mark heather

Why is nobody discussing a heathers AU with good YouTube bois

JD: Matpat
Veronica: Natewantstobattle
Heather C.: Pewdiepie
Heather M.: Jacksepticeye
Heather D.: Markiplier
Ram & Kurt: Possibly Dan & Phil
Martha: Hunter or Andy

This is all I can think of people please hear me out I just wanna imagine Matt singing “Meant to be yours” and Nate singing “Dead Girl Walking” XD

  • *after Heather Chandler's funeral*
  • Heather Duke : This is our chance, Heather! Someone has to fill Heather Chandler's shoes, and that someone is us, okay? This school is dying for a hero!
  • Heather McNamara: Is it?
  • Heather Duke: Yeah!
  • Heather McNamara: What about 2000 socially conscious and unified students all just stepping up and doing their part?
  • Heather Duke: As a little kid, didn't you ever dream of being the most popular girl in school?
  • Heather McNamara: I'll tell you what I did as a little kid. I went to school, I made my bed, and at age 11 I audited my parents. And believe me, there were some discrepancies. And I was grounded.
  • Heather Duke: What THE HELL are you?