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“7 or never, 7 or nothing.” #GOT73rdAnniversary #3YearsWithGOT7 #LetsFlyHighLetGreenShine



GOT7 working at McDonalds

Jackson: cashier. hates his job but gives 110% in everything he does. gets in trouble for letting kids pick out what toy comes with their kids meal, and if the kid is really cute he gives them two. doesn’t believe in charging senior citizens so the old women who come in love him because he always gives them something free off the menu. does bad impressions for customers. one time a couple got into a fight in front of him while ordering and he gave them counseling for 5 minutes. they ended up breaking up and the girl came back and asked him out. started crying when mark accidentally got punched by a customer.

Jaebum: assistant manager. (but might as well be the manager because the real manager is either A.) napping in the back or B.) doesn’t come in at all.) has only been working there for 4 months but everyone is so incompetent he shot up the work chain. knows jackson is giving away food but the last time he tried to stop him one of the old ladies ‘accidentally’ tripped him with their cane. takes chicken nuggets home with him and then blames yugyeom for the shortage. he knows its not real chicken but hey! hes on a budget damn it! waited a good 5 minutes before finally stopping jinyoung from assaulting a customer. secretly applied for the manager position at gap and waiting for their call.

Mark: custodian/busboy. gets in trouble for listening to music while busing the tables. doesn’t really mind his job because of the free food and his fast metabolism. gets hit on by nearly every person that comes in but never hears any of it because of his earphones. carpools with jinyoung ever since he nearly got ran over in the parking lot when he used his skateboard to get to work. almost missed the fight between jinyoung and a customer and incidentally got punched in the commotion. threw up after a kid threw up in front of him, jaebum made him clean up both pukes.

Bambam: drive thru. hates his job but hey, these Salvatore Ferragamo shoes won’t pay for themselves! had to work drive thru because he will be damned if he’s going to risk a grease burn over some fries. dabs to the music customers have playing in their cars. says “oh shit man! turn that up!” about 5x a day. has been shared on twitter A LOT. mocks jaebum’s chin when he gets in trouble. got caught by jaebum giving a girl his number and free fries. the girl came back around asking for jb’s number and he shut the window in her face. caught the video of mark getting punched and posted it on twitter.

Youngjae: cashier. employee of the month every other month because Jackson can’t be it all the time. gets picked up from his shift by his older cousin. nearly dropped kicked yugyeom once for flirting with her. women and dog lovers love him. he gets tipped nearly every day but never tells anyone. he’s collected more than 500 in tips alone. sees kids ask for a water cup and get soda but says nothing. threw a tray at the guys head when he accidentally punched mark. is lowkey addicted to the hashbrowns but jaebum doesn’t say anything cause youngjae threatened to tell yugyeom who has really been taking the chicken nuggets.

Jinyoung: drive thru cashier. used to be a cashier for the front counter but a rude customer smacked a drink out of his hand and he jumped across the counter and almost caught a case. only got this job because his dad insisted he build a work ethic. “Hi, can I have a McFlurry?” “I’m sorry our machine is broken.” “Hi, can I have a pancake platter?” “Sorry we stop serving breakfast at 10.” “but your menu says all day?” “did i fucking stutter? who’s gonna serve you, the menu or me?”  once had a woman ask him for a three layer burrito and he threw his headset out of the window. 

Yugyeom: fry cook. accidentally deep fried his phone once. talks shit about jaebum’s bum lip when he gets in trouble. sneaks in paper with a link to his dance videos into bags. whipped out his phone and yelled ‘WORLD STAR’ when jinyoung fought that guy. only started working at that mcdonalds cause chris brown got a big mac from there in 2014. his friends always come to visit him at work and it annoys the shit out of jaebum so he insists they visit him at least once a week. tries to get his schedule as close as a match to Youngjae’s so he can check out his cousin. puts videos of bambam getting rejected at the window on snapchat.


when everyone gets hyped and join to dance “Chewing Gum”…
except Jeffrey from California who probably hasn’t heard about it yet 😂😂


happy 3rd year anniversary, GOT7 !!!

2016 was a phenomenal year for you 7 extremely talented, goofy, and beautiful boys.  from breaking records on the billboard music charts, to having a very successful world tour, to winning acclaim with your EMA and your Worldwide Favorite Artist award at this year’s MAMAs, it’s been such an honor to see all that you guys have managed to accomplish together as a group.  this past year was also when all of you got to have more freedom in the music-making process, and as a result, your last two albums have been got7′s best yet. also your popularity, globally and domestically, has continued to increase by leaps and bounds, and it’s made all of our hearts fill up with so much pride and joy to witness how happy this has made all of you.  you all have gotten to grow so much as artists and people, and your ahgases have shed many a tear over how emotional it is to look back at where our boys started and to see how far got7 has come. people can’t ignore anymore that got7 is a force to be reckoned with, and even though you guys shrug off much of our praise and always stay modest, never forget that all seven of you deserve each and every good thing that has ever come your way 😌  

most importantly, always remember that without mark tuan, im jaebum, jackson wang, park jinyoung, choi youngjae, kunpimook ‘bambam’ bhuwakul, and kim yugyeom, got7 just wouldn’t be the same 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

it’s 7 or never, 7 or nothing

(january 16, 2014until forever) 💓💓💓


NCT 127 on MAMA 2016 - Moments to remember forever

what your got7 bias says about you
  • Mark: you're a real sweetheart! you appreciate the little things, you really enjoy ice cream dates, you love wearing oversized sweaters
  • Youngjae: you love when there's 100% chance of sunshine all day, you're truly an angel, you would love to have a picnic for a date and go star gazing later that night
  • Bambam: you're really wild but also super nice, you enjoy being around people that make you laugh and you love making others laugh too! you love back hugs
  • Junior: you see the real beauty in people, love having deep conversations with others, you love watching the rain and having a comfy movie night
  • Yugyeom: you're super sweet! you love having long cuddle sessions, when you're favorite song is playing you can't help but get up and dance like no one is watching
  • Jackson: you can be really hyper sometimes, you enjoy caring for others and going on adventures! sometimes you'll really like going out in the world and being super productive but you also like just sitting back and relaxing
  • Jaebum: ur thirsty

So there’s a rumor of an nct dream comeback…

I mean I love nct dream but…MARK AND DONGHYUCK NEEDS REST.  

Is Jaemin even better ?? Like is he fully recovered ?? 

Sometimes I question myself, “did SM take Mark serious when he said he was absolutely fully capable ?” 

Anyways, I hope that rumor stays as a rumor. They should debut a new sub unit and give Mark and Donghyuck rest.