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Happy National Superhero Day!


How about more photos of Mark at the 2015 Jameson Empire Awards while we await the upcoming Olivier Awards? (; Fingers crossed that he wins, everyone!

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MARK  ST  JAMES  /  HENRY  CAVILL  !     @epistocracy​.
DARIAN  DUNBAR  /  SEBASTIAN  STAN  !     @carnoserot. 

Why Harry Styles' ponytail is extremely painful (a history)

My love for men with ponytails can mostly be traced back to before my birth. Before I was born the world was given a great gift in the form of Cary Elwes with a bun

Then once I was a little older, it was Heath Ledger. I mean that bun is so cute

Next was the beautiful Orlando Bloom

By this point I was noticing a pattern. 

But then there were some dark years until… Jackson Rathbone brought it back!

The rest happened and I don’t even know what the order was because it was a bombardment of beauty…

This man could make anything look good so I’m not sure it it’s fair but Henry Cavill worked it good

No one will ever forget Chris Hemsworth and that golden mane

This is also probably unfair, because Jude Law can do almost no wrong in my mind and he can always get it, especially with this silly thing on his head

Then there was God’s gift to the world, Taylor Kitsch/Tim Riggins. Let’s face it he will also always look good but he never wore his hair back enough

I think Jamie Campbell Bower probably pulls it off best

But dear Lord did you guys see Aaron Johnson in Savages? 

(ok you can’t really see it in the picture, but trust me, it;s there)

Most recently there was Mark Ryder. but his hair is so glorious it looks good up, down and he pulls off a half-ponytail better that I do

In conclusion, all of this has led up to quite the obsession with ponytails and buns on men. So when this asshole:

decided to pull a stunt like this I lost my mind a bit. It’s really not fair that he pulled off the cute boyband member thing or so long but now he is intruding on my hot-guys-who-wear-ponytails-and-or-buns thing and I will never be ok.

That is all.

Ladies and gentlemen, the DCEU Justice League, as presented in the style of Earth 22, or, as it is more commonly known, the universe of Alex Ross and Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come.