mark mcgwire,


The Four Best Screenshots from the Super Sluggers VHS commercial.

If you ever wondered what baseball in the 90s was like, it was basically this: 

  • Home runs
  • Muscles
  • Home runs and muscles
  • Todd Hundley

And while the internet wasn’t around to supply us with endless gifs of the action, at least there was the Super Sluggers VHS to keep as a memento which includes this great quote from Cecil Fielder: 

Height: 6'2”. Weight: currently unknown.“

Check out the video below and for anyone with the VHS at home, feel free to send it my way. 

May 21, 2009

The letter “I’’ on the Big Mac Land sign at Busch Stadium is knocked out by Albert Pujols’s first-inning blast off Sean Marshall in the Cardinals’ 3-1 victory over Chicago. During any game, if a Cardinal player hits a home run into Big Mac Land, built in the left field stands (section 272) as a tribute to Mark McGwire, everyone at the game is entitled to redeem their ticket for a free Big Mac® at all participating restaurants in the fast food chain.

“Chicks dig the long ball.”