mark corrigan is me

tockthewatchdog  asked:

3 through 7

3 - worst place you’ve pissed in public

I have an iron bladder and I once held it for seven hours on a packed polish train bc I didn’t want to give up my tiny space. I never piss in public, even drunk off my tits, bc I’m invincible diana

4 - worst thing anyone has said to you as a joke

THAT I WANT TO FUCK CLAYMATION CHICKENS (also anytime anyone correctly compares me to mark corrigan)

5 - how many of your mutuals have seen you nude

none and I’ve been in several of their houses. queen of completely drying off and dressing before leaving the bathroom

6 - worst drug experience

my only drug experience was (very little) weed while already drunk so I didn’t notice a change at all. I’m going to keep telling weed people I’ve never met ms. juana bc I’m told they love to give you free weed if you do that

7 - best insult you’ve ever been given

ask @blackantiheroine