mark ferrier

Out today! TMNT: DIMENSION X #4, written by me, illustrated by Chris Johnson, colored by Mark Englert, lettered by Shawn Lee, and edited by Bobby Curnow. Variant cover by Nick Pitarra.

We’re really excited about this issue, and proud to be the ones to welcome Ace Duck into the comics. 

When the turtles arrive on Palmadise City, they are not the only ones looking for Ace Duck. Assassins including Hakk-R are on his tail and the citizens of the city are taking bets on if he will come out alive. It is time to put your money on the table will the turtles fly high with Ace Duck or are they going to have to buckle up for a crash landing?


Northern Lights - Durness - MJSFerrier 800_3285 by Mark Ferrier


Northern Lights Ayrshire - MJSFerrier 800_7003 by Mark Ferrier