mark gaitss


“Never play with the feelings of others because you may win the game, but the risk is that you will surely loose the person for a life time”

- William Shakespeare

“It is what it is.”

The writers are NOT obligated to cater to your ship. They simply do what’s best best for the plot, characters and show as a whole. Expecting the finale to play out like the headcannon or fanfic of your dreams is not only completely unrealistic, its immature and self centered. There was never any queerbaiting in Sherlock, people simply saw what they wanted to see.  

 Why should the lack of what you wanted to see have the right to make the entire show awful? As an audience we were blessed with another spectactular season of Sherlock. If you wanted something different, go write the fanfic yourself, don’t expect Mark Gaitss and Steven Moffat to do it for you. 

“Oh dear, Mr Holmes - that was a silly thing to do…”

“…. I used to think you didn’t really have a heart”

“Then I thought I had them all covered….”

“But I was wrong, wasn’t I, dear??”

“You’ve shown me your heart…”

“And I intend to burn it..”

“Dance for me Sherlock..

“Run to her, save her from me,  the East Wind is coming, I’m coming.. RUN”

Welcome to my world

Me: *droaning about Sherlock to friends who don’t really care*

Close Friend: *Takes ear phones out* You watch Sherlock??

Me: … Bitch please, I live Sherlock..

Her: Me too…



*explode into fandom speed conversation that normal people can’t possibly understand*

Non-Tumblr owning friend: Ive…. I’ve never seen fangirling on this level before….


Why Sherlolly?

What Molly does for Sherlock: 

Keeps him grounded, reminds him that while he may be the only consulting detective in the world, he’s not the only person.Shows him that love is not a dangerous disadvantage - dangerous, yes but a disadvantage hell no. Lets him wrap himself around her when he’s thinking, stuck on a case or just needs someone, because even Sherlock Holmes needs people. Is someone to tell him that he’s amazing, beautiful and certainly not a freak.

What Sherlock does for Molly:

He brings her out of her shell, makes her more confident. Gives her someone to come home to, unwind with and be herself with. Simply holds her when it’s cold or she’s sad. He takes her to seminars, museums and talks, reads medical journals and talks about bodies with her. But, most importantly, he’s someone to tell her that she’s wanted, stunning and completely and utterly his.

When your sociopathic bestie and assassin fiancé wanna take a photo and you’re not down for that….