mark is king

id fucking love it if jack somehow took over crowleys place as king of hell, and no one knows how the fuck it happened. just bof! cinnamon roll on the throne stop stop everything and cater him

he’d be stealing candy, learning sass and all the knowledge in the world from sam, subconsciously learning survival from dean, life lessons from cas

he’d rule hell like it was made for him; demons intimidated by his status as lucifers son—and his surprising innocence and sweetness—would make way for the new king of hell


Mark Sheppard:

“I wanted Demon Dean and Crowley to go on longer”

“Jensen is no squirrel but Jared does bear a resemblance to a moose”

“Crowley was family for the Winchesters. They never stopped calling him”

Do you know what breaks my heart the most?

Mark cared about the show, his character, the fans. But the writers didn’t, and they wasted one of the best actors they have ever seen.

Hope the King is better now. Hope he is loved, as he deserves.