• what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:honestly foster the people is the most underrated band of all time. like I know pumped up kicks was everywhere a few years ago and coming of age had its time on the radio but you guys dont even know. that hasn't even scratched the surface. mark foster the frontman is such a selfless loving human being and he's such a great role model. he does lots of humanitarian work and he just the other day wrote a song with a bullied japanese girl to raise awareness about the japanese suicide epidemic (which does a LOT more than a certain movie coming out soon). as i type he's out in Nepal building a school. he's a huge supporter of bernie sanders and engages with fans who have genuine questions about politics. and he's also so kind and caring like so few others are in this wasteland of a world we live in. like he wrote a song about loving someone who's severely mentally ill and honestly that song is so important and yet that's not the song everybody knows. why aren't they huge? please everybody i hope their next album is a success. the world needs more artists/people like them.
Ciertas melodías pueden sanar un corazón roto. Ciertas melodías pueden derribar muros. Ciertas melodías pueden traer justicia a la injusticia. Ciertas melodías pueden hacerte audaz cuando deberías tener miedo y ese es el poder de la música. Toda canción tiene un mensaje diferente detrás de ella.
—  Mark Foster

Ezra Koenig discusses why he supports Bernie Sanders (via CNN)