mark ernst

The feeders’ formula - part 2

One hour earlier

Joe was standing in the hotel lobby, waiting in line to find out which conference room his data protection course would be in. His firm seemed to like this hotel as Joe was often here. Not that he minded, waiting here in the queue to speak to the cute guy behind the desk. His name badge said his name was John and he certainly knew how to flash a smile to make his guests melt. He was definitely the best thing about the place and even waiting in the queue didn’t bother Joe today. Given the 2 hours of boredom ahead, this was going to be the highlight of his day for sure.

Joe was standing behind a very tall and well-built beast of a man. He was at least 6′7 and looked like he could break Joe in half with his little finger. He looked to be in his early 40s and was speaking to John in an aggressive manner. Just his size was intimidating as he towered over everyone else in the hotel like an aggressive steroid user. Wide shoulders, thick neck biceps the size of Joe’s thighs.

‘Are you an idiot? What’s even going on in that tiny brain of yours? I mean, do you know who I am I?’

‘Yes, sir, I do, and we’re very honoured to have you and your team staying here in the hotel .We’ll try our best to accommodate you for this evening. You have my word’.

Joe tried to scan the man from behind for clues about his seeming ‘celebrity status’. He spotted a crest on his luggage bag that belonged to the Dragons football team from up north and assumed that must be the team John was referring to. Intrigued, he then had a look for some of the hot players from the team, but it didn’t look like any were here at the moment.

‘You have the full list of my team’s dietary requirements?’

‘Yes sir, we do’ said John with thinly guarded irritation. He looked like he had somewhere else he wanted to be right now. 

‘Good, we’ll be down here at 8. Make sure it is a private room where no one can bother us for autographs and selfies. Think you can manage that?’

‘As I said sir, we’ll certainly try our best’.

The man then quickly stormed away without another word. He was clearly a man who always got what he wanted.

John breathed a quick sigh of relief as Joe politely moved forward.

‘Hi there, I’m looking for the data protection course’

To his disappointment, John didn’t even look up at him, clearly too preoccupied with the previous man’s request.

‘Yeah, that’ll probably be in conference room 5. It’s down the hall’.

Joe waited for him to elaborate with more directions, but they weren’t forthcoming. Not that he needed them, but chatting to the hot receptionist was the best thing about coming here usually.

‘Ok, thanks. I’m sure I can find it’.

Joe started to walk away, disappointed, when he heard John call to another helper behind the desk. ‘Hey Diana, we could probably seat the Dragons in conference room 5 afterwards as well. I spoke the guy running that and he said they will be done by 5.30′.

Two hours later

An obese Joe now sat in one of the hotel’s bedrooms. It was a suite and must have cost an absolute fortune to stay in. Joe was a changed man. One thousand doses of the feeders’ formula had been forced down his throat and his previously trim and fit body had now swollen up to…

‘562lbs!’ exclaimed the feeder who had coaxed Joe into stepping on to the scale for him. ‘What a great result!’

The feeder was the guy who had spotted Joe hiding at the back during the meeting. He was incredibly toned and handsome, with short brown hair and very well developed chest and pecs. He hastily got his measuring tape out and asked Joe to hold it whilst he circled around him to get his waist and hip measurements, so that he could be dressed appropriately.

Joe had been silent up until now. He wanted to observe and see how these men worked. What they wanted from him now that he was up here. He slowly opened his mouth and timidly asked his first question.

‘Who is the guy who did this to me?’

The feeder didn’t stop and continued with what he was doing, much more interested in seeing how fat and round Joe had gotten rather than answering any questions he might have. There was a pause of 20 seconds and Joe was certain that the feeder was not going to answer him, when suddenly he patted him on his wide, fat ass and laughed.

‘That man is Evan Ernst. He’s our leader and head of the business. This is his suite we’re in now.’

Joe felt butterflies in his stomach. This was his room! That was the bed he must sleep in. He could walk back in at any moment and see him here, naked and being dressed by one of his minions.

‘The business?’ asked Joe again, when suddenly it all clicked into place. ‘Ernst fitness; you mean the gym and fitness centres?’

The feeder didn’t say anything but raised his eyebrows at Joe as he walked away to the large closet.

‘I had no idea. But of course it makes sense. Where better to find men to do this to, than at a gym?!’ stuttered Joe, grabbing a roll of his new fat.

The feeder sighed as he flicked through a wide range of very large clothing. Evan always came prepared it seemed.

‘And of course, it explains why you all look so…’

The feeder turned his head, intrigued by where Joe was going. He grinned widely and slowly walked back over to him.

‘Oh yes’ he began. ‘It’s very important to look good in our line of work’.

He came very close to Joe and began to stoke his fat, overhanging gut, seductively. Joe felt his heart rate increase and felt his cock grow as the feeder reached round and rubbed his palm across the wide expanse of his left ass cheek.

‘Evan has taught us all how to get what we need from any man we like’ He leaned in and spoke in a whisper into Joe’s ear. ‘You just have to know how to play them and the poor guy is putty in your hand. He’ll eat whatever you want, he’ll do whatever you want; he’s your very own little pig to fatten up. Anything, just so he can feel you reach down…’ The feeder’s fingers were now brushing against Joe’s cock which stood to full attention.

‘You see, lots of people think the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But Evan knows…’

He placed his hand around Joe’s cock and slowly started to slide it up and down, making Joe breathe heavier and harder. His thick, chubby legs seemed to turn to jelly under this man’s influence.

…’the way to a man’s stomach, is through something much more…basic’.

Joe was in ecstasy, standing there naked in front of a guy hotter than any other man he had been with in his life. But he wasn’t Evan.

The feeder stopped, grabbed a roll of his fat overhang and laughed at him before walking back to the wardrobe, clearly satisfied that he had made his point.

It was then that Joe spotted it. A very large dinner jacket that was perfect for him. A plan started to form in his brain and Joe knew exactly what he needed to do to get Evan Ernst’s attention again.

One hour later

Joe talked through his plans and found that, rather than being dismissed like he had expected, the feeders were very interested in what Joe had to say. Now Joe was sat in the hotel suite, having gone through every detail of his plan in great detail. For the first time since he’d gained 400lbs, Joe was alone. The other men had gone to enrol more feeders in the plan and charm their way into the hotel kitchens.

Here he was in Evan’s room. He was told that Evan was away conducting business elsewhere in the city, so he knew he was not about to bump into him any time soon. It was so exciting to be here. The room seemed to smell of him, in an indescribable and deeply erotic way. Joe slipped over to Evan’s bed and sat himself down, contemplating how best to expel this pent up sexual frustration when he suddenly heard the door to the room unlock.

In walked a handsome, tanned young man in his early 20s, wearing the hotel uniform - very well. He was of average height but very toned with dark hair that curled into his handsome face and deep brown eyes. He seemed startled to see Joe there, dressed in his dinner jacket, ready for the evening ahead.

‘Oh, I’m sorry sir’ he stammered in a European accent. ‘Mr Ernst insists that we do our dress down service to his room at this time. He did not let anyone know he had guests up here before he left the hotel this evening. I’ll come back later’

‘That’s quite alright’ said Joe; it was the first time he had spoken to anyone other than the feeders since the transformation. ‘You may come in’

He smiled at Joe and closed the door behind him, setting about his business.

‘So, what’s your name then?’ asked Joe.

The man smiled shyly and carried on working whilst he spoke. ‘It’s Mark sir’

Joe stood up off the bed to watch Mark as he moved around the room, admiring his ass as he bent down to pick things up.

‘Do you know Mr Ernst well, Mark? Joe asked, genuinely curious.

‘No, not really. He seems very nice though’. Joe could tell by how shy he was talking about Evan that Mark had felt the attraction all men felt around Evan. He became clumsy as he tidied the room and knocked over a collection of books on Evan’s desk.

‘Oh, excuse me sir’ he apologised as he bent down to pick them up. However, as Joe looked down at the books, he saw that one of them was not really a book, but a hidden hiding place for several bottles of Evan’s formula.

Suddenly, Joe felt a wave of confidence flood over him.

‘That surprises me. Evan is always telling me about you.’

Mark stopped immediately and looked hopefully into Joe’s eyes.

‘Really?’ he said awkwardly. ‘What does he say?’

‘Ha!’ spat Joe ‘I couldn’t possibly say. Let’s just say that Evan has a somewhat vivid imagination when it comes to hot hotel staff in sexy little uniforms!’

Mark blushed, closed the book containing the formula bottles without any interest in them and stood up again, flushed and embarrassed, but clearly pleased. One small bottle of the formula remained on the floor.

‘You missed one’ said Joe.

Mark bent down to collect it, giving Joe the chance to admire his cute, firm ass one last time. This time however, Mark did seem to take an interest in the bottle.

‘It’s so small’ he said, clearly trying to change the subject. ‘I nearly missed it’

‘Ah yes, that’s Mr Ernst latest aftershave that he plans to sell across the country. That stuff there is going to make him one of the richest men you’ll ever meet’.

‘It’s good?’ said Mark, twisting the small bottle in his hands.

‘Try some’ said Joe. ‘Mr Ernst would welcome your - feedback’.

Joe smiled encouragingly as Mark paused for a moment, not wanting to seem too keen. Then he twisted the small lid off the bottle and inhaled formula delicately.

‘It smells nice’ said Mark.

‘Go ahead, try some’ encouraged Joe sweetly.

Placing one finger over the bottle top, Mark upturned the formula and began to dab it onto his neck. Joe watched, delighted and intrigued as to how the formula would work this way.

‘Mmm, smells so sexy, don’t you think Mark?’

‘Yes sir’ said Mark, standing there, feeling strange but unable to contemplate why. He seemed stuck in position like Joe had been.

‘Mr Ernst thinks it’s just the sexiest smell in the world’ cooed Joe, moving over to seductively untie Mark’s top buttons on his shirt. Joe could already smell the sweat building. ‘In fact, I bet if Mr Ernst came through those doors right now, and got a whiff of you - well, I think he’d have a big smile on his face’.

Joe had finished removing all of Mark’s buttons and began to take off his shirt as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Mark was looking paler and he slowly started to rock from his hips. His stomach suddenly looking bloated, like young Mark had arrived back from an all-you-can-eat buffet and he slowly let out quiet belches as his cheeks started to look thicker.

‘Mr Ernst will be pleased to see you’ giggled Joe, fingering a small roll of new flab as he unfastened Mark’ s belt, the fat spreading out into two thick love handles. 

Joe didn’t waste time and pulled Mark’s pants down along with his underwear, leaving him now naked with is pants around his ankles.

‘You see Mark…’ said Joe, lightly fingering Mark’s softening underbelly, watching it swell in front of his eyes ‘..we want to make Mr Ernst happy, don’t we?’ Joe took a handful of Mark’s softening moob and whispered in his ear: ‘I think these are going to make Mr Ernst very happy indeed’

Joe felt the belly bugle, watched as the fat built in Mark’s groin, swallowing up his cock. He saw his ass swell and widen into pure lard; chuckled as Mark’s face grew softer and broader with every passing second.

This was just the beginning…

One hour later

Joe was back in the room where he had experienced his massive transformation. The tables had been rearranged and redressed for the football team’s banquet. One long table was set up in front of the stage suggesting to Joe that this was quite a formal event for the players. It was certainly one that Joe was never going to forget.

Joe was dressed as head waiter for the evening. As it was his plan, the feeders thought he deserved the role.

The football team had gathered in their tuxedos in the hotel foyer. John, the poor guy Joe had seen the feeders fatten up before him, was seemingly oblivious to what had happened to him. He was back working behind the desk with everyone working around him as if there were no change at all. His huge overfed gut spilling over his belt and fat ass bumping in to all of the other staff who were impatiently trying to work around the fat lump of lard. Joe grinned; the fatty deserved it.

The men all looked very handsome; every last one of them. It was a sea of abs and perfect jawlines. Joe walked over to the manager he had seen at the reception desk earlier that day. This was it. No going back now.

‘Mr Stevens, would you like to follow me. The room is now ready for you and your party’

Dan Stevens, the team’s manager took a step back and looked Joe up and down, clearly disgusted at the massively obese man that dared speak to him.

‘Alright’ he nodded already turning away from Joe. He called to his team. ‘Come on guys, it’s through here’

A couple of the players were chatting up girls in the lobby, telling them stories of what it was like to be a professional athlete that were no doubt well-rehearsed and successful in getting them laid. But, one by one, all of them abandoned the lobby and followed Joe as he led them all away to the conference room.

Joe was listening carefully to the team as they followed behind him. He heard hoots and laughs as he knew they must be watching his huge, wide backside from behind as he led the way. It made it all the more pleasurable to open the door widely and smile as they all walked past him into the conference room.

Joe had a team of feeders, dressed as waiters ready to seat them all. Dan, the manager was seated first and Joe observed as Dan seemed to look around, impressed at how many waiting staff the hotel had put on for his team.

The players seemed more subdued now and Joe grinned as he saw a lot of the boys casually check out some of the feeders as they walked by. The feeders were already playing them.

The feeders played their part well, serving drinks and deliberately holding long, lingering eye contact with the boys that were checking them out. So much so that, in five minutes, this team of straight men were being less coy about checking out the waiters. Any lingering thoughts of the girls from the lobby long forgotten. Joe nodded to the kitchen staff. It was time.

Dan, the team’s manager sat at the top table watching all of his boys in front of him. He was busy chatting noisily to one of the other manager types on his table, seeming to not notice the effect the waiting staff were having on his men.

Almost instantaneously, the men were all presented with their first course, a large bowl of soup. The boys abandoned their leering at the waiters and happily tucked in looking up coyly at the waiting staff, who were all smiling sweetly down at them. They were eating the soup. Every last one of them.

Joe grinned widely whilst looking around at them all. It was intoxicating, the excitement of knowing that no matter what the men did now, just a single dose of the formula inside of them was going to make them like him.

The room began to fill with a stink of the boys’ sweat. Very quickly, the dining room began to smell like their changing room and Joe nodded for one of the feeders to lock the door.

The boys wiped their foreheads but continued to gulp down more and more soup into their bodies, unknowingly increasing their dosage of the feeders’ formula with every mouthful. 

The smallest guy was the first. Joe suspected it would be him. He looked slighter than any of the others and was clearly on the team for his speed rather than his strength. His body just couldn’t cope with the flow of formula pumping in to him like the larger men. He dropped his spoon into his nearly empty bowl and burped loudly, as he stood up from his chair. Surprisingly though, the other players didn’t even look at him as they seemed preoccupied with something else. Groans started to be heard throughout the room as the men clutched their stomachs and rubbed them gently to try and sooth the pain building up inside of them. Meanwhile, the smallest guy was well on his way, softly rocking as his body started to swell up with a thin layer of blubber. 

One by one, the waiters abandoned their posts to personally assist the boys as they succumbed to the formula in rapid succession; larger and larger men falling victim to it.

Joe watched as the players were undressed by their own personal feeder. Rolls of belly fat spilling over their now tight designer suits. The first guy was now fully naked with a huge gut blooming below his soft chest whilst a feeder rubbed and jiggled his chubby ass from behind, whispering into his ear a description of everything that was happening to his body.

But Joe wasn’t the only one standing by watching the spectacle. Dan the manager stood up from his table in horror; his spoon still clutched in his hand. He quickly stood up and shuffled around the tables as he saw what was happening to his team. He was the last one not fattening yet. One of the beefier men even tried to grab him as he went by.

‘Coach, what’s happening…’ he said gruffly, clutching the fat pot belly slowly belly bursting out of his shirt with his other hand. He’d leaned forward with  the weight of it and had to move his hand from his belly back onto the table to steady himself.

Dan cruelly snapped the hand he was  trying to reach him with away like he was contagious, and backed away from him to the edge of the room. The fat gut on his star player clearly disgusted him. All the men were fattening now and in varying stages of undress. The feeders laughed loudly as one of the men seemed to be growing the most enormous ass on him. It must have been at least the size of Joe’s ass, but the guy was still at least 250lbs less than him, with solid thick legs still managing to hold him up.

‘Look at this porker!’ they shouted to each other, taking turns to slap his huge ass and give it a jiggle.

They each tried to highlight to the others how fat their player was getting.

‘Just look at the moobs my fatty is getting!’ said one feeder, bouncing a pair of soft, sagging nipples on one of the broader men.

‘Can you see the love handles growing on this pig?!’ said another, grabbing a large roll with two hands and jiggling it for effect.

That’s when Joe stepped up to Dan and spoke calmly and confidently to him.

‘Do you want to know who has done this to them?’ he asked sensitively. 

Dan stared in to his eyes and nodded, terrified.

‘That man over there’ he pointed.

Evan Ernst, who had just been let into the room that moment, walked straight over to him, ignoring the spectacle that was happening all around them both.

‘This is the greatest feeder in the world. He did this to your boys’. Joe chuckled, he couldn’t help himself. ‘And thousands of other men before them’.

Dan looked at Evan with fury written across his face.

Evan was more than a match for him height-wise and stood there looking across at him smugly, not saying a word. He knew as well as Joe did how this was going to end.

It was a very subtle change, but Dan’s face turned from a state of anger to deep, deep concentration as he seemed to clench all of his muscles. The smell of sweat coming off him was unreal.

‘You see, he’s taken over the management of your team’s… dietary requirements’ Joe said pleasantly to him. He could tell Dan was barely even listening to him right now, so deep was his concentration trying to fight off the formula.

‘It’s bulking season for these greedy lads’ Joe laughed as he pointed around the room at the fattening obese men still growing heavier and heavier.

‘And guess what Mr Stevens’ said Joe. Dan looked across to his face as Joe readied himself for the final move.

‘Now it’s your turn!’ And with that, Joe delivered a mighty slap to Dan’s ass, the shock forcing Dan to break his concentration for the tiniest second. His face relaxed and Joe knew it was all over for him.

Aware that Evan was there to watch, Joe quickly set about removing Dan’s bow tie and ripped his shirt down to expose his large, but muscled stomach. Dan burped a long and slow burp, seeming to relieve all the pressure that had build up inside of him when he was still able to fight the formula.

The formula seemed to be working faster; catching up for the time it had lost. Dan’s gut grew larger and larger in front of them, turning in to a complete barrel within seconds. His hard pecs swelled and grew more pointed as his double chin started to form a ring around his harsh face.

Joe had to move quickly as he saw Dan’s thighs swelling up inside his pants; untying his belt and pulling his pants down just in time. Joe had to pause and watch as he saw Dan’s fattening love handles pour over the waistband of his underpants . His gut was round and wide, with an ass that was fighting to catch up. But Joe had waited too long and heard the waistband snap on Dan’s underpants. He sheepishly removed the underwear hoping that Evan didn’t get too angry at him for his bad timing.

Dan was already a large-framed man before the formula, making his body the perfect target for this overdose. Fatter and rounder he grew, beyond all the other fatties in the room. Even larger than Joe, by quite a considerable amount.

Finally he collapsed into a fat heap on the floor, his soft underbelly hiding his cock.

Joe finally allowed himself to look at Evan; the greatest feeder in the world.

‘Not bad’ he said to Joe. Then Evan turned and walked out of the room, satisfied.