mark fits in nicely with the idiots

so i hear you want to write an au based on your fave movie/tv show/book?

here’s the thing a lot of fic writers dont understand (and believe me, when i was a novice in the world of fic i didnt either), your adaption aus do not have to be a (practically) word for word of your au source material to make the au fic work.

in fact it should be the opposite.

there’s some things you should/may keep in your au verse

  • the setting (where this story is taking place/time period?)
  • the conflict (where it be dino-aliens attacking or miscommunication, whatever the catalyst for the fallout is, its gonna be important, trust me)
  • the jobs/roles (is the movie you want an au of one where the bride falls in love with her wedding planner? great keep that!)

things you should keep from canon:

  • your characters personalities (what makes a successful au fic is that we still recognize the canon characters underneath it all)
  • relationship dynamics (can be bent depending on the au, but keep things like age gap, ect in place)
  • their friends (you have a whole bunch of characters in your canon use them instead of creating ocs. also keep their relationships in tack, aka siblings/best friends)
  • fun facts (does your ship have a funny quote they always use? does character x hate the patriots? is character y do a great patsy? yeah bring those things in)

things you should not do:

  • make this a word for word adaption (keep like maybe three quotes from the au verse maximum, everything else is on your)
  • bend canon characters until their ooc (’but jess’ you say ‘i need an evil bitch character and clearly steve rogers is the only one that fits’ *bucky punches you in the face in reply*)
  • excessively quote your canon/heavily rewrite canon scenes (yes, weve all see the movie, no i dont need to see their intro scene played again with character x glancing at his soulmate mark every two seconds)
  • assume your reader is an idiot (if they clicked on a pacific rim au, then they probably know what kaiju are, no need to dumb it down for us)
  • villainize a character (just in general, i understand lady love interest gets in the way of your slash ship, but this is an au, so just make them un interested? or hell give them a girlfriend instead? *cough* be nice to pepper potts *cough*)
  • make characters ooc to fit your stupid plot

things you may have to do:

  • eliminate characters from the au setting (so okay in this movie the fmc has a quirky alcoholic mom, but canon your otp has dead parents, well just cut that part out)
  • change the au’s main relationship (did you just realize that one relationship in love actually is actually really gross and about cheating? make it an ot3 friendly relationship instead!)
  • ignore certain elements of canon (did your fave burn his daughter alive? but you need a living child for you au to work? retcon the shit out of that and remember d&d suck)
  • make new friendships/bonds (so your main character really does need that quirky parent for the plot to go on? well good thing coulson really has always been team dad anyways. lets just sign the fictional adoption papers)

in general consider the au’s original as a sort of base. mesh your canon stuff on top of that base, but always remember canon character personalities and relationships are more important

your fic should not be a word for word retelling of it with your otp’s names in place of the main ships character names. because nobody enjoys that. 


a rule i go with, for movie based aus, is i read the plot summary online (the sort of loose back of the dvd case thing) + watch the trailers and use that as my only allowed references for writing the fic. this way there is no chance of your making some awful copy, and instead you can make a wonderful fic about your otp  :)