his parents first visited him in korea he paid for their meal saying “i earn now i can take care of you”
  • his dad is internet famous because he’s wholesome just like mark :(
  • once got7 were on a variety show and got6 were fighting blaming each other and mark stood up and said “let’s not fight please it’s nobody’s fault”
  • in their houston fanmeet he got off stage to hug fans with mobile disabilities who were sitting on the side
  • he has repeatedly said fans don’t need to worry if they gain weight because he loves them anyway.  
  • bambam said when he came to korea mark took care of him
  • jinyoung said mark is the one he goes to when he’s worried because he gives everyone space but also cares a lot and makes him feel comfortable
  • he is the oldest in got7 but never makes the others feel like they need to treat him differently
  • he’s introverted and that’s his biggest insecurity because he doesn’t want people to think he’s boring that’s why hard carry comeback he tried to be more hyper
  • he, however, IS hyper around the boys and is very giggly and loves pranking the boys
  • he wants to write and compose more so he can invest more of himself in the band
  • he loves food…. a lot. he’d probably fight u for it.
  • he gets talked over a lot but he never loses his patience
  • jaebum said he’s the one who grounds got7 and reminds them what’s important. 
  • once the airport doors closed on him and he had to wave and jump up and down at the sensor because it wouldn’t open :(
  • he won’t defend himself but if anyone ever badmouths jackson he’d fight them
  • whenever the other members cry he’s by their side first; got7 prank yugyeom all the time and yugyeom always ends up crying but mark always runs to hug and comfort him
  • he is ethereal like he looks like an angel 
  • he gets cold a lot :( so he shakes and jumps like a pup :(
  • he is good at all those stupid variety games
  • he’s sarcastic as fuck but always ends up apologizing after 
  • he loves puns :(

anyway this isn’t even a full list but he’s so soft :( and cute :( and loves his family :( and members :( and his fans :( and protect this soft boy with so much love and goodness in his heart :(