mark is like it's over it's really over


We did what good people do.

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Potentially dumb question-- but I'm new to animation, how do you get freckles to stay consistent?

thats not dumb ! really you get freckles to stay consistent like any other feature of the face to stay consistent…by measuring the negative space between them and the facial land marks around them

i keep pointing to this cuz its such a good example but take a look at this model sheet from beauty and the beast

animators dont stay consistent by just drawing things over and over again - its about being familiar with the model and the proportions of the face.  I’d say freckles are a smaller , more extreme example of this but they are tracked in the same way as how you’d track any detail. by eye pretty much

a skill that is very important in animation is learning to train your eye to spacial differences , and this is one of the reasons why i always push flipping even if im using toonboom harmony. i dont like using onion skin because although it can track arcs and some neg space it cannot take into account proportions and perspective. so its something we always need to do

it seems daunting ,but its possible ! I hope that makes sense :) 

An explanation, and goodbye?

This is tough. Really tough. Because I never thought I’ be writing this.

I’ve been part of this fandom for essentially 4 years, and owner of this bog for over 3. Its been my life. I would log on every single day and post, I’d never miss a Mark video and I’d always be 100% up to date with what ever was going on in the fandom, good or bad.

You may have noticed that over the past few days I’ve not really been active. This is where is gets tough, its because I feel distant. Its not because I dont like Mark anymore, thats not true, but I’ve grown out of his videos almost. I dont have the absolute desire to see them every day. That ‘I can’t miss anything’ feeling have wavered to a point where I’ve not even thought about his videos for days until I see the Tumblr Icon on my phone.

This is so strange. I dont dislike Mark or Amy or anyone. To be honest, Mark is one of the most important people in my life. Anyone who has followed me for a while will know how I have struggled mentally for the past few years. Its not been easy and I’m not exaggerating by saying that Mark and you guys have kept me here. There was times when I didnt know how I was going to continue, and I did because I could leave you guys. I couldn’t disappoint Mark, and now its almost that I dont need that anymore. It sounds awful but please let me explain. I had no idea what I was doing with my life. I had left Uni, and gone travelling then had to face the real world. I ended up in a job I despise and although I’m still there I actually have an idea of where I want my life to go. For the first time in 3 years I know how I want to live my life. I have a dream, and I desperately want to achieve it. 

Erm…I dont want to say goodbye as if I’m going away forever, but I just dont know how active I will be. And I hate this because…because I have worked so hard on this. I feel like I’m throwing this away. Throwing all your support back in your faces. Please dont see it that way. I beg you. I’m still here. I love Tumblr, despite its flaws, and I will still post I just dont want to make you guys think I’m abandoning you. I feel the I owe you this much.

For the past 2 and a bit years I have thanked you for existing after every post I make, and that will never stop. I owe you all so much. I love you. I really do.

If you have any questions please ask, publicly or privately. 

This is the hardest post I’ve had to make.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing 

another doodle from my FMA 2003 marathon adventure. COS may have had its flaws but damn was it a really good movie

there is something. about donghyuck that makes me want 2 protect him with everything i have. like. he’s honestly one of the most beautiful people i’ve ever seen in my life and he’s so precious. he teases mark lee to death but its so obvious that he loves him too and the same goes for each and every single one of the nct members. he loves them so much and its such a pure love too. the fact people think he doesnt belong in nct and people call him ugly absolutely breaks my heart because he’s one of the most beautiful people, inside and out. and like. i’ve never in my life really. felt so protective over an idol before but he’s honestly one of the most precious people in the entire world and he deserves nothing but happiness.


Alex should have been acting much more paranoid than he was, it was his usual sensible nature to be skeptical and wary about everything, but all he felt was lethargy. He should have been worrying about this strange mark on his hand more, especially at the possibility it was something he might have caught in the lab, although that was highly unlikely. But after frantically trying to be rid of it for a good half hour, the skin of his hand red and raw, a blanket of sleep was settling over him, and he felt like he shouldn’t waste his time trying.

So, that being said, he began to get ready for bed. His normal ablutions, all which he did quickly instead of taking his time like he usually did, and before he knew it his back was hitting the bed and sleep was upon him.

It was sometime in the night, past twelve by his alarm clock. Alex awoke feeling hot, unbearably hot. He sat up, groaning. Had his air conditioner turned off? He looked over and it seemed to be functioning. Then why was it so unbearably warm? He first relieved his bed of a layer or two, finally opting for all of them save the bedspread. He had fallen asleep in his clothes, so that was probably the main reason. He stripped, all that remained was his boxers. And yet it still wasn’t enough.

He looked over. The window of course. Sure, it was a summer night, but he need air. He needed to open the window. And without a second thought he did. Instantly, he felt cooler, and sighed happily, returning back to bed.

As Alex tried to get back to sleep, a numbing sensation washed over him as there came a scuffling noise from over by the window. Try as he might, he couldn’t seem to move, but it didn’t bother him somehow, because everything was fine and maybe he was already dreaming. A figure moved into his line of sight, standing over the bed and observing him.

The figure moved closer before sitting down next to him, looking down on him with black, black eyes that contrasted from such pale skin. He didn’t say anything, however, just watched the slow rise and fall of Alex’s chest in mild curiosity. Before long, the figure (a young man, perhaps? It was hard to tell in the dark) leaned down, soft lips just barely touching Alex’s jugular vein for barely a second before it seemed to reconsider, moving lower down to just by his collarbone.

Sharp teeth bit down hard, and there came a soft grunt as there was a shift so that whatever this creature was didn’t have to crane its back too much. A hot tongue began to lap at the welling of blood, but oddly enough, Alex couldn’t really feel a thing. The creature moved again, draping itself over Alex’s body, licking and sucking at the wound until either it stopped bleeding, or it had simply had its fill.

Panting slightly, it began to clean the bite up, seeming pleased with the deep teeth marks, then pulled what could have been disinfectant from what looked like its pocket, dabbing at it gently before covering it with a bandage. Standing, it bent over to pick up the duvet and tucked Alex in, then turned toward the window.

“Tomorrow,” it told him, and whether it was an instruction or a promise it was hard to tell. “Drink plenty of water.”

And with that, it jumped out, closing the window gently behind it.

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please talk about harry getting spanked 😙

yes hello lovely one.

Harry getting spanked is a moment we all like to think about every now and then, especially by a man named Louis Tomlinson.

See, Louis likes to spread and rubs his hands across Harry’s soft little peachy buns before he spanks him, just to have the boy completely anxious and anticipating. He knows it’s coming but he doesn’t know when or how hard or soft Louis is going to start so he’s shaking but so ready.

Louis will finally start spanking Harry and he starts hard and rough and Harry immediately cries out before he can even let out any notion to count (because Louis loves hearing Harry count his spankings)

He loves watching Harry’s little booty jiggle with each slap, and he loves watching the skin turn a pretty shade of pink and red the longer and harder he goes and he knows harry is getting soooo turned on and his cock is just getting wet with a bit of precome at this point

But sometimes Harry strikes me as the paddle boy. He likes the pretty ones with the cutouts so he can have a pretty heart shaped mark on his heated ass just for a little while afterwards. He likes to admire it in the mirror while he sniffless and feels the last of his tears rolling down his face. It hurts so good. ITS EVEN BETTER WHEN LOUIS MAKES HARRY SIT ON THEIR HARDEST CHAIR AND REALLY FEELS IT. Feels that stinging sensation.

But of course after its all over, Louis rubs some nice soothing lotion all over baby’s cute little peach and Harry is all giggly and cute during it all and murmuring how much he loves his Louis. Louis even plants a few kisses on his tushy when it’s all done

My Neighbor Tiny Box Tim ft. Mini Boy Mark! ^-^

This popped into my head the other day so I thought I’d /try/ to draw it. I think it came out pretty well? :o

  • Mark: FUCK A DUCK!!!!
  • Ross: *close to microphone* Uh, Game Grumps is not, uh um, advocate for bestiality.
  • Mark: *also close to the microphone* Yeah, uh, no fornication of, uh, ducks is encouraged or, uh, denied by the Game Grumps.
  • Ross: *still overly close to microphone* We will neither confirm or deny any duck fucking.

It really irritates me when people say how great it is to be a women. How is any of this great?;

Periods (its like the fucking red sea)
Cramps (its like you are getting stabbed over and over again)
Tampons (expensive)
Pads (exp and also theyre diapers)
Bras (hella exp)
Sexual harrasment
Being sexualized
Being treated like you are stupid because you are a girl
Stretch marks
^society^ beauty standards and gender roles

Need I say more?