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Moffat’s favorite writer used “Redbeard” as a random plot device 20 years ago.

Ready for a little background that will blow your mind? @squirrelwithoutparentingskills dropped by my inbox just now to share some juicy information.

One of Moffat’s favorite screenwriters is William Goldman. He wrote The Princess Bride. Moffat always tells you to read Goldman if you want to learn anything about writing.

Well, in 1996 William Goldman adapted a book called “The Ghost and the Darkness” into a movie.

And in this story, he had a little problem. He needed to make the hero seem brave. He needed a way to boost esteem of that main character.

So he invented a side character and called him “Redbeard”.

Redbeard was to be killed off – he was a plot device.

What I’m saying is Moffat’s favorite writer took a book and turned it into a screenplay but added a character called Redbeard that wasn’t in the originals in order to teach the audience more about the hero.

Also the story is set in the late 1800s with a focus on trains.

Neat. isn’t it?


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Kingsman: The Secret Service

Directed by Matthew Vaughn.

Written by Matthew Vaughn, Jane Goldman.

Cast includes Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Strong, Taron Egerton, Michael Caine, Sophie Cookson, Sofia Boutella.

Released in 2014, a British Spy-Action Drama, with a running time of 129 minutes and a rating of 15.

I have always been an avid fan of James Bond. For me, he was that cool hero who went around the world, battling villains in awesome scenarios (I was too young to care about the women, at the time). As the years went by, and I went through secondary school, college, university, and into my current adult life, he was the recurrent character I always loved. Whether the original Sean Connery, the tongue-in-cheek Roger Moore, the butter and flawed Timothy Dalton, the modernised hybrid of Pierce Brosnan, or the more gritty and violent swagger of Daniel Craig, I loved the series (I haven’t forgotten Lazenby. He was just a complete miscast, for me). The ability of the series to survive and morph to the desires and changing times over five decades is very impressive, but the long-term impact of the series has led it to becoming an integral part of media, and by conjunction, easily parodied. Austin Powers, for instance, relied upon the identified tropes of the entire series to become popular, but seemed to focus more on the ridiculing of James Bond, making fun of it, not with it.

And it’s the art of making fun with the concept of Bond, but also simultaneously loving it, that makes Kingsman so refreshing to watch. The entirety of the film was like a fresh, warm wind circling and enveloping me, making me warm and jovial whilst watching. There is a contrasting blend of styles between the more debonair, sophisticated, sharpness of Kingsman such as Colin Firth’s Harry and the loutish, working class coarseness of Eggsy, which allows their characteristics and differences create natural conflicting humour. The clashing of snobbery and slobbery in a campy manner blends well with an edgy blackness, the one-liners and violence simultaneously harsh and cartoonish but also hilarious and graphic. What saves the violence from being overbearing is how stylised Vaughn directs the scenes, one-man armies defeating entire rooms of mooks with martial arts, weaponry, and awesome flips, which culminates in one of the most awesome fight scenes I’ve ever personally seen: The Church Scene. It’s the perfect blend of direction, music, sound, storytelling, and fight choreography, excellent out of context and perfection within context. The film is worth seeing for just this scene, as well as the comedy and action that also occurs.

But thankfully, despite all the cool action, stylish clothes, great one-liners and awesome direction, what makes this film so wonderful to watch is what Matthew Vaughn has brought to such classics as Stardust, Kick-Ass, and X-Men: First Class, and that’s an integral element of both fun, and heart. The previous three films has created beloved characters, and here, Vaughn creates a beautiful succession of characters. Whether supporting characters such as the dry and intelligent Merlin as portrayed by Mark Strong, the unique and deprecating villain Valentine as portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson, or Sofia Boutella’s alluring badass Gazelle, even the small roles don’t feel wasted or undervalued, which is refreshing. This especially is true when focusing on the three main characters, Eggsy, Harry and Roxy. Roxy is far more than the tired cliche of the love interest, instead she’s a capable badass who challenges Eggsy as his platonic friend and colleague, proving herself a hero in her own aspect. There’s also one of Colin Firth’s best roles, Harry, as he demonstrates intelligence, suaveness, care, and the ability to kill a room of killers single-handed. Both of these characters are capable of leading their own excellent film, but instead the focus is on Taron Egerton’s Eggsy.

I had only previously seen Egerton in one film, which was Legend with Tom Hardy as Reggie and Ronnie Kray in the same year. Egerton played a small role as the lover of the psychotic Ronnie, and whilst I regularly noticed him in Legend, usually smirking and catching the audience’s eyes, I never bothered to mention him due to the small role. In retrospect, that was my first noticing of an actor that would rise to the occasion when surrounded by distinguished actors such as Firth, Mark Strong, Michael Caine and even Samuel L. Jackson. Egerton is a natural leading man who demonstrates chemistry with every member of the cast, is naturally funny but also has a subtle depth to his character, even in the early scenes. This is not just a tremendous film from Vaughn, but also Egerton’s moment, as he provides the emotional anchor for the film to revolve around. As the film develops and he comes more to the forefront, he is equal and even outshines the cast around him.

Funny, great action, cool story, a love story to previous Spy films of the last 50 years, and also a great acting forte. A cult classic at the time that has grown in popularity, and now, a sequel is just a few months away.The previous movie ‘only’ made about $400 million, five times its original budget, but Kingsman: The Golden Circle could become The Dark Knight  of the spy films, which made about 2.5 times more than its prequel. If you hadn’t seen the film yet, do yourself a favour, and watch it.

Thumbs Up, 9 out of 10.


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Following my post about the Starkid Women Appreciation Day, there was an idea that it should be for an entire week. Whilst I think this is a great idea, I think a week might drag on too long for some people. So, Starkid Women Appreciation will begin on the 20th of April and end on the 24th. 


20th: Favourite Female Character 

21st: Favourite Female Song (Solo or group) 

22nd: StarKid Female Friendships (Selfies, quotes, cute convos between them etc)

23rd: Favourite Female StarKid 

24th: General StarKid Women Appreciation

Can’t wait to see who takes part! Love y’all. 

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Summary: Irene Adler was dead. And my friend Sherlock Holmes refused to eat, sleep, speak, or do anything at all besides stand by the window and compose. Until Molly Hooper braved the steps of our flat, bringing the one thing no one thought he needed: a fairytale. (A Scandal in Belgravia AU - John’s POV).

Rating: K+.

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes & Molly Hooper.

No words could be able to describe the perfection of this Fanfiction. The depiction of the characters is the most accurate you could ever wish for, the plot is subtle, delicate, utterly beautiful and incredibly clever. I have read many fanworks, from many fandoms. Among them were some great pieces of art. Some made me cry, or laugh, or both. And I often think about the best ones, the ones which haven’t left me even after I closed my laptop. In my opinion, “As You Wish” surpasses them all. If you need comfort, if you wish to find some peace after a rough day, do not hesitate any longer.

Feel free to give reviews to the author, she deserves it.