mark mariano

“I drove from Palo Alto down to LA during my Christmas break in 1990. I arrived in LA and stayed at Rudy Johnson’s house. The guys had stayed true to their promise and they invited me down to film them for the Blind video that they were making with Mark Gonzales and Spike Jonze. We drove between Rudy’s, Mark’s and Guy Mariano’s house, filming and taking tons of pictures. We had one session during that trip to the Galleria parking lot curbs between Torrance and Manhattan Beach. Guy, Jason, Jeremy Klein and Jovontae were at the session and I was taking photos. Guy was on fire and I had one roll of Black and White and one roll of slide film. I only have shots from the black and white roll of Guy and they all ooze of that Video Days era and style. It was exactly in that moment when that team made their magic. I only have one photo of a noseblunt and this is it.”
Words & Photography by Jacob Rosenberg