mark is my favourite so far

Fic Rec Day!

I’m pretty sure I’m not late to the party! I wanted to first off say a massive thank you to all the fic writers out there! You give up so much of your time and you deliver the most beautiful pieces of art! I wish I was talented enough to draw or photoshop something for each of the fics on the list, but I am a talentless beast. 

Here come the fic!!! (Bold ones are my absolute faves)

  •  One the Other by @ruby–wednesday - My absolute favorite fic in the fandom. It’s a canon divergence. It’s so dialog and plot driven there’s so much character development. It’s absolutely incredible.
  • The Consummation by @josselinkohl - Exactly what it sounds like, only far far better. Probably my favourite sex scene in the fandom. 
  • Marks of Fate by @fahye - It’s the third and final part of the Lines on Palms series and it’s the best one. An absolute treat. 
  • Love of the Second Star by SteelStingray - Another canon divergence au. It’s a WIP so don’t say I didn’t tell you! I only read the first chapter and it’s amazing but I refuse to continue until it’s done! 
  • Size King by magisterpavus - There’s nothing I love more than people in love having sex. Also I am a firm believer that Laurent is indeed a size queen and that Damen is hung like a fucking wildebeest. This fic explores said beliefs.  
  • You’re Always Waking in the Night by @thankyoumerlin - A five and one time fic about them being in bed. So much better than what I make it sound like. 
  • A firm Hold of My Heart by @jithongchy - They get married. 
  • A Better Side of You to Admire by yekoc - I really like the dynamics here. And Damen bottoms. 
  • Relinquishing Control by @exy-king - Part of the Stages of Control series and it’s just wonderful, beautiful smut. Also it keeps up with my headcanon that Laurent and Damen get off on dirty talk. 
  • Murmur of the Land by @blacktofade - It’s an alternative take on the tent scene. Really well done and very much in character. 

Honourable Mentions: 

Turns out I love A Lot™ of works by the same people, so instead of recing each fic I’ll just urge you to go read anything by @delfeur @josselinkohl @fahye @ruby–wednesday. You honestly do not understand how incredible their fics are. I could go on for days about each and every one of them! 

Happy reading!!!!! 

I need to draw from youtubers more often because this was unabashedly fun and great practice. I love Markiplier so much. He makes the best faces.

Most of these (the left-facing ones) were drawn from Cooldog Teaches Typing. The bottom left is by far my favourite. 

Pop punk problem #41
  • Favourite band: "We're stoked to announce our new album!"
  • Me: *Pre-orders album*
  • Favourite band: "We have a new shirt in our store, there's a pizza picture on there so you know we are pop punk!"
  • Me: *buys t-shirt*
  • Favourite band: "We're touring!"
  • Me: *Books tickets to see them as many days as possible*
  • Favourite band: "We're very sad to announce this will be our last tour and we will no longer be making anymore music."

oh fucking hell no

these plebs are so terrified of malcolm that they vote him out and now get to go further in the game than him even though they’re not even half as good as him??? that is so not on

he was crying. fucking crying. he’s my all time absolute favourite player so really there’s no need for me to keep watching what has been a trainwreck of a season so far

Why I Like Minizerk - Vid Refs

The chat post won’t let me add links where you see a word not a link (if that makes sense) so here’s the masterlist so far, and if anyone can tell me any video references I put a question mark next to here, that would be very appreciated. :)

6. ‘Boo’ + ‘Baby’ -> x at 1:25, 3:56

     ‘Bae’ -> ? (it was a GTA V video, possibly in November)

7. x at 5:33 (thank you @rptlotp :))

8. -> x at 4:37, 5:34

10. Random Games with Simon / Random Games with Josh

      That new series, you know which one

12. -> x at 6:45 (probably my favourite out of this list)

13. -> (above video) at 6:50

16. x (thank you @rptlotp :))

17. -> x

21. -> x at 4:12

24. -> x

26. -> x at 2:11

27. -> x at 4:38

30. -> ? (it was a random quiz Simon and Josh did)

32. -> x at 0:00

33. -> x at 5:33 (thank you @boredlazy :))

37. -> x at 0:14

38. -> x at 3:22

39. -> x at 36:17

My best friend and I got matching tattoos. <3 Libra is my zodiac sign, Pisces is hers. Green is her favourite colours, purple is one of mine. The Pisces goes over one Libra bar because she protects me— but Libra goes over the Pisces symbol because I protect her.

It burned more than it hurt. 

She never thought she’d get a tattoo, unless she had something meaningful enough to want permanently part of her body. Until I linked her So Far Gone by Thousand Foot Krutch and how the mark she’d made on me couldn’t be erased. How I wanted something permanent to represent it. How she said yes, absolutely, in a heartbeat— we even have pictures of us at her wedding (I was maid of honour) with these designs drawn on, because she wanted it to be that sacred. That important. 

I love this girl.

Inazuma eleven is pretty cute

I started watching this simplistic sports anime called Inazuma eleven out of pure boredom but I’ve actually grown pretty fond of it. I’m only like 20 or so episodes in but I literally set time aside in my daily schedule to watch it. It’s about these young boys who are in a soccer team and they invent these cool and *cough* scientifically impossible *cough* moves and compete against other schools who always have their own equally cool moves. The animation isn’t terrible and frankly the theme song is the best thing ever. So far not all the characters have had the spotlight on them but I’m only starting it and the focus has been slowly making its way through different characters. So far my favourite boys are Axel , Mark and Jude (They are my sons) and my favourite move has to be between The Inazuma one , the Inazuma break and the Inazuma drop. Or really anything else with Axel 😅 he’s my fave


Sinthoras  - from Markus Heitz’ ‘The Dwarves’ - Game

(took the freedom of making some closeup screenshots of my favourite asshole bc appareantly noone else did so far. Shame)

So I started reading Lady Midnight yesterday and guys I can’t tell you how perfect this book is, seriously. And I’m only on chapter 10.

My thoughts so far:
Julian Blackthorn is perfection
Emma Carstairs could possibly be my favourite character of all time
Mark Blackthorn needs a hug
Ty is amazing
Livvy is amazing
Ty and Livvy’s relationship is amazing
Tavvy is the cutest
Cristina es una diosa y me encanta que hable in español
Also Malcolm is bae
Julian Blackthorn is perfection

Today marks the first day of university for me. This is what Im just bringing along with me.
- Surface Tablet
- Notebook
- Mildliner highlighers
- Machanical Pencil
- Parker Pen
- Faber Castel Pen
- Pilot Pen
- 0.4 Pentel pen

I’m more excited this time because I am inspired by Studyblr and currently have a game plan on how to prepare for school.
So far these are my favourites:
@studybuzz, @organisedstudyme, @organised-student


I’m chin deep in the abyss that’s youtube and I’m doodling these three at any given time as well as Cry and Creeps, although those two mostly end up being done on paper. So here, enjoy some WIPs!

1.TWD au thingy inspired by the style of the game featuring Chika because she’s a cutie n Pewds beard bc I didn’t finish this before he slauGHTERED IT

2.The holy trio again, this time in the armour that their WoW characters wore because that game was and still is one of my favourite games ever made, and getting to watch these three play it together made me want to draw it something inspired by it so badly haha! Also this takes FOREVER, I’ve spent like 13 hours on Mark alone thus far and my wrist hates me

3+4. Antisepticeye and Darkiplier bc why the hell not. NOTE: Mark/Darki looks nothing like himself here but my sketches rarely looks like the person they’re supposed to portrait so shh <3 haha


Happy Birthday Sir David Attenborough

Today marks the day of one of my favourite human beings in the whole world. I grew up on his documentaries and you could say that it is because of him that I am myself, so fascinated by the biological world. The highlight of my year so far was the moment where he visited the University of Leicester to give a truly wonderful talk on the ‘Beauty in Nature’. With this being his 90th birthday, we should be truly thankful that we’ve been graced with his presence in the media for so many years. I am personally inspired by him to continue my endeavors to do what I love, for as long as I am physically able.

“An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only great curiosity but great fulfilment.” - Sir David Attenborough