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One of the things I’m doing is rereading Wheel of TIme – which I read about 5 times through when I was a teenager, a looong time ago – and this time around, I’m really interested in Rand’s and Nynaeve’s narratives and how they parallel and/or complement each other.

Take their stigmata, for example. The chapter after Rand is marked with the herons branded into his hands, Nynaeve takes her test for Accepted and emerges with black thorns driven through her palms, leaving scars. Both of them have this extreme distrust of Aes Sedai, both of them travel to opposite sides of the continent with Gandalf-like mentor figures (Thom/Moiraine), both of them have their secret pet Forsaken that they learn from.

But they’re at odds, too, Rand with his dark path of angst and death and destruction, contrasted with Nynaeye’s dedication to healing. Rand figures out how to still a bunch of Aes Sedai in the same book Nynaeve figures out how to heal them. 

And idk what the current theories or anything are, but back when I used to lurk on Dragonmount in high school, a theory I believed in was that Egwene was the reincarnation of Latra Posae Decume, who opposed Lews Therin in the Hall of the Servants and gathered all the female Aes Sedai to her side. I used to think, “oh, if only she hadn’t done that, if only they had been more willing to work together, maybe Lews Therin wouldn’t have failed,” but that wasn’t the point, I missed the point RJ was making explicit at the time, that a joint strike probably would have been disastrous. I think … maybe … it was Nynaeve who was missing last time, and not anything about Egwene. 

Speaking of Egwene … maybe Nynaeve is Rand’s equal yet opposite number, but Egwene to me seems like the embodiment of Saidar itself. She embraces whatever culture or situation she finds herself in as wholeheartedly as she embraces Saidar. (Rand even comments on this, I think.) She doesn’t fight things like Nynaeve does. Egwene is so eager to learn everything, and she comments on how there’s not enough time AHAHA 

Rand was aware of others moving, Mat and Perrin dashing away at the edge of his vision, Loial’s long legs carrying him into the trees, but all he could really see was Egwene. She stood there rigid, face pale and eyes closed. It was not fear that held her, he realized. She was trying to throw her puny, untrained wielding of the Power against the Forsaken. Roughly he grabbed her arm and pulled her around to face him. “Run!” he shouted at her. Her eyes opened, staring at him, angry with him for interfering, liquid with hate for Aginor, with fear of the Forsaken. “Run,” he said, pushing her toward the trees hard enough to start her. “Run!” Once started, she did run. (The Eye of the World)

Egwene was always ready to throw herself at the Forsaken AHAHAHA kill me.


Oceansize - Unfamiliar

That passage at 2:14 when Mark Heron throws in the double bass is so intense


Kong - A Hint Of Rennit, Innit

From Mark’s drum cam. He’s a great drummer.