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So the girl finally makes an appearance this week and T has been spotted too. Getting off this roller coaster while I can still enjoy S3. Very disappointed fan

What roller coaster? Seems like smooth seas to me, and business as usual. Sam and Cait have been having quite a nice time and looking quite at ease, and comfortable together here these past days that they have been together in the city. But now the premiere approaches and likely the studio execs along with it. The “others” won’t be far behind. You honestly weren’t expecting this, anon?
About last night? Oh, and what a night it was, lol, not. Described as “actors” attending the opening, not as a couple. And then stiffly posed red carpet pics at a somewhat less than A list opening surface. Pics that neither one has either posted or acknowledged. The only pics either has put up of the event are “solos”. Sam’s was of him punching a “fight for each other” sand bag- a pic which, given the current events, seems to conjure up images of him and Cait much more readily than of him “fighting” for the right to be seen with, and be in love with, anyone else. And so far neither has even bothered to like the other’s pic either. Some memorable night, no?
Tony getting out of the vehicle and going right to the rear of the car to stand in bodyguard mode whilst Cait and her party went into the theatre, and then Cait posted about having brought her friend Mark to Stephen Colbert. Not Tony. That’s another “memorable” night for those two, no? Not.
And why the long wait for their true loves to join them? Sam and Cait have been nearly a week in the city- strange that only now as the studio arrives that these peripherals do also. But it would be not strange at all if they are all part of the same game…