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The Killers – On Top (feat. Danielle Haim on drums) – Outside Lands Night Show, The Independent

  1. brandon’s arm and head (hot!)
  2. danielle’s drum moves
  3. mark’s amazing step
  4. ronnie jamming on his guitar

I  love this gif in every single way!


The Killers performed ‘On Top’ at The Independent in San Francisco last night.

This is the first time 'On Top’ has been performed since March 29, 2009.  Notably, Ronnie Vannucci featured on guitar during this performance while Danielle Haim, of Haim, featured on drums.


A version with better audio has surfaced.


The Killers Enlist Danielle Haim to Play Drums in San Francisco

The Killers and Haim are both in San Francisco this weekend for appearances at the Outside Lands Festival, and they took advantage of the situation to create some surprise intermural action. During the Killers’ warm-up gig at the Independent on Saturday night, the band brought up Danielle Haim to join them for a song while offering high praise for the contributions she and her sisters have made to the institution of rock & roll.

“You may notice that Ronnie is not at the drumkit,” Killers frontman Brandon Flowers told the crowd as he introduced his guest. “People keep talking about how dance music’s taking over and people aren’t playing music anymore and all of this. And I think there’s homes for everything, but one of the bands that came out and dropped a record on us in 2013 and gave us hope for people playing music was Haim. Danielle, the singer from Haim, is actually a hell of a drummer, and she’s gonna play with us.”

With that, the band launched into “On Top,” from their 2004 debut album Hot Fuss, which Flowers noted was “a song we haven’t played in a while.”

Haim’s family bandmates took to Twitter afterwards to unleash their excitement over the appearance. “My sister just played drums with the killers I’m getting super shemotional over here guys,” Este wrote, while Alana all-capped "IM CRYING SO PROUD.“ 

The Killers will deliver their headlining set at Outside Lands Sunday night before heading over to the U.K. for a series of shows. Haim, who played the festival Saturday afternoon, have begun work on the follow-up to their 2013 album Days Are Gone.

Source: Rolling Stone


Taylor and Haim at The Met Gala After Party at the 1:25 mark