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Today’s SVTFOE2 Recap: Now is Time for Math!

Drat, I had something for this, but couldn’t figure out what. D’aw, forget it.


Leave it to Mark Ackland and Riccardo Durante to write/storyboard us an episode about math and the space-time continuum and have us laughing the whole way through.

It’s math time in Ms. Skullnick’s class, and everyone except Marco is bored outta their minds. Especially… Jackie Lynn Thomas, who actually falls asleep due to total boredom. But when Star laughs at the chicken joke Janna tells her, she’s suddenly called by the teacher to solve the math problem on the board, something that Star is none to happy with. After trying to draw a cat as the answer, which works about as well as you think it does, Star just blasts the board… and she suddenly ends up right where the episode started. Janna tells a different ending of the chicken joke and her hat changes, Marco’s reason for listening is always different, and Star tries to avoid answering the same math problem, leading to her ending up back where the episode started until she decides to see Father Time and meets Omnitraxus Prime (voiced by Carl Weathers).

To say anymore beyond this point would ruin how funny it is, because it is a hysterical laugh riot and has a well-crafted plot akin to Groundhog Day, where here, things just keep getting stranger and stranger until Star’s had enough of the bizarreness of it all. And the ending? The ending is actually a pleasant surprise, as not only does it fit within the context of the show, it’s a very interesting look at– Y’know, I said I would say no more so as not to ruin the funny, so just watch the episode to see what I’m talking about. You won’t regret it.

Tomorrow: How many times do you think everyone’s gonna say the word bounce? And also, why is Pauly Shore in Star vs The Forces of Evil?