mark joffe

what the Pride characters would do during a heatwave (part1/2)
  • Gethin soldiers through working in the shop somehow even though it’s far about 30 degrees in there and there are no customers because it’s too hot to go to a shop
  • Jonathan comes down every few minutes bringing him something to drink or ice-cream, or just some icecubes that he holds against his boyfriend’s heated skin (the bits he can reach anyway) to cool him down
  • normally he’d be chided for doing such frivolous things in the shop, but it’s too hot for Gethin to be stern and he actually enjoys the cold and the way it makes his skin tingle (it awakens the strong urge in him to pull Jonathan into the backroom and do things for which it’s decidedly too hot…)
  • Johnathan keeps on complaining about the heat and nagging Gethin to close the shop so they can go swimming and cool down a bit
  • Mark lies on the cool tiles in the kitchen of his and Mike’s flat, trying to get some sleep despite the heat after a long night at the bar
  • he’s begged Mike not to go to work because he’ll probably get a sunstroke if he has to work outside in this ungodly heat
  • of course there was no way to convince Mike to skip work, so Mark made him wear a big, garish straw head (it’s a remnant from one of his more comical drag outfits) to protect him from the sun
  • Mike feels like he’s swimming through the heat, he doesn’t know if it’s the heat that makes the air glimmer or if it’s him slowly losing his mind to the sun
  • as he tries to remain in the shade while tending to some grass and flower beds in a park, he’s actually grateful for the monstrosity he’s wearing on his head
  • without the hat he’d probably already have succumbed to heat stroke or sunburn, but it doesn’t do anything about the streams of sweat running down his body, making his clothes stick to his muscles (Mark would probably actually enjoy that image, but he’d certainly hate the smell)
  • Jeff is lying on the roof of the building he lives in, sunbathing - he actually rather enjoys the heat covering him like a blanket (as long as he doesn’t have to move)
  • since he couldn’t talk his lover out of this stupid idea Joe tries to at least make sure that Jeff gets neither a sunburn nor a heat stroke
  • so Bromley helps to cover his lover in sunscreen - Jeff enjoys the feel of the strong hands on his delicate skin
  • he also brings him cool drinks and feeds him watermelon, but he gets distracted as Jeff sucks the sweet red juice off his hands
  • Joe sprays himself with water to keep cool, that only serves to make his white shirt cling to his built chest - that view is almost enough to make Jeff’s mouth water, but not enough to lure him back inside
  • Steph sits in the only café she knows that has big fans hanging from the ceiling, the temperature in there is almost bearable
  • she watches with dreamy eyes as girls watch past, actually she was trying to read, but all the short skirts and trousers and the halfway unbottoned blouses are very distracting
  • Zoe and Stella are sitting in the middle of their dark flat dressed in underwear, they’ve closed all blinds and curtains to keep the heat out, but it’s still far too warm
  • normally they’d cuddle, but that’s not an option right now, so their only points of contact are their fingertips, so they can feel connected without sharing too much body heat

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