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!! Hey hey Is it okay to ask for some Domestic Tendou headcannons?

God why can’t I just write five head canons and move along like normal people? This is why I take time, you lot.

- When it comes to eating, he has the tastes of a child; his favorite food is chocolate ice cream, for Pete’s sake. He has a very small selection of food he’ll eat, and even when his s/o gets them for him, he’ll only eat a little bit at a time. It stresses his s/o out, especially when they go on dates and Tendou has to order off the kids menu.

- He always wears fuzzy socks around the house, no matter the season. In winter, he gets extremely cold, so they’re his best friend. They don’t sell good quality ones for men, so he buys the ones for women in the largest size. They have pink puff balls and bows and everything, and he has no shame. He even thinks they’re cute.

- He’s one hundred percent an extrovert, no matter how much he likes to stay inside. Tendou actually cannot function without talking to at least one person throughout the day. When he’s by himself, he gets himself down, and he always needs another person there to talk to him, keep him distracted. Besides volleyball, a lot of his hobbies occur inside, but even if they do, that doesn’t mean he can’t get his energy off of being around people he loves.

- In relations to the last one, Tendou will always have friends over. After college, I see him living in an apartment with his s/o, so he always has a person with him, but with Tendou, he needs more. Not only are his friends invited over, but his s/o is pretty accustomed to Tendou sitting in the living room with three other guys and saying, “Hey! Remember that one guy in our anthropology class in college? Well yeah, this is his drug dealer and his cousin. They’re pretty chill.” His s/o just doesn’t even… question it anymore. Tendou gets along with the weirdest people.

- If Tendou and Ushijima keep in touch after high school, I see them getting together a lot on weekends, or any other time they have off. His apartment has an extra, voided bedroom (that doubles as a study) for when Ushijima stays the night. It happens pretty frequently, he might as well just start paying some of the bills.

- One hundred percent dependent on his s/o he it comes to his health, and if it weren’t for her he would be dead. I’ve mentioned this in a lot of my head canons before, but Tendou is pretty careless when it comes to basic human necessities. Unless somebody reminds him to go to sleep, he’ll wind up pulling an all-nighter. Unless somebody tells him, “hey, are you going to eat?” He literally will not eat for days. It’s not that he’s necessarily mentally unhealthy to the point where he wants to starve himself, he just forgets. He once went three days without both food, water and sleep and his body forcibly shut down on him. His s/o had to call the ambulance for the sheer fact that her boyfriend was being an idiot.

- Surprisingly, he’s not as clumsy as you’d expect a six foot two, walking string bean to be. On multiple occasions, he’s saved many vases and house plants from hitting the floor and saved his s/o’s distress along with it.

- His apartment has lots of little succulents and cacti, he finds that aesthetic cute. He couldn’t care for a pet, he can’t even care for himself, let alone another sentient being, so cacti work just fine with him.

- He plays the keyboard but only knows how to play anime intros, video game battle music and Gorillaz songs. He’s not even sure who Beethoven really is.

- There isn’t a day that goes by where he doesn’t steal his s/o’s clothes. If they’re around his size, maybe even a bit larger, he’d do it a lot more frequently. “Is that my baseball tee? That I bought yesterday?” She’d ask. Of course it is. He really doesn’t stretch the clothes much because there isn’t much of him to stretch anything, really.

- On weekends, the probability of him waking up before one pm is very, very, slim. Even if he goes to sleep, it’s not until the sun rises.

- Sometimes his s/o will find him laying across the most random of places; under the coffee table in the living room, on the bedroom floor, on her desk. Times like these, when he notices her presence, he’ll ask the most odd, obscure questions any human being could ever even ponder about asking. It drives his s/o insane because “god why can’t he just join a Reddit thread instead of making me overthink like this.”

- He knows all the misfortunes of the stains on the apartments carpets and walls. There’s a blotchy brown one in the study where his s/o accidentally dropped one of the succulents off of the desk. There’s several in the living room, all a different array of reds and pinks, from dropped popsicles in the summer. Tendou and his s/o got drunk one night and she accidentally snorted pink vodka all over their white bedroom walls out of her nose from laughing so hard. They don’t share the story behind it, it’s just “modern art” for anybody who asks.

- I can’t see him as the type who would strive to have kids. If anything, he would rather not. It’s not that he completely despises them, he’s just afraid of them. He’s afraid if he had a child they’d wind up like him and he wouldn’t know how to help them. He doesn’t want to burden another person’s life by having them inherit the bad parts of him.

- He has a map in the living room with pins all over marking the places in the world he has been and wants to go with his s/o. He really just wants to travel around and meet new people from different cultures who don’t think a mess of red hair is odd. Number one on his list is Scotland.

- When he gets into fights with his s/o, they’re usually petty things like, “How hard is it to cap the toothpaste up like this? There’s toothpaste all over the counter I wasn’t aware granite needed daily fluoride treatment too” and “Did you seriously use my hairbrush again?” “No.” “Really, ‘cause I wasn’t aware that my hair was bright fucking red.” Besides that, I can’t really see anything that is worth striking a domestic argument between Tendou and his s/o.

Welcome to my blog! +prompts

Hello friends, I just thought I would take the time to say hello!
Here you will be able to read short stories and imagines that I create (mostly about BTS and Got7 hehehe,) Along with some funnies on the I hope we can be good peeps and kpop buddies. Anyways, for my first post. I thought I would post some one-liners for you guys to choose from. Here’s how it works!

You just pick 4(or less) from the list below and a boy. Be specific about if it’s an AU or not. (Just a reminder, I find myself drawn to writing about BTS a lot. But I will be more than happy to write other people. It’s no problem)
Warning-these prompts will be…Interesting

1- “wouldn’t want the others to hear us, would we?”
2- “can I taste you?”
3- “oh look at that…my towel fell”
4-“so wet for me….”
5-“room for one more?”
6-“have you even heard of thigh riding?”
7-“you actually read that Shit?”
8-“Fuck, you have no idea what you do to me”
9- “date not go so well?”
10- “I don’t hate you because I think you’re a Bitch….it’s because of what you do to me?”
11- “at night…do you think of me?”
12-“hmm…you need to relax…”
13- “just what do you think you’re doing?!”
14-“I’m better than any man you’ve ever been with”
15- “the others….they wouldn’t appreciate such a body like I would”
16- “I like the way you dance…”
17-“ such a cute moan….do it again”
18- “I bought you something you might like”
19- “did you really just put a vibrator in my hand?”
20- “is a blindfold really necessary??”
21- “it’s raining and I can’t go back home…let me in”
22-“i have never hated someone so much”
23- “still thinking about last night?…I knew you would”
24- “…I want you to sit on my face babe..”
26- “I may be a bad dancer…but I’m awesome so it’s okay”
27- “shut up and cuddle me, you ass”
28-“what are you doing up?”
29- “I know you had a rough day..”
30- “why are you shy, you weren’t before”
31-“I love it when you do that”
32- “oh come on now. That was a good one”
33- “….which one of you flat foots ate my apple?”
34- “you’re a mess babe”
35-“… I’m too gentle eh?”
36-“ seriously. Where did you find time to purchase a vibrator”
37- “I have ways, babe…remember”
38- “just Lay back and let me make you feel good”
40- “babe…you didn’t have to punch her”
41- “you write about me??….can I see?”
42- “you’re nervous…about ‘us’?”
43-“I never thought I would see you again?”
44- “you liked how I made you feel, didn’t ya”
45-“ all these marks aren’t enough”
46-“you’re trapped…with nowhere to run”
47- “hmm. I can make you scream louder.”
48- “did you just throw glitter at me?”
49- “oh my god…I didn’t know you could do that”
50- “we have to do this movie together…can you at least try and act civil”

So there are the prompts. If you have another idea of what you’d like added, feel free to let me know. Welcome again and don’t be afraid to request…it’s kind of how I put material on my blog haha!

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I'm breathless, jealous jaebum is my life, mark is having so much fun... i can't. Jb is literally like "let's have the rooms like before, not because i want to be with youngjae or anything tho, i'm asking because jackson misses you" AND THAT NOTE ON HIS EPISODE WITH YOUNGJAE... that boy fell so hard. Sorry for the rant ;;;

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mark mentioning youngjae to make jaebum jealous broke me how bad do you think jb wants youngjae back in the room?

My dear anons,

I’m broken and breathless along with you both! I cannot believe how obviously these boys were airing their drama over Youngjae in their episode! Where was the subtlety??? Where was the attempt to disguise Jaebum’s jealousy over Markjae??? Was it in Jaebum’s attempt to bring in Jackson/Markson??

[GIFs by jypnior]

Yes, very smooth, Jaebum. Jackson is totally the one doing the missing here and having a hard time… Jaebum remembers he wrote a note exposing himself, right?

Then again, Mark wasn’t much better with the subtlety with the way he was needling and taunting Jaebum at every opportunity! I mean…

Originally posted by jypnior

From the very opening! This boy has gotten so savage, and Jaebum is suffering. Seriously, though… everyone knows what trash Jaebum is for Youngjae and how much he wants him back in his bed room. I bet there’s a whole situation going on off camera about it, and that’s how Mark knew so well that it was a soft spot! That taunting little turd… I love Savage Mark. I mean, can we just have a moment to talk about the little shit-eating voice he uses when he messes with Jaebum about spending Chuseok with Youngjae??

Honestly! The way he mumbles the name while watching Jaebum like a hawk, and then looks SO pleased with himself when Jaebum gets thrown off and reacts… I can’t help but see this as him messing with Jaebum by saying Youngjae’s name to make him jealous and then pretending he didn’t… (Which also brings up the question: is it a game of Mark’s to regularly make Jaebum think he’s going crazy by hearing Youngjae’s name, and then acting like he didn’t say it?? I totally used to do that with my best friend about the band that she was really, really into…) And then Jaebum gets so awkward as he tries to cover for his momentary panic… 

And let’s not ignore how pained Jaebum looked when Mark talked about waking Youngjae up in the mornings! You can’t convince me that the smile Mark gives him then isn’t gloating, because it’s so obvious that Jaebum is remembering and highkey missing when that was his job as Youngjae’s roommate… And Mark is loving this chance to tease him!

[GIF by jypnior]

It’s really not even a question of how badly I think Jaebum wants Youngjae back in the room! Jaebum was willing to use the 2jae GOT2DAY episode to publicly beg him to come back, and then he used the Markbum episode to publicly beg Mark to switch rooms with him so that he can go join Youngjae… I think it’s safe to say that he’s desperate! He’s fallen so hard for our Sunshine boy, that he can’t even pretend to be cool about it anymore! Not that he was particularly cool with his subtle complaints ( x ) and hinted bitterness ( x ) throughout the last year… but now he’s decided to even abandon the subtlety!

Ahh, I just really can’t handle how much Jaebum misses Youngjae and what lengths he’s going to in order to get to sleep with room with him at the dorms again! At least he only has to wait a little while longer… I hope! For both his sake and my own trashy heart…

@notsupermxn continued from x

Hazel eyes widened slightly before she glanced over at him. One finger was used to mark her place in the book as she she straightened from her slightly hunched over position. Aster hadn’t really been expecting a reply to her thinking aloud. Seriously bad habit. She really needed to work on that. “You… actually gotta good point there, I guess. I mean, seriously…”

A vague gesture with her book as she wrinkled her nose. “I mean, they’re interesting, but…kind of a mess?” 

The Secretary Pt.2

Warnings: Smut, language

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine

You shifted your stance as you stood next to Jiyong, the throb between your legs becoming uncomfortable. You dug your nails into your palm as you waited for the elevator to reach the top floor of hotel, willing away the pressure. Jiyong cleared his throat, sensing your discomfort. You looked up just as he shifted in front of you pointing at his tie. You reached up with shaky hands to straighten an already perfectly placed tie. He cleared his throat again, bringing your attention to his face. His gaze bore into yours, and you wanted to die. Your hands paused, gripping his tie tightly between your fingers. He licked his bottom lip, smirking at you. All of the air rushed from your lungs and you held on to his tie a little tighter, pulling him forward slightly. He winked at you and you blinked, suddenly aware of your surroundings. He knew. You narrowed your eyes at him and let his tie go. You stepped back, holding your hands behind your back. The elevator dinged when it reached the top floor. Jiyong straightened the front of his suit jacket, stepping to the side.

Thinking he was letting you pass, you moved to exit the elevator. He stuck his arm out, blocking you from leaving, hand sliding against your hip. “You’re not going anywhere.” He breathed in your ear. His hand was gone as quickly as it had slid against your side. He adjusted his stance, standing next to you again as he let his assistant and the bellhop off with his luggage and room key. You had no idea why you were even on this trip when the guy that did the traveling was already there. The doors slid close and Jiyong reappeared in front of you, pressing the first floor button before turning to face you. “What is it?” You asked in a clipped tone. “Did you forget that we have a meeting?” He asked you, eyebrow raised. Oh. You relaxed and looked past him, watching the numbers as they counted down the floors. He was staring at you and it was making the throb between your legs come back. “What?” You asked, finally looking back at him. “I have something for you.” He said with an unreadable expression. He stooped down in front of you, pushing your skirt up your hips. He tugged your underwear down, ignoring your protests. He shoved them into the pocket inside his jacket, pulling something from his pants pocket. You tried to look around him to see what he was doing down there, but you couldn’t catch a good enough glimpse of anything. “Lift.” He demanded, pushing on your leg. You lifted your foot and he yanked something over it. “Lift.” He said again.

You repeated the action and he yanked whatever it was up your legs to your thighs, and finally up over your hips. He fixed your skirt and stood up. You looked at him in confusion, “Sir wh-..” He reached into his pocket and there was a short vibration between your legs, causing you to stumble. “No..” You gasped with wide eyes, mortified. He smiled, a devilish glint in his eyes, “Yes. You’ve had an attitude with me lately and I’m not too happy about it.” You glanced up at the glaring red numbers. You were still ten floors away from the first floor. He reached up and gripped your chin in his fingers, hard. “It’s time I taught you a little lesson, _________.” You shook your head back and forth, wincing as his fingers dug into your skin. There was another vibration against your clit, longer this time. Your eyes fluttered shut and you sucked in a breath as you fought to keep from curling in on yourself. The elevator stopped and both Jiyong and the vibration were gone from you. The doors opened and he was back to having that cold exterior you were so familiar with. He was back to being poised, calm, and collected. He stepped out as people were getting on, turning to you with an expectant look on his face.

“__________, let’s go.” 
You stood there for a beat longer, seriously considering skipping the meeting. But disobeying Jiyong meant punishment. And although an entire afternoon of him using your body as his own personal canvas to mark up and bruise to his heart’s content sounded appealing, you weren’t exactly looking forward to the after. In which you were left to clean up the mess and then walk-of-shame your way to your hotel room without so much as a “goodbye” or even a “see you tomorrow”. He was always so detached and seemingly uninterested when he was through with you. You were being used and it honestly stung a little. You followed after him with your head down. You weren’t looking forward to spending the next hour and a half at his mercy. “Hurry up.” He hissed as he walked faster through the hotel lobby. You listened as your stiletto heels clacked against the marble floor, hoping, wishing that something, anything would happen so that you wouldn’t have to suffer through this meeting with Jiyong and the panties from hell. 

The breakfast seemed tasteless to you as you sat next to Jiyong at the white-clothed table, listening to a meaningless conversation. You were sure that whatever was being discussed was important, but you couldn’t really bring yourself to care about what was going on when you were too busy trying to brace yourself for when he decided to use that tiny little remote of death in his pants pocket. 

It came when you didn’t expect it. You had been about to take a sip of orange juice when it happened. You spit the liquid back into the cup, apologizing and wiping the excess juice from your chin. You shot Jiyong a look as you sat the napkin down on the table, but he ignored you, never taking a break in his conversation to even glance in your direction. “How do you like working for our Jiyong?” Someone asked you. You smiled tensely, “It’s alright.” They laughed and he cleared his throat. There was a jolt between your legs and you jumped slightly. “W-what I meant to say was…” The vibration kicked up a notch, causing your eye to twitch. “H-he…he’s a wonderful…boss.” The last part came out in more of a whisper and they were all leaning in to hear you properly. You put your hands in your lap, nails digging into your palms. The vibrating finally stopped and you exhaled. “I bet he makes you put in work.” You snorted, “You have no idea.” You caught his expression in the corner of your eye and regretted having said anything. You dropped your gaze to the white table cloth, staring at it until it hurt your eyes. You felt him nudge your knee with his, a silent command. Open your legs. You glanced up at him, and again, he didn’t look at you. He moved his arm, and you followed the movement to where his hand rested against the table. He tapped his fingers against the material lightly. One, two, three times. Three. You looked away, thinking to what that meant. Three, three, three. You couldn’t remember and you were starting to panic. 

Three, three, three.
Now. That’s what it meant. You looked at him again, trying to make sure that’s what he meant, but he only tapped on the table again. Open your legs, now. That’s what he wanted from you. In this very public place where you were having breakfast with his business partners. You hesitated, and the vibration was back. Involuntarily, you moaned out loud, closing your eyes. “You okay, _______?” Jiyong asked you, finally speaking to you. Asshole. The vibration had stopped, but you didn’t trust your own voice, so you only nodded. You felt his hand on your knee, pulling your legs apart. You inhaled a shaky breath as his fingers danced over the hem of the underwear and dipped inside. His fingers brushed against your clit and you snapped your legs shut. “There it is.”  He smirked, looking dead at you. Your face flushed and an arm extended out in front of you, placing a bowl of fresh fruit down on the table. “Fruit’s here.” He said, looking away from you as if the two of you hadn’t just shared a moment. He nudged your knee with his and your legs fell open without hesitation. “Eat.” He said in a voice low enough that only you could hear. You shook your head and he pinched your clit, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. A shiver ran up your spine and you reached forward, almost mechanically for the fork in front of you, stabbing at a strawberry. You lifted it to your mouth and shoved it inside, pushing it to your cheek with your tongue.

Jiyong pinched you again and you chewed into the fruit. This was getting ridiculous. Was he really about to do this to you? Right now? Jiyong circled your clit gently before pushing a finger into your entrance, causing you to inhale the strawberry down your throat. You started to choke, leaning over, hands clutching into the table cloth. The person next to you clapped  a hand over your back, trying to help you out. But Jiyong….Jiyong pushed a second finger into your entrance, stretching them apart as he moved them out and back in, out and back in. Your toes curled inside your shoes and you folded in on yourself, trying to regain your composure. 

You could feel it, this was how you were going to die. When you’d finally stopped choking, the person next to you handed over a glass of water, insisting that you drink it.  “I think I should take her up to her room…” Jiyong spoke again, fingers still moving inside you. “I’ll be back down after I drop her off and make sure she’s okay.” Everyone at the table seemed to agree with him and he pulled his  fingers from you, grabbing a napkin from the table and wiping his hand. “I’ll be back.” He said again as he hooked an arm around you, helping you stand. 

“Walk straight.” He hissed at you as the two of you made your way back to the elevator. You tried, and failed, to do as he’d instructed and his grip on the tops of your arms tightened until it was almost painful, “When we get upstairs….” He  didn’t finish. He let the silence do all of the talking for him. 

You said a silent prayer for yourself. A small prayer of strength and endurance. Judging by the way he was holding on to you…shit was about to go down.