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“I’d like to make a thank you to Mark [Manes] and Phil [Duran]. I hope you don’t get fucked.  We used them. They had no clue … Don’t blame them. And don’t fucking arrest them … Don’t arrest any of our friends, or family members or our co-workers. They had no fucking clue. Don’t arrest anyone, because they didn’t have a fucking clue.”

(Dylan Klebold)

Philip Duran, 22, worked at Blackjack Pizza with Harris and Klebold and introduced them to Mark Manes at a Jan. 23 gun show. Manes later sold Harris and Klebold the TEC-DC9 for $500. He also gave them two ammunition clips. Harris and Klebold were 17 at the time.
The night before the massacre, Manes bought 100 rounds of 9mm ammunition for Harris and sold it to him for $25.
Manes went target shooting with Harris and Klebold three times before April 20. Manes knew the two were “unstable” but never told anyone.
Alarming things was said during the target practice such as: “Imagine that in someone’s fucking brain”

Manes was sentenced to six years in prison, four months after the shooting. He served about 19 months before he was released to a halfway house. He was released in 2002 under electronic monitor and been denied parole three times.

“Dylan came over that night. It’s the first time I really talked to him,” Manes says. “He was already working with Linux, an advanced computer operating system, and he was in high school. They needed to wait for their next paycheck to give me the other $200. A few weeks went by, and they gave it to Phil (Duran).”

Manes and his friends regularly went shooting in the woods, so that night he extended an invitation to Klebold for him and Harris to go along. And they did several times over the next few months.

—  Mark Manes

Mark Manes was the man who sold one of the guns, a TEC-DC9 semi-automatic handgun for $500, to Eric and Dylan (the gun was purchased and used by Dylan) while they were still 17 years old. By the time Manes sold the gun to an underage buyer, he thought that he had finally left his troubled years behind him. The drugs were out of his life and he just got a job and a girlfriend. 
  He was sentenced to 6 years in prison 4 months after the shootings. Manes served about 19 months in the Huerfano and Sterling correctional facilities before he was released in June 2001 to a halfway house in Lakewood. Thereafter, he was released in 2002 under electronic monitor, which means that he had to wear an ankle monitor 24 hours a day. Manes had been denied parole three times. By today, Manes is a free man, who deeply regrets his decision to sell the gun to Dylan, claiming that he had no idea what would happen. 

How can Shadow be Silver’s dad?

I’ve had this headcannon stewing in my brain for awhile now, and I think it’s about time I share it with the public. I’ve talked about this with a few friends before, and I’ve even considered writing a fic about it, but frankly I lack the motivation to work on something that big. I don’t know how @adabatsunset does it. 

Okay, so. To get to the point. How can Shadow be Silver’s father? A lot of people would wonder things like “whose the mother?,” or “how could Shadow have made Silver if he was locked up?” Well, I have answers to those questions! This is all just headcannon though, so please don’t take what I say as cannon.

Shadow is cannonically immortal, we know this. He’ll live forever and ever, never aging and never dying. We know that he is extremely powerful, and despite having reformed, his reputation is sour and many people still don’t trust him. That’s why he was locked up, right? Well, it wasn’t actually Shadow’s fault that the world began to burn. In fact, it was the fault of the King of Soleanna and his researchers. But maybe the public didn’t know that. After all, when Mephiles was released, he took on his form. Many people probably thought that Shadow did it as a result.

Of course, due to timeline shenanigans, both Silver AND Shadow were there to witness the event (in the good timeline) and set things up right to work. I believe though that before the good timeline (the one that ends in peace), Shadow witnessed this alone. Mephiles was free, Iblis was free, and chaos began to ensue. At first it was mostly restricted to Soleanna, but after about 200 years the whole world saw armageddon. They blamed it on Shadow. After all, who else could cause all of this destruction? The wielder of Chaos itself, of course.

… Obviously, Shadow wasn’t the culprit. But after living for so long as an untrusted member of GUN and a lab experiment purposed for war, he had accepted his fate. By now, Shadow is nearly 300 years old. All of his friends are dead, Omega has been shut down, he’s old and tired. He knows the world needs a hero, but it can’t be him.

Blaze mentioned in 06 that when all the Chaos Emeralds are together, a miracle will happen. I believe that miracle was Silver. Yes, I believe that Shadow gathered the Chaos Emeralds and literally created him. After all, the power of the Chaos Emeralds was often described in the games as being able to turn thoughts in to power. Shadow made Silver to be everything he wasn’t. Better than him in every way, pure of heart, strong. Shadow made him to be almost akin to a demigod in his own image (the mane, the markings over the eyes, the skin colour etc)

I believe that Shadow made Silver as a newborn at first, raising him tenderly and cautiously in Crisis City. He and Silver had to hide constantly. Their whole life was undercover, because if anyone found Shadow, he’d be taken away. Shadow knew this, but held off long enough just so that he could raise Silver to be good. He was a kind dad. 

But he couldn’t hide for much longer. Before anyone could find him, he used the Chaos Emeralds again to teleport to Blaze’s dimension. Yes. Remember how in the comics, Blaze is from an entirely different world? She’s not from Mobius. So why is she in 06? Because Shadow asked her to raise Silver for him, of course! 

In the comics, Blaze and Shadow actually do have a relationship, and Shadow has been able to teleport to her dimension before. It was difficult for him to ask her for help, but she was the only one alive at the time who could help him, let alone control the flames and keep him safe. He had to beg her, especially since she owes him so little. She agreed, taking up the mantle of big sister. Shadow eventually turned himself in and allowed for himself to be put in to stasis. After living for 300 years, you just want to shut down. He didn’t want to have to leave Silver, but it was necessary.

Silver was about 4 when this happened. He could barely remember his dad’s face by the time he was 15. Blaze never dared to mention Shadow to him, knowing it could change his perspective on things. 

Now, the Shadow that meets Silver later is from the past of course, but just because of how weird timelines are, Shadow gets this weird … feeling, that he knows who Silver is. And Silver gets it too. Something about Shadow feels familiar, and it makes Silver feel almost safe. You can see Silver begin to follow Shadow around and copy his movements like a baby duck even in 06. And Shadow seems especially impressed (almost proud) of the fact that Silver can induce Chaos Control.

This white furred hedgehog is the silver lining to a dark, well meaning shadow. He is made up of pure energy, and was raised with love and affection in a doomed world. Silver is the literal embodiment of everything good in Shadow.

And that’s that! Tell me what you think.

Timeline to Columbine, and the aftermath.

January 1998 - Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are arrested after stealing items from a van. After pleading guilty, they are sent to a juvenile diversion program.

March 1998 - Randy and Judy Brown, parents of student Brooks Brown, file a report with the sheriff’s office stating that Harris had threatened to kill Brooks and had written on the Internet that he would like to kill people.

April 20, 1999 - At approximately 11:19 A.M., Dylan Klebold, 17, and Eric Harris, 18, carrying guns and bombs, open fire inside Columbine High School, killing 13 and wounding 23 others before killing themselves.

November 12, 1999 - Mark Manes is sentenced to six years in prison for selling a gun used in the murders to minors Harris and Klebold.

April 2001 - Close to three dozen families of Columbine victims settle suits with the parents of the suspects and gun suppliers. The settlement totals close to $2.5 million. The Harris’ and Klebold’s homeowners insurance will pay a large part and the rest will come from insurance company payments on behalf of the gun suppliers. The family of victim Isaiah Shoels does not accept the settlement.

August 20, 2002 - The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office settles with the daughter of teacher Dave Sanders for $1.5 million.

June 2003 - Judge Robert Blackburn orders the family of Isaiah Shoels to accept a $366,000 settlement in the lawsuit against the gunmen’s families.

August 12, 2003 - The families of victims Daniel Rohrbough, Kelly Fleming, Matt Kechter, Lauren Townsend, and Kyle Velasquez settle a wrongful death lawsuit against parents Susan and Thomas Klebold and Wayne and Katherine Harris, in which the victims’ families claim that the suspects’ parents should have known what their sons were up to before the shootings. The terms of the settlement have not been released.

October 22, 2003 - Home video of the two suspects is released by authorities. In the video, made six weeks before the murders, the suspects are seen in a forested area shooting at bowling pins.

February 26, 2004 - Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar releases an investigative report about the attack. Authorities also release thousands of pages of documents and physical evidence.

September 21, 2007 - The Columbine Memorial, adjacent to Columbine High School, is dedicated and opened to the public.