mark mcgwire,

once i was playing trivial pursuit at my partial hospitalization therapy with this girl i became pretty good friends with and i was kicking everyone’s ass but i ended up getting a sports question and i didn’t even listen to the question and just said “mark mcgwire???” figuring i was wrong because i didn’t even know if the question was about baseball

i ended up being right and she was so pissed off


“Chicks dig the long ball.”

ESPN MLB - Mark McGwire (admitted using steroids, HGH) received 19.5 percent of vote in Hall of Fame balloting.  should he get the hall of fame or not…i say sure why not , id say hes just another athlete using hgh and if you didnt well ur numbers lacked apparently bc baseball is the black market for steroids lol , but no honestly why keep him  out he as a player still had to hit the ball he just had a little more power behind , even if he couldnt  fit in his uniform…….