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maddy i love yr blog but yr caesar love is the most unrelatable content in the world. i respect caesar theoretically but ive had to translate the fucking gallic war this semester and heres my big take: hes no good. he thinks good sentences r 10 lines long and he wants 2 fuck ablative absolutes. he has a shrine 2 them w roses and candles and an engagement ring for when the time is right. hes a bad garbage man. 0/10

this ask is poetry and i can respect it

the  M A R K  of  O X I N 

created by 14 y/o @amazingphil (+ played by @danisnotonfire )

If you ever wanna remake that game… I’d happily do the art for it ;D

But seriously, that video and game was just so lovely to watch… Dan excitedly playing it and Phil reminiscing was really cute! 

Thank you for sharing it with us!

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First in maybe a series of “oh god help it’s Mark Hamill’s face”

There has, perhaps in the entire history of Western cinema, never been a face more precisely evolved to show “utter awestruck lovesickness” than Mark Hamill’s in 1976.

Everything screams “I am devoting the rest of my life to these two.”