mark donica

The Voice of Tyrian Doesn't Like Scorpions
  • Josh Grelle (Tyrian): I was at my grandmother’s house, again, laying on the floor in the living room. There was TV on and I was just sitting there. I was looking up at the ceiling and I see…it was one of those tall vaulted ceilings where it goes up in the middle…and I saw something dark up there and I thought “That doesn’t look right.” And before I look away, it’s falling and it lands on my face–on my face!–and it was a scorpion. Thankfully it didn’t sting me; I reacted quick enough and just freaked out, but yeah. Almost had a face full of scorpion tail. I’m not a fan of them.
  • Mark Donica: So, bringing it back to Batman (they had talked about it earlier), you took your darkest enemy and made it your strength!