mark hilton


One of the best things to come out of Pitch (***WATCH IT***) is the knowledge that they formed a supportive and loving cast/crew.

They are so encouraging to each other, and I absolutely love to see that they enjoyed making the show as much as I enjoyed watching it.


New 11 @ ACCA, Melbourne

Artists- Fiona Abicare, Rebecca Baumann, Tim Coster, Greatest Hits, Shane Hasemann, Mark Hilton, Dan Moynihan, Brendan van Hek, Justene Williams and Annie Wu

Curator Hannah Matthews

The New exhibition which is held every year showcases Australians latest and youngest artists, normally there is about 6/7 this year a huge 10 that were chosen (so I may not write about them all). In many short reviews I have read since visiting the exhibition they have all mentioned a common theme of materiality, which going in uninformed was not apparent to me, and is not really an unifying theme every artist even performance/sounds based has a right to say their word deals with materiality.

The gallery has been sorted into 6 distinct spaces 3 of which directly correlate to the singular artists work. One has been internally built within to contain Dan Moynihans piece. Overall some of the these new, fresh, up and coming artists felt like a bit of a bore,  Shane Hansmans room and piece Latrene Rouge (seen below) whilst is visually loud and striking, that’s all I could take away from it, other than feeling empty and contrived.

But in contrast in the room adjacent is the minimalist installation by Brendan van Hek, who should be noted as being represented by Anna Schwartz gallery. His work? errrrrrrrrr…. I can’t even be bothered writing about it. Very uninspiring. 

But next door is a loud video piece by Justene Williams. A series of TV sets and projections from what I can discern are playing loops of two separate recordings, the TV screens at different intervals of the recording. 

I can’t find better images of the video, but I am sure there are several artists that have been referenced and more developed ideas that are at play in Williams installation. But all I could think of was The Mighty Boosh in particular the sandpaper guy (name?)


In the largest room was Rebecca Baumann’s work which is probably the most crowd assessable piece Automated Colour Field 2011.

I truly love you are able to step back and watch the piece which is ever changing from the photo I took that distinct colour combination won’t reappear in the seemingly random flipping pattern for, well a very long time (I’m sure there is maths i could do to figure it out, but I won’t) the timing of the flipping of colours; the rate slows and fastens; is both cathartic and as maddening as looking for a shooting star.

Caught one mid flip!

“My work is often kinetic. I am really drawn to having flux in work and creating something that’s always changing. Each viewer sees something different and I find that appealing.” - Rebecca Baumann, from an interview with Christopher Strong

Dan Moyihan’s work aka I had fun walking around in the sand in the middle of Melbourne

This next artist was probably my favourite of them all Mark Hilton, displayed in a darkened room with soft spotlights highlighting his pieces; illuminating and exemplifying the emotions evoked by the work, was really beautiful. I won’t write too much more but strongly suggest to keep an eye out for this artist as I know I will

Next time I am not going to write on such a large group show. Solo exhibitions all the way, stay tuned.

…and feel free to ask any questions to me here.