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coreylubo: I didn’t know that picking up a book off a random table at Barnes and Noble would lead me down this path. I didn’t know the wonderful people I’d meet along the way. And I didn’t know, after all this time… Harry’s would still going strong. Happy anniversary #HarryPotter. (I’ll post some more BTS throwbacks on my story tomorrow!) #harrypotter20


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so I was stuck not knowing what to draw and my gf @scarecrane suggested I do a height chart for the reds and blues like I’ve done for other fandoms so I was like why not? using our best guesses on what we thought their heights might be I then gave them body types I thought were fitting (or that I just liked) so I got to practice bodies a little!

I tried to make some of the scarring accurate to injuries these guys have had but mostly I just had to wing it but I hope these seem acceptable! as for lopez, I just wanted to draw a robot body….ehehehe

also their underwear is based on personality and headcanon as well; enjoy!

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission and leave my description; thanks!)

Foreshadowing in Independence(Tto)

Idk if this has been done before but I always crack up thinking abt how much foreshadowing there is in just that one song. (Spoiler incase you havent seen tto yet)

  • ‘What’s dysentery, dad?’ 'Nothing we’ll ever have to worry about,son.’
  • 'I dont ever want to kill an animal, dad.’ 'You wont have to,son’
  • 'A nine month dirge every marriage is tested thank god they invented divorce.’
  • 'We’re farmers, you see, which means we dont need things like food. We can live off the land.’
  • ’… cause they wont help when youre bit by a bear or a snake, mother nature’s really great.’
  • 'I dont know, maybe it’ll be horribly dangerous?’
  • 'But what if this trip kills one of us? Like you? Or dad? Or grandpa?’
  • 'When you gotta go,you gotta go.’
  • 'Something will go wrong. The list is far too long.’
  • 'Runaway thieves are on the lam.’
  • 'Dont stress, take a breath, it might just be your last.’
  • 'Friends dont let friends ford the river. Take a ferry!’

Those are all I could take out. Feel free to add if you see some other things as foreshadowing.