OMG I’m Crying because i love them so much OMG 😢😭💙
My Favourite:
1- OMG Andrews Scott your Jim Moriarty is Showing and wtf is that man behind them doing 😂
2- the way Ben is setting 😂😂😂
3- that group pic OMg look at Martin and Sian 😂😂 they’re so cute

Season 2, episode 1 :

Mycroft : My brother has the mind of a scientist or a philosopher, yet he elects to be a detective. What might we deduce about his heart ?

John : I don’t know.

Mycroft : Me neither, 

[ Sherlock : Please John.

John : No, Sherlock, no.

Sherlock : John.

John : *sigh* FINE  ]

Season 4, episode 3 :

Fisherman : Who the hell are you ?

Sherlock : My name is Sherlock Holmes.

Fisherman : The Detective ?!

Sherlock :

John : *I can’t believe I’m doing this*

Morality : Never give up on your dreams.

You guys, I’m at the Con, I’m having a LOT of fun interacting with chill fans and discussing delicious fanfic but what I’m NOT looking for is any certain shred of “evidence” coming from these writers. Regardless of what’s been their vision from the beginning, no one is getting any special insight. I’ll be meeting Gatiss, Moffat, and Vertue, too, but I’m not going to hound them because 1) that’s rude to everyone 2) I don’t expect them to say anything different than they have been for months. You either trust them or you don’t. You either believe in a longterm vision or you don’t. Begging for scraps at the con or getting worked up by reading others accounts of what’s going on here shouldn’t happen.

That being said, i have a few tame questions/comments for them, which includes me thanking Gatiss for not blocking me on Twitter ;)

I’ll keep you all posted.