mark nutt

Achievement Hunter Weekly Update #267 (Week of June 1, 2015)


The Legend of MARK NUTT!!!(via

  • Gato: i heard that if you turn off all the lights
  • Gato: look in a mirror
  • Gato: and scream MARK NUUUUUUUUUUTTTT three times
  • Peachy: Gavin will appear
  • Peachy: “WOT”
  • Gato: no, lava will appear
  • Gato: and burn everything
  • Gato: LMFAO
  • Gato: wot.
  • Peachy: “WOT IF YER LEGS”
  • Peachy: “DIDN’T KNOW”
  • Gato: YOU NOB
  • Peachy: and then lava destroys the bathroom
  • Peachy: and as you die
  • Peachy: you hear the sweet melody of
  • Peachy: “NOBS”
  • Gato: LMFAO
  • Gato: MOICHAEL!
  • Peachy: NOOO MOICHAEL!
  • Peachy: MOICHAEL NOOO!
  • Gato: LMFAO
  • Gato: i hear it in my mind
  • Peachy: and then
  • Gato: and it is hilarious
  • Peachy: just as your breathe your last
  • Peachy: “GAVIN YOU FUCK”
  • Gato: LMFAO

Topics Ranging from;
-How to properly call Mark Nutt
-Who is Mark Nutt?
-The popular song by Geoff Ramsey; written for Mark Nutt
(“Come on and hit me with your best nutt…”)

I meant to post this yesterday but this cold made everything complicated. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting another one yet today to make up for my not-doing-one yesterday. Enjoy =)