mark gatiss being awesome


How I Met Mark Gatiss 

That is Mark Gatiss, an amazing writer, actor (of Doctor who and Sherlock - that he also co-created), and human being.

When you go to meet your idol, you think “Will he be really that nice?”, and you get scared that you’ll get your expectatives tossed on the trash and the image that you made of that person, crushed.

Well, something I am proud to say: Mark Gatiss is exactly what you hear of him. He is nice, sassy, funny, sarcastic, polite, cute, etc.

He is my idol and i look up to him because as a fellow writer, I want to be like him “when I grow up”. But I also have so much to thank him.

Ever since I started Doctor Who, I grew attached to Mark, Russel T Davies (and later, Neil Gaiman). I get that anxious feeling and butterflies on the stomach when I see their names on the screen.

Mark Gatiss is Brilliant, a proper genius. And he helped me crawl out of depression. So That’s what i said to him, a big thank you, and gave it in a form of a very simple paper (in my hand, and then his).

Me: Mark… Can… Can I give this to you?

MG: Of course, of couse you can give it to me!

I started to cry, because of that and because I am very emotional. And he noticed and touched my arm.

Me: *starts crying like a whale*

MG: Don’t cry, It’s okay. Don’t cry, I love your costume.“

Thank you Mark Gatiss, for being everything I thought of you (and MORE! In an awesome way) and so extremely nice!