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Ceres: Mother of the Hearth

To understand her role in astrology, we must look to her mythology. Goddess of agriculture and motherhood, Ceres’ name quite literally derives from a root word meaning “to satiate, to feed,” the Latin verb meaning “to bear, bring forth, or produce,” and the verb meaning “to grow.” She is the nurturer, the epitome of parenthood and care.

She is also the mother of Proserpina, the goddess abducted by Pluto, and this is reflected in the influences of the asteroid. Ceres is the bringer of abundance, and yet also loss and grief, as she experienced the loss of her daughter.

In the natal chart, Ceres indicates nurturing, or the lack thereof. This befits her, the mother of Proserpina, but also mirrors her neglect of nature, which is another child of hers in a sense, in order to get Proserpina back. For this reason, Ceres in the natal chart marks how we nurture and are best nurtured, but also how we neglect others through nurturing or avoid the nurturing that we deserve due to emotional issues.

The lesson of this asteroid is that we must accept nurturing, take care of and love ourselves in order to nurture and love others.

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